Following A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo is working on an open-world Legend of Zelda game that’s shaping up to be the most exciting adventure, but while Wii U owners anxiously await the 2015 release, Nintendo is launching something a whole lot weirder: Hyrule Warriors, something you won’t expect from the series, but it can be a lot of fun. Hyrule Warriors is a mash-up of two games: Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. What’s most surprising about Dynasty Warriors's lasting appeal is that all of its games are basically the same, and they feature some of the most simplistic combat. What makes the games interesting, though, is their sense of scale; Dynasty Warriors is a video game version of those insanely huge battles from Lord of the Rings, except you play as a massively overpowered character capable of taking out dozens of enemies in a single move. There’s a huge roster of characters you can play as, from Link to Sheik, and you’ll be battling across iconic Hyrule landmarks like Death Mountain and those colorful floating islands from Skyward Sword. It’s little more than a Zelda-themed coat of paint, but it’s surprisingly effective; Dynasty Warriors could be bland and tedious, but it’s more interesting when you’re playing as Zelda and wielding familiar weapons like bombs or boomerangs. Nintendo has a spotty history when it comes to letting other developers handle its properties, though Hyrule Warriors is a surprisingly good use of the Zelda license. It’s not a particularly deep or challenging game, but it’s mindless fun with plenty of moments that fans  will pick up on. Sure, it’s nuts, but it works.

The King of Evil, by El.


Yesterday I decided to play Super Smash Bros Melee had fun time, I started to remember my younger days playing Melee all saturday more. My 3 main in Melee was Mewtwo, Marth and Ganondorf.

The character I used more in my 3 main was:



The thing  why I like played Ganondorf is because I love his brute force to send my friends flying with the Warlock Punch or pp smash full charged and make a lot of star k-o.

One thing I always love in Smash is make the star k.o because is funny

Ganondorf in melee was my best weapon to kick my friend’s asses.

In Brawl I stopped using Ganondorf because I didn’t liked how they make Ganondorf in this smash I felt him more heavier, slower and less powerfull. I felt Ganondorf in Brawl kinda useless and frustrating to play with him and I don’t a big fan of his Twilight Princess design.


Seriously look at him to me doesn’t look very threating in Brawl with that weirdy  granny hair accessory and that hepatitis skin color.

My favorite Ganondorf  reincarnation of all the the Legend of Zeldas I played is from Ocarina of Time


Well Ocarina of Time was my first legend of zelda I played and I love everything from Ocarina of Time. This ganonodorf is Strong, Young, Skillfull in Volleyball,  He is the Male Aplha of all Gerudos, and Phantom Ganon is my favorite Ocarina of Time boss, yep when I defeated Phantom Ganon I always turned off my Nintendo’s 64 to figth him  3 times again.


If I have the Wii U and Hyrule Warriors, I would find the way to get the DLC of Ganondorf’s  Ocarina of Time skin and play.

The Way Back: A Team Villain Multi-shot (1/3)

"The way forward is sometimes the way back."

-Jim Henson, Labyrinth

"Ghirahim, cut them off at the pass! Zant, keep them hedged against the canyon wall until we reach the ravine!" 

"Yes, Master!"

Herding dodongos was a bit like herding cats: vexing and exhausting and nigh impossible. Coupled with the fact that the overgrown lizards breathed fire and had hides tough as diamonds, the Gerudo and his minions were having just a peachy time of it. 

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anonymous said:

Phantom/Phantom baby becaus its funny.

aka Ganondorf/Ganondorf

Name: Unholy Spawn
Gender: MM
General Appearance:


Personality: Darkness and manhair
Special Talents: Destroying all you held dear with his wee manly fists
Who they like better: Both equally
Who they take after more: Both equally
Personal Headcanon: He was suckled from tears of despair

I am so sorry

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Ganondorf’s Return - Gerudo Desert


The leaks were real: Duck Hunt dog and these others dudes are in Smash Bros. ⊟

Thanks to people copping early copies of the game in Japan and streaming their playthroughs, we now know that the Duck Hunt dog (maybe a.k.a. Mr. Peepers) is in the new Smash Bros. He even brings back characters from another NES Light Gun game, Wild Gunman, for his moves and final smash.

Other characters not yet formally announced but unlocked so far: Dr. Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Falco, Wario, Dark Pit, and Ness. Ganondorf is in there, but I didn’t have room to fit him in the gallery. Thanks to William Zeppeli, thedmonroeshow, sonicbrawler182, and Joel for the GIFs.

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