MerGamzee x John AU

Okay so,

(oh my god i apologize for no readmore and photo credit here)

John is a college/graduate school student studying marine biology. He’s always wanted to be a biologist and focusing on marine biology seemed like an interesting path to try out. Besides, some ocean creatures out there are just too cool! (And pretty).

For a big final project/thesis/dissertation John has to go out and find something to research. It just so happens that his best friend Dave has an older brother who’s got a sweet boat for him to use. They’re happy to get him out to sea, but of course they want to come too. So before long all three of them are out in a good-sized ship with lots of equipment and ready for some fun brotimes!

But the merpeople are never found unless they want to be.

At some (relatively soon) point in their adventure John meets Gamzee, a merman. One day John swims out a ways from the boat, over to a good-sized rock breaking the surface. Dave and Bro aren’t able to see him from the boat.

John dicks around for a bit, checking out the wildlife living in this habitat and such. But then he drops something into the water like an idiot. (Maybe Li’l Cal?) He quickly leans over the edge of the rock just in time to see it sink slowly down and away. The water is too murky and dark for John to see it for long. “Oh no…”

After a few more seconds he sits back with a sigh. He’s not looking forward to talking to Bro about losing his puppet and then probably having to put on scuba gear to find it. But his remark of distress is so pitiful that Gamzee lurking nearby decides to do him a favor.

John gasps and sputters the seawater from his mouth as Li’l Cal is hurled from the ocean and onto his face. He coughs, surprised to have the doll back. Reasoning that the puppet couldn’t simply jump back on its own, John looks over the edge again to try and see how it got tossed back.

He sees nothing down there in the water and turns away after half a minute. How strange. But John isn’t ready to give up just yet, and now he’s curious. So he takes the zodiac bracelet his father gave him off of his wrist and dips it in the water. He lets it go.

After another sizable pause it too is thrown back, this time wrapped around a rock for momentum. John manages to catch a small dull flash deep down in the water. John grins, excited. He tosses the bracelet-wrapped rock down again.

This goes on back and forth for a while, speeding up until it becomes a game of chuck-it-back-the-quickest and John is laughing out loud.

Finally, John catches the rock and holds it. He crawls over to the very edge and peers into the water. “Hey, is anyone there?” he calls. He doesn’t know why he said “anyone” instead of “anything”; it just felt right. Silence. “Come back, I just want to thank you!”

Nothing happens. There’s not even a glint down below the waves. John frowns, very much disappointed. He wonders out loud to himself “What was-”

And then Gamzee pops up behind him onto the rock.

John of course begins to flip the fuck out once he starts to notice more and more about this sudden person/creature—he’s gray all over, with wild black…is that hair? A polka-dot sash is tied somehow around his waist and oh my God he has horns and fins on his face and on his…tail that looks exactly like a mermaid’s what in the name of everything-

Meanwhile Gamzee’s being all up and curious about this human he decided to break all sorts of tradition and warnings to meet. He’s been prejudiced to be extremely cautious and distrustful of land creatures by “Troll” society, but motherfuck just take a look at this motherfucker. All smooth-skinned and yelling and shit. Humans have gotta be one of the most miraculous things he’s ever seen, Gamzee decides. And what good was a miracle if one didn’t pursue it, even to go out of the water?

So the two of them meet for the first time and start to become pretty good friends once John is able to finally comprehend that this is a real merman (even though he calls himself a “troll”…weird). The story goes on and soon John manages to convince Gamzee to meet Dave….

And then they both work together to get Gamzee inside the boat, where he can swim safe from predators inside of the large tanks onboard… And then Bro gets involved…And it’s all pretty much the best marine biology research project trip ever.

(Except John can’t use Gamzee for his paper because it would surely bring bad things to them and Gamzee and all the other trolls. Plus, Gamzee’s his friend, and trusts John even though he’s a human, and a scientist-y one to boot. But then how will his project be affected by them discovering and making friends with a freaking merperson…)

And then the rest is all little glimpses into cute moments between them. Kissing and more stuff comes later on. You see, trolls’ tend to start filling quadrants at about this age, and the night of the full moon is traditionally regarded as the most romantic time for trolls (It’s also the time most people choose for pailing with a chosen matesprit)… ;)

Following events:

  • They give Gamzee bike horns as toys. He loves them and has fun mimicing their noises: “HoNk!”
  • Gamzee tells John about being semi-raised by a seagoat. John is astounded that they existed.
  • Gamzee cannot move very gracefully on land. He’s worse than a seal. He sorta flops and claws his way around. Eventually he figures out that rolling sideways is an effective way to get places, although the humans find it extremely amusing to watch.
  • Gamzee makes John a necklace/jewelry out of seashells and other pretty ocean things because that’s part of a way to court someone in troll culture.
  • John takes a swim with Gamzee in the biggest tank they have, and gets python-hugged. Gamzee wraps himself around John with his body and the full length of his tail, finally using his arms to hug him too.
    (After they’ve fallen in love, he tends to add a kiss.)

SOBER GAMZEE AND TRICKSTER!JOHN ARE GETTING READY FOR A DATE. A date that can only end in tears and blood for everyone else, awww yis.

I realize March has begun and IT IS TIME FOR MARCH ERIDAN TO BE EVERYWHERE but I really wanted to get this drawn before diving into that. :3

And yeah, Gamzee’s not wearing his symbol. While John gets dressed up for these sorts of occasions, Gamzee dresses down. yes that totally makes sense, nice save Nan!

Anyhoo. Bluh. :3

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I ended up doing a MerGamzee doodle to go with my AU!

Here he is, collapsed in shame because solid land is a mean motherfucker.

Gamzee cannot move very gracefully on land. He’s worse than a seal. He sorta flops and claws his way around. Eventually he figures out that rolling sideways is an effective way to get places, although the humans find it extremely amusing to watch.

i am just laying in my bed.. thinking of canon homestuckships. and then tought of John and Gamzees kiss. and i quietly whispered in my room “it’s.. canon” when suddendly my room got all shiny and the light got so yellow and beautiful like god himself lights my room up!!! then i realized it was a TV spot in the back….

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