LOTR Meme | Nine Characters (5/9) | Sam

I known I haven’t written anything about the other characters, but Sam really deserves some words. Legolas may be my favorite character, but no other character deserves so much respect as Sam does. He’s the true hero of the whole LotR trilogy. Without Sam Frodo would never have made it to Mount Doom. Sam always stood beside him. Even when Frodo sent Sam away before entering Shelob’s Lair, Sam still came back to save Frodo, despite the cold treatment. When he thought Frodo was dead he took the ring for his own, determined to destroy it no matter what. He saved Frodo from the orcs in Cirith Ungol, he eventually carried Frodo to Mount Doom, just to save Middle Earth from Sauron and his orcs. And despite all this, the ring almost managed to survive, since it prevented Frodo from tossing it into the fire. In the blink of an eye all Sam’s struggles could have been in vain if it not where for Gollum, whom he hated so.

It’s true that Sam never could have carried the ring, but without him all Middle Earth would have been lost, all his friends would have died at the Black Gates and all the known world had been covered in darkness. So in other words: Sam is one of the greatest fictional heroes that has ever been created.