My Tumblr Crushes:

1. I talk to this girl WAYY TOO MUCH. HAha <3

2. This guy is straight but SEXY. He is an awesome friend :)

3. Tommy is sooo cute :3 But he rarely shows his face!

4. Erica is my irl friend and we have a lot of giggles together x]

5. He is working on p90x atm and omg, the results are amazing hahahah :P But Richy is also a caring guy who does Taiko :D

6. Okay I don’t understand why I didn’t follow this blog before (now I do haha) because I reblog a lot of his stuff but through others: POKEMON!!

7. I get all my SNSD scoop from her! I looooove her posts :)

8. Garrett is a really sweet guy. He’s good to talk to.

9. I don’t know why she only gets 2% cuz this girl IS the sh%*. She is awesome to talk to any time <3