Farewell Forever Halloween (June 4th, 2013)

"Last year, we made a real deal rock and roll record (in my opinion) and that is something I am always going to remember until the day I die. We recorded live and with no editing tricks; we just played music for the love of it and captured it on tape. We were able to work with Brendan Benson who is someone we have looked up to for a very long time. I feel like the world is wide open for what we can do as a band. To me, it feels like FH was some kind of a finish line for where we have been heading for years. Now it’s time to rip it up and break all the rules again. I have no clue where we are headed or what kind of record we will make but it will be something we love and believe in. I am so excited to create something special. The unknown of where we are headed is such an exciting thing. I remember feeling this way when we drove out to El Paso and recorded 27 songs and did whatever the fuck we wanted. Tons of good vibes going around right now. The end of one chapter is the start of the next. #8123." - Pat Kirch

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Zane, what if you let Ty adopt as many cats as he wants BUT on condition that you get to name them all. Think of all the puns!!

Zane: You want cats for the bookstore?

Ty: Zane … 

Zane: Hairy Pawter and the Sorting Cat.

Ty: Zane, no.


College Age - Mistakes, Pt. 2

((Part 2 of this fic. ))

Anders stared at the door to Varric’s classroom and took a deep breath, apprehension flooding him. Hitching his bag higher on his shoulder, he licked his lips nervously and stepped forward. This would be the first time he had seen Garrett in weeks. Though they still lived together, Andy’s busy schedule made it fairly easy for the brunet to avoid him, even during spring break.

Spring break…

They had planned to go out of town, spend some time together away from all the distractions of regular life. Anders had been dreading it at first, thinking only of the wasted time he could have been getting a headstart on class projects. But ever since Garrett had walked out on him (it wasn’t entirely accurate to call it a fight, really), Andy had been hopeful that the time off would give them a chance to talk things out, mend the relationship.

But the week had passed with no sign of Garrett, despite the med student’s best efforts to find him, and now class was back in session. Anders had high hopes for Creative Writing, though. Varric’s class was the only one he and Garrett shared, and it was the only class Garrett never skipped.

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Ty, do you have an engagement ring from Zane yet?

Ty: Well …

Zane: He did.

Ty: That was not my fault.

Zane: He lost it. So I bought him another one. That one had to be cut off his finger.

Ty: Not my fault either.

Zane: The next one I get him with be indestructible.

Ty: But then how will they cut it off my finger when I hurt it?

Zane: We’ll fucking tattoo it on, then! You’re not losing another fucking ring!


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Ty and Zane? How's the bookstore coming along?

Ty: It’s gutted, finally. Zane keeps changing his damn mind about the layout of the bottom floor.

Zane: The layout is important! You have to have an organic flow to it or it won’t feel right.

Ty: I’m going to make it a maze. You can go in to find a book, but you can never come out.

Zane: You were a serial killer in a past life, weren’t you?

AoS Countdown: favorite plot twist

My favorite plot twist is actually not a real one, but just a headcanon I have that is so real to me that I forget it’s not canon. When the team learns that Ward is hydra, we see this sign, which helpfully says “Ward is hydra.” We just kind of assume that Skye wrote this to warn the team. I’m not saying that Skye is not smart enough to write this, but I think that Ward did. Ward is obviously not completely into the whole “hydra” thing. He sticks with Garrett because 1. Garrett is abusive and pretty much forces him to and 2. despite 1, Garrett means so much to Ward because he saved him, so he owes him. 

I believe Grant Ward wrote this sign. Grant Ward who has obviously grown to care for his little ragtag team. Grant Ward who is still the “great protector” of the team, even if he is working against them. Grant Ward who maybe, just maybe, is aware that Garrett is working for his own good and he needs to stop him. “For the greater good” is not what Garrett is fighting for. Ward knows this and knows that the only way that Garrett will not destroy everyone and not destroy himself, is to have his team, his family, stop him.

Fight Like a Man or Hang Like a Dog: Part 33

Fandom: Thief (2014)

Characters: Garrett, Adrian Barbeaux

Summary: Some battles are wars of the soul and heart, not of the mind and body.

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Warnings: Blood, Gore, Character death, mentions of torture, emotional abuse, PTSD.

Author Notes:  Special thanks to haethel and anachrophobian for the help. 

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Bloodlines: Chapter 2



"Don’t fuck around wit me O" Ty growled. They were standing outside the club now;Ty glaring at Nick who appeared totally unfazed. Garrett was a hot mess, barely propping himself up without help.

"No fucking involved at all Ty" Nick waggled his brows "Unless you know, you want there to be"

Ty rolled his eyes “Still a god damn flirt i see.” He grabbed onto Garrett’s arm “and I’ll pass on the offer. Got my hands full with this one”

Nick’s eyes widened as he looked between Ty and Zane “You and…him? Well damn son”

"Look, I’m taking him home. Everything else can wait" 

Nick blocked Ty’s path, arms folded as he shook his head “No can do Six. I got orders to get my partner back to the compound”

"Partner? Since when is he your partner?” Ty bared his fangs. He was getting tired of this delaying his movements shit. “You know what, I don’t even care. Just fuck off!” He shoved his former best friend, taking care not to put his full force behind it, in spite of his anger. 

Nick stumbled; trying to catch himself as he sprawled onto the hard pavement. “God dammit Ty!” He jumped to his feet 

Ty put on a burst of preternatural speed,grabbing Garrett and leaving Nick cursing up a storm. He considered taking the man home, but figured Nick would go there next. His own home was the best place to house Garrett til the man sobered up.

Garrett protested as he tossed him onto to the couch.”What the fuck man!” 

Ty rounded on Zane, fangs bared “Shut the fuck up Garrett or i swear….”

Garrett grinned up at him then, dark eyes unfocused as shit “Or what? You gonna put me over your knee for being a bad boy?”

Nope. Ty was not about to deal with a drunken, flirty Zane. “Stop it” he gritted out.

"Why? Thought you bloodsuckers were all about the fucking" Zane reached down and palmed himself through his jeans "I’m not exactly fighting you here" 

Jesus, the spicy scent of Zane’s arousal filled Ty’s nostrils and he was instantly hard. Why was he resisting the man’s pull anyways? That nonsense about wanting Zane to be sober when he fucked him was really a load of bullshit. 

Ty’s eyes tracked the movements of Zane’s hips as they lifted up and down. “You’re gonna be the fucking death of me” he growled

"Not  a bad way to go hmm" Garrett smirked 

"Take the fucking pants off" Ty ordered and Zane smiled triumphantly. He thumbed open the button and slowly dragged the zipper down. Ty growled and reached out to yank the man’s jeans down to his jeans. Fuck, he wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Ty licked his lips “You goddamn tease” he murmured as he gripped the hard, warm length in his hand. Jesus fucking Christ the man radiated so much heat. Ty continued palming and squeezing enjoying every pant and groan he pulled from Zane. He leaned forward, inhaling the man’s musky scent. Oh he was going to enjoy making Zane squirm a helluva lot more.

what the fuck…. His eyes narrowed as he noticed a bite mark on Zane’s thigh and his hands stilled. 

"Dont…fucking…stop" Zane demanded

His grip on the man’s cock got a little harder and Zane jerked up. “I see you’ve been having fun  hmm. Show me your neck Zane” 

Garrett’s brow furrowed. “Wha—-“

"Show me your fucking neck!" 

Zane bared his neck and Ty nodded as he saw smooth unmarred skin “Good. Now listen to me Garrett.” he tapped the bite mark on the man’s thigh “I don’t give a shit if you let those suckers at the club drink from you. But your neck is off limits.”

The man just blinked at him. 

"Your neck is mine. You got it? Nod so i know you’re getting it Garrett” 

The man still looked confused but he nodded. Ty knew he probably sounded crazy, but fuck that. Taking blood from the neck was just too intimate and he didn’t like the idea that Zane was offering up to just any old blood sucker out there. 

He smiled at the man and took his cock in his mouth in one swift move. Zane’s groan was music to his ears. And Ty grinned as a hand slid into his hair. He did not mind one bit that Zane was practically fucking his face, rolling those hips so he could go deeper. 

Ty closed his eyes, drinking in the taste and sounds of the man. And Garrett was getting noisy. 

"Fuck…fuck…fuuuuck" the man chanted over and over. 

Ty gripped Zane’s hips as he bucked up from the couch. His fangs throbbed. He needed to feed. Zane’s scent was driving him crazy. 

"Well well, now that is quite a mouthful" 

Ty’s gaze flicked up as Ava’s face came into view, hovering over Garrett as she watched.

"Don’t stop on my account Tyler" she grinned "You two are putting on quite a show" Ava inhaled deeply "Damn, he smells so good" 

Zane barely spared Ava a glance “Don’t stop” he gripped Ty’s head harder trying to force him to continue. 

Ty berated himself for forgetting Ava was even here. And she was hungry. Again. She was watching Garrett like he was a tasty treat. He allowed himself one last lick before he pulled away from the man. 

Ava’s flashing eyes took in the still hard length that curved towards Zane’s stomach “I want a taste” 

"Pull your pants up!" Ty instructed. Zane frowned up at him and didn’t move. 

"I don’t care if she’s here" Zane waved up at Ava. "Get back down here" 

Shit. He did not need this. Garrett splayed out in front of a very hungry and probably horny Ava was only going to bring trouble. 

"Pull your fucking pants up" he repeated

"No" Garrett reached down and took himself in hand.

"Oooh Ty, he’s so pretty when he’s aroused" Ava crooned and Garrett, the bastard, grinned up at her as he continued stroking himself. "Just a taste Ty, a tiny taste."

"Yeah, no" Ava’s taste wouldn’t be a tiny anything. She would drain Garrett dry. Ty leaned down and peered into Zane’s eyes "Go to sleep" 

Zane’s eye closed immediately. He had to glamour the man for his own safety. As Zane’s breathing evened out, he tugged his jeans back up his hips, then faced Ava.

"You’re no fun" she pouted

Ty gripped her arm “C’mon, let’s get you fed.” 


Zane woke to humming. He thought his alcohol drenched brain was supplying the noise but as he opened his eyes, he focused on Ava. She was humming as she stood over him. Why the hell was Ava in his house?

The humming stopped and Ava smiled “Sleeping beauty awakes” 

Zane swung his legs over the side of the couch and looked around. Ok, so he was not at home. Where the hell was he? 

"You’re at Ty’s" Ava supplied, noting his confusion. 

"Ty’s?" Zane remembered the vampire approaching him at the club last night. Wait, was it last night? He had no idea what time it was now. Heavy drapes shielded the windows, making it difficult to tell if it was light out.

Ava nodded “Yes. He brought you here last night. Don’t you remember? He was being a buzz kill and wouldn’t share”

His fuzzy brain supplied an image of Ty’s yellow eyes looking up at him as he….

Zane shifted as his jeans got a bit tighter. Yeah, he remembered alright. He also recalled Ava begging for a taste. 

Ava cocked her head as she watched him “Heart rate just sped up.” she noted “Don’t worry, Ty told me you’re off limits. He’s no fun” she huffed. 

"I should go" Zane rose to his feet. 

Ava stopped him with a firm grip on his shoulder. She was shorter than him by several inches but there was no way he could fight off her newly acquired strength. 

"Sorry, can’t let you leave."

"Look, i need to…" What did he need to do? He was still on suspension. and considering everything, the League probably was not going to take him back. Conversation from last night filtered into his mind. Nick. He’d said something about being his partner hadn’t he? 

But why the hell would Burns partner him with O’Flaherty? And had he been telling the truth about finding a witch who could undo the linking spell? 

"Going somewhere?" 

The knocking in Zane’s chest tripled at that lazy drawl. 

"Heart’s beating like crazy now" Ava said gleefully, and Zane turned in the direction of that voice. 

Ty was leaning against the door that led to the living room. Looking the most relaxed Zane’d ever seen him. It was difficult to believe the man was a viscous blood sucker, as he stood there in ratty t-shirt and sweats, his dark hair sticking up all over the place. 

"Yes," Zane managed "I’m going home" 

Ty strolled over “And just how do you plan on getting there hmm? Pretty sure you have no idea where you are. Plus your car’s still at the club.” 

"I can call a cab" 

Ty laughed “There ain’t no fucking cab coming out here Zane. They all think it’s haunted or some shit.” Ty waved to the couch “Relax, i’ll get Alex to take you” 



Ty left it at that, no explanation of who the hell Alex was. 

"I should call Nick" That earned him a glare from the vampire. "Don’t you want to find out more about this witch he supposedly found? We can finally be free of this spell." 

"Fine, call him. Maybe this witch can find Clancy too. She and i have some catching up to do."

Zane shivered at the dark look in Ty’s eyes. Ty would probably rip Clancy to shreds once he found her. 

The vampire’s eyes flicked down to Zane’s throat “You hungry?” he asked.

"Yes" Zane wanted that mouth right there, at the juncture of his neck. He wanted to feel those fangs pierce his flesh again. 

"For food Garrett" Ty chuckled 

"Oh, um yeh i could eat i guess" 

Ava rolled her eyes “Just fuck and feed already sheesh” 

Ty eyes raked the length of Zane’s body and grinned evilly “Soon”