I don’t really know how happened, why this happened but it actually happened: two of my best friends got married!!!

Luca (nom de plum Guybrush), artist from the collectives GartenKultur and Il Dono dell’ Ubiquità fell in love with Costanza Scacchi (nom de plum Clotes from, photographer and fashion designer (Yes, the same photographer and fashion designer who worked with me on the project "HANDSOME PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK”!!!).

I consider them two of the most witty person that I’ve ever met and being so far away from them, unable to take part to the joyful day made me unbelievably sad.

Mostly because I know them so well and I knew that this secret wedding -well, secret for the most- was going to be a freaking cool creative celebration in Tenerife, Spain! I was right indeed!

The only thing I could give ‘em for this special event is a little artwork… despite is a small thing, to me means a lot and comes from the bottom of my heart:


If you think this is cute, have a look to what they planned for the secret event, through these -kinda- orthogonal projections of the spouses:





They got heaps of these amazing retro-insta-hipstaflavoured photos providing 15 disposable cameras, one for each guest (and a bit of booze to ignite their artistic touch, I guess…)!

You can find more details of the happy event -and brilliant idea- on   ! 

The wedding and the idea has been even celebrated by Simo Fruh (from Fruhling Design), wedding blogger on Zankyou Magazine! Have a look at the article if you wanna get inspired!

"Clotes & Guybrush, I wish all the best for this new adventure together! Smile every day, for yourselves and for each other!

A lot of love,

your Judy Rhum”