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I figured I could try this once. I’m lucky to follow such awesome people. Also, I just want to say, I just started following crackedinkpot and she’s already 2nd.. 

Also also, there is no God.

gassyfassy replied to your post: Avengers

i love movieverse tony/pepper. v.v

my problem with movieverse tony/pepper is that it won’t work out. marvel doesn’t even ship tony/pepper, and they’re eventually going to break up just like they do every single time they try to date in the comics. I love pepper, but they work better as friends imo. D;

lgbtactivist replied to your post: 38

bitch! we are opening a fucking bakery!

OH YEAH! I’m going to open a bakery with Corinne and we’re going to sell cupcakes and brownies and Paige is going to finance our project… So like I said, an unconventional life, with nothing normal.

And Taylor’s coming too, because I know that she’s fantastic <3

gassyfassy asked:

So. I've been wanting to ask you a question, but I keep forgetting. So anyway, you seem to be a good person to ask about comics. I'm still pretty new to it. I've been wanting to get into Ms/Captain Marvel, but I don't really know where to start? What would you recommend for a noob like me? x)

Ahhh! First off, the good thing about comics, especially Marvel, is that you can almost start anywhere and the book will fill you in on what’s been happening in the character’s life in the first page or even within the story itself, so there’s really no right or wrong place to start.

Secondly, okay, so, I’m not a Carol expert or anything because I’ve only recently started adoring her myself, but I’ve been reading the current Captain Marvel run by Kelly Sue DeConnick and it’s pretty great (as in “yes, read it”). There are some tie-ins to the storylines within it, in Avengers Assemble (also written by DeConnick) - issues #16-18. More coherently, here’s a little reading order for the volume so far:

Captain Marvel #1-#12

Avengers Assemble #16

Captain Marvel #13

Avengers Assemble #17

Captain Marvel #14

Avengers Assemble #18 (though this also ties in with the current event Infinity, it tells you the outcome of something that happened to Carol, so I’m including it here)

So yeah! Honestly, that’s where I would start, but if you’re interested in other comics she’s appeared in, here’s a huge reading order:

I hope this helps some!

gassyfassy replied to your post

I always say MI is an undercover Hawkeye movie. But to say BL is an origin story is a bit ridic.

Oh don’t get me wrong I LOVE Avengers/MI crossovers, I LOVE THEM. And I once even talked about a Clint Barton/William Brandt/Aaron Cross au type fic thing but when people are actually taking a really amazing fully developed character and erasing his actual story/origins/a huge chunk of his life and replacing it with something else – well that is just kind of dumb and pointless to me AND JUST REALLY ANNOYING ALSO BECAUSE I LOVE CLINT AND HIS BACKGROUND AND YEA

gassyfassy replied to your post: I’m just sitting here trying to read Extremis…

It makes me mad that they didn’t have Extremis at the comic store when I went. ;____; I completely agree with everything in this post, but I also would assume that Tony would just shut someone out if they asked him if he was okay/what happened, u nah?

Extremis is so damn good dskgjklsd I love it.

And he probably would, but it’s just that no one wants to take the time to try and get under his skin enough to get a response. Plus, it’d be nice for someone to have some common courtesy. 

gassyfassy replied to your post: checkmatedreams replied to your post: so…

That sounds like the PERFECT school for someone like me. Y U SO FAR AWAY?

It’s really perfect if you have no idea what you want to do, because there are no majors. You just take whatever you feel like taking at that point in time. The problem is since it doesn’t have majors (it doesn’t even actually have a technical grading system l o l) it might not be as convenient as a university if you want to set up the ground works for a career. But I think it’s a really great place to be to test a lot of interests out to see what you like the most. And it’s actually a really cheap school as far as colleges go. I love it. I honestly can’t picture myself going to a traditional school. I’d probably rip my face off.

gassyfassy replied to your post: no one ever asks superheroes nicely for help …

Well, if Abomination is trying to eat me, I’d like to think the Hulk or someone else would come help me without having to ask nicely, bro….

WELL YEAH but the hero at hand would already be on the scene, you know? When people go to superheroes for help they always just assume help will be given. XD

 xadagio replied to your postno one ever asks superheroes nicely for help …

A ‘please’ once in a while might be nice.


gassyfassy replied to your post “oh god. oh god. i just finished n&n and i don’t know how i didn’t realise that it’s a fucking wip but now i’m devastated and desperate for the next chapter(s) and i just need to know, do you know already how long the whole fic is going to be, like how many chapters? i hope you’ll update soon because i enjoyed it so much and i really really want to read on so yeah. my point is i love it and i need to know how much more of it i’ll get and yes i hope you enjoy writing it as much as i do reading!”

It better not ever be done damn it I mean….please. :)