sims4sure said: Um…. Why are they purple exactly?

I tried dying hair that i was going to use for my braid hair. it all went on my hands or anywhere else. my sink is lilac.

wonderlandsimsx said: I hate that! Worst thing ever. I hated it when I was younger and rocking up to school with brunette hands. Awkward!

i don’t like having purple hands. it reminds of how much of a failure i am.

gardenofgreenplumbobs said: O.o Uhhh… Either it’s a circulation provblem, or something purple is leaking from somewhere….

hair dye D:

oops i mucked up my clue... good job to me

gardenofgreenplumbobs replied to your postsimbl-r answered your question: guessing…


simbl-r replied to your postsimbl-r answered your question: guessing…

Fml, I failed the vowel category at my school.

 I mucked up my last clue sorry guys D: I mean it ends in a consonant. oopsies. sorry!! :(