Some visual updates.

I had garlic and daffodil bulbs sitting in my fridge since seedy saturday. I planted them several weeks ago into pots on my fire escape, and they sprouted right away. The cold storage in my fridge served as the cold stratification that they would get when planting into the ground in the fall. I’m not sure how well the garlic will do, but the bulbs were free. 

The honeymelon sage is flowering, with beautiful fuschia tubes. I always thought these types of flowers look like angry snakes, with their fangs exposed. The peppermint is coming back. And I’m still amazed at just how hairy the Elberta Girl tomatoes are. Look at all that fuzz!

The tomatoes are doing very well, and they exploded in size after I fertilized them last weekend. The lights are now as high as they can go.

-May 3, 2015