|we live in different countries with different cultures and stories. however , we the assassins conncet them, because we have the same creed. we work in the dark to serve the light. we are assassins|
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Ananke is an impressive adventure game, with an art style reminiscent of early Lucasarts point and click adventures (but in first person), in which you play a cleaning lady in a very mysterious consulting business.

You work for Exafan, a seemingly normal business with a selection normal employees - from a shy young analyst to a sleazy misogynist.  Every day you must enter the office, grab your cleaning products and clean a set list of items, from toilets to waste baskets.

While doing these tasks you can look around a little, searching waste baskets, snooping on computers and talking to employees.  It soon becomes apparent that shady deals are going on at Exafan, none of the employees actually have any idea what the company does, and your boss is clearly someone not to be messed with…

With it’s great blend of retro visuals, intriguing story, interesting characters and novel first person point & click-esque adventuring, Ananke really impresses.  Be careful - delve too deep into what’s happening at Exafan and you may end up becoming an ex-cleaner!

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Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much of your owner’s stuff onto the ground as possible! It’s available right meow on Steam (Windows, Mac, & Linux)!

Watch the infomercial here!

Website: www.catlateraldamage.com

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/329860/

Signs Playing Hide-and-Go-Seek

Aries- *Is the seeker* runs around smashing everything in order to catch someone, the house ends up completely destroyed 

 Taurus- spends half of their time to look for a spot in the kitchen until finally *climbs into fridge, eats the food and almost freezes/suffocates to death * 

 Gemini- *finds permanent paint and camouflages them self so they blend into the back ground* can’t scrub paint off so they end up being confused for a ghost and haunting the house forever 

 Cancer- *hides in a huge pile of stuffed animals and doesn’t move an inch* is shocked shitless when Aries finds them and screams so loud all of the window break 

 Leo- * spent all of their hiding time helping their friends find a hiding spot and is now completely set on making random noises throughout the house so the other signs aren’t caught* 

 Virgo- *finds book they’ve really been wanting to read and hides in the attic where Aries never finds them* actually forgets they were playing tag when she/he begin reading the book 

 Libra- *hides behind a random ass pole but can obviously been seen* though they don’t actually care about the game and are just texting 

 Scorpio- *stalks Aries and plans to wait for the perfect moment to scare them but steps on a potato chip and gets caught first* 

 Sagittarius- *hides in the closest and closes door* they realize soon afterwards that they’re claustrophobic and end up totally freaking out but can’t get out 

 Capricorn- *hides outside in the grass because no one specified they had to hide inside the house* is now counting the blades of grass and being boss 

 Aquarius- *taped them self to the ceiling with Leo’s help but idek how they did it but yeah now their stuck, oops* 

 Pisces- *runs away to hide and slips on a banana peel* is knocked unconscious but somehow manages to be the last person found by Aries