• Decorations attributed to Gasparo Mola (Italian, Coldre ca. 1580–1640 Rome)
  • Date: about 1620–30
  • Culture: French or Italian
  • Medium: Steel, encrusted with gold and silver
  • Dimensions: Length 49 1/4 in. ( 125.1 cm) Width 8 3/4 in. ( 22.23 cm) 

The hilt decorations includes the coat of arms of the Albani family, possibly Orazio Albani (1576–1653), ambassador from Urbino to the papal court. While clearly influenced by French ornament, the decoration has been attributed to Gasparo Mola (1567–1640), a medalist and goldsmith working in Rome between about 1620 and 1630.

Source & Copyright: Metropolitan Museum of Art 

I am a human being,” cried out Tagliacozzi, not caring for the moment who might hear him. “I am a weakling and a coward and a fool but I make myself the finest human being that is within my potential and I try to deal humanely with other people and I wish not to evade the truth of to hide from myself. Certainly, I have earned the right to respect myself.
—  Maxwell Maltz, The Time is Now

Gasparo Gozzi, scrittore e giornalista (Venezia 1713, Padova 1786), anche lui spesso a Visinale come il fratello per farsi ispirare dalla pianura friulana

Oh, I am vain, but I have perspective, too. And, my dear friend, what you say rings pleasantly in my ears, but I crave not the applause of the multitudes, or even of connoisseurs of knowledge like yourself. And I court not acclaim, but the sense of utilizing my productive capacities and of channeling them toward assisting people to find some form of oasis in this harsh desert.
—  Maxwell Maltz, The Time is Now