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thiswillisonfire replied to your post: is anyone having a problem where steam is crashing…

i havent had that problem exactly but i have been having problems with steam today trying to access the store and it kept crashing on me then, i think its probably just a bunch of people trying to access the sales at once maybe??

at the moment the store is saying it’s having a heavy load at the moment but beforehand it was working

like i could access the store, community and my username tab but once i press the library tab it stops working and crashes my steam and it’s done that multiple times now

and the problem only started today??? so yeah it could be the sales fucking up but today is also when i installed alice: madness returns but i don’t know if that is causing the problem??? i might have to go into steam tomorrow to see if the problem is gone but i’m really hoping it doesn’t persist for most days bECAUSE I JUST WANT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES

gamzeesthirdclub replied to your post: is anyone having a problem wh…

Happens to me a lot, no idea how to sort it I’m afraid.

aww man i’m really hoping that isn’t the case

i’m literally in the mood to play video games right now for the first time in a good while and now steam is just crashing on me when i try to access my library

fucking steam man

gamzeesthirdclub replied to your post: gamzeesthirdclub replied to your post: …

I can go on the week-end if it’s on, as for snacks I can always smuggle some shit in

i think i can do saturday so ye that’s okay (i’m available all week so)

and yes do that 

gamzeesthirdclub replied to your post: 221stepstobakerstreet replied to your post: oh…

heck I’d go with you man, I wanna see it too

THAT WOULD BE REALLY REALLY AWESOME IF YOU COULD DO THAT but at the cinema de lux it’s only in 3D plus it’s at 8:30pm

and since it’s like 2 hours and 10 minutes long i think there’s buses to worry about but i think the buses run until like midnight so idk maybe we could do it this week since idk