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Nepeta, what is your favourite ship on your shipping wall? And just out of curiosity, what do you think would of happened if Gamzee killed you first? What would Equius do?

AC :33< *ac catsually skips the furst question* 

AC :33< I would like to think that he would purrhaps realize the how purreposterous the caste system is
AC :33< and maybe fight back against Gamz33
AC :33< and dont be a sourpuss and continue living 
AC :33< beclawse he pawsibly could live fur the both of us
AC :33< he is my STRONG meowrail after all <> 

X(( < *ac hides under her bed with her stuffed animals beclaws at least they wouldnt make her f33l like shit*

X(( < he should have just fucking stayed with gamz33

X(( < he was having such a great time he couldnt even be bothfured to tell me what was going on fur thr33 whole days

X(( < and now this

X(( < i dont even want him here anymore

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um gamzee or..well anybody...i remembered something abut my cousin that she did when we were younger. it wasn't anything too bad and we were only kids so yeah...i am ashamed and scared to tell my matesprit, moirail, or other friends. i don't want them to think i am insensitive and whiny because it's not anythign really bad. but she also pointed a knife at me one time too (i don't remember it but my mom does) do i tell them?

:33 < hello furriend! gamz33 was a little busy so i came instead! i hope thats okay!

:33 < well furrst of all you are not being insensitive or whiny if it bothers you! its impurrtant to talk to people about things like this!

:33 < i understand being scared to tell someone something even if you say it ‘wasnt anything too bad’

:33 < im sorry for whatever happened since it s33ms like it may have been traumatic but if you say you were younger (im going to assume you were little ones then!) then it may have b33n that she didnt understand what she was doing

:33 < but if she did understand what she was doing and you were older than i am assuming then this is very problematic

:33 < i think start off with just telling one of your friends furrst and itl feel like getting dumped with cold water but you will f33l so much better afterwards

:33 < also as for the pointing the knife thing that is furry scary!

:33 < im so sorry that that happened

:33 < i hoped i helped even just a little!

:33 < good luck anon!



I’m sorry, but it really frustrates me when I s33 people making their blood a really light and bright purple when it’s really much darker! ^u^’ It’s the same fur all the hues so that they all have a more “blood-like” effect. That’s why the Vantas’ mutant blood is very bright. If Gamz33 or Kurloz’s blood were really bright purple, then they’d be mutants. And I think we’re all very aware that they’re far from that…

I’m sorry most of you probably know this but I just wanted to clear it up as I s33 a lot of people thinking their blood is very bright ‘>u<

:(( < im not purr if karkats going to remempurr the purrty

:(( < i talked to him about it last w33k but since he went ofur to gamz33s he hasnt exacatly b33n respawnsive

:(( < hopefurrly he shows up but im not holding my breath about it

:(( < and i guess at least equius is here and feferi is going to be coming too to sort of k33p my mind off of it if he doesnt come 

:(( < karkat hasnt b33n answering my texts since he took gamz33 that pie

:(( < im getting purretty worried espawcially since i dont trust gamz33 in any way whatsoefur

:33 < i guess at least feferi is here though and is sl33ping ofur so thats helping me take my mind off of things

:(( < but i would still f33l better if he would just fucking answer me

:(( < *ac grumbles to herself and goes back to cuddling with feferi*