Tracking when hydraulic fracturing fails

The last few yeas have been, to a large extent, the “Wild West” for the deployment of horizontally-drilled wells for hydraulic fracturing. Lots of exploring, not a lot of control on it.

The techniques of pumping fluids and sand into the ground to open up cracks that allow natural gas flow were first deployed over 10 years ago in Texas, using mostly vertically-drilled wells. But over the past ~5 years, the Marcellus Shale, which sits at depths of over a kilometer beneath western and central Pennsylvania, has become a major target for wells that turn horizontal and cover large areas underground from a single drilling location.

As we described in our last post (, there are probably ways to do this process well, and if it is done properly it does have the potential to produce significant environmental gains. However, much of the drilling efforts in this area have been done with limited regulation and limited review, setting up the opposite scenario.

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Awkward Chemical Party 

akuhimitsu asked:

SO I JUST SENT MY CHEM TEACHER SOME CHEM PUNS AND ODGIHDI 1. What happens to deceased chemists? They Barium! 2. What did the older chemist say? All the good chemists Argon! 3. What is an airhead king called? A noble gas! 4. Do chemists even matter? Of course! They are made of matter!

If Izuki ever goes into science profressionally, I’ll assume we’re all doomed.

anonymous asked:

Punky monkey tutor!Cosima?

"This makes no bloody sense!" Sarah moaned, shoving her chemistry homework across the table in frustration and sending a pencil flying across the room, "why do I even need to learn this crap!"

"Here, this one isn’t that bad, you know this," Cosima said, pulling Sarah’s homework back across the table, "see this is argon right, and argon is a noble gas, so that means it already has a complete set of valence electrons, so what kind of reaction will take place here?"

Cosima watched eagerly as Sarah thought this over and then tentatively said, “no reaction?” and Cosima smiled and clapped her hands in excitement, causing Sarah to grin slightly with pride.

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