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Beware of turtles.


Gamera: War of the Monsters box set review

Now, I own the collectors version, not sure if it’s any different from the norm (shiny metal tin aside) but these are the menus. The music is, respectfully, the Gamera song, the Gammera song, and two samples of the movie themes. Notewise, the Gammera song seems to have been ripped from the film, as it ends with Gamera attacking the building.

There are some basic animations present, not too bad. Not as dull as the Kraken Releasing Godzilla DVDs.


First movie: Gammera the Invincible

Oh my…nearly typed invisible there…that would make for either a really good or a really bad movie.

This is the only Gamera film to see a theatre release in the states, and it got the ‘King of the Monsters’ treatment. At least it seems no monster footage was removed, and the added in stuff isn’t as forced upon the plot. It’s more like Godzilla 1985, with the American actors appearing in random expository scenes that try to add plot and kinda fail.

The quality for this stinks. It’s grainy and rough, with a fair bit of noise in the darker areas, and the sound quality is lesser than it should be.

Amusingly enough, if you fast forward the monster scenes it plays them in real time (they’re slowed down normally, to give an impression of size), and it makes this a bit more fun.