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The BBC estimates that 100% of British teenagers play video games in some form or other. Within the next century ‘gamers’ will be a term that encompasses every gay and transgender person, every girl and woman, every politician in the cabinet, everyone with a title in the House of Lords, every teacher, nurse, banker, social worker, dustman and paedophile. Video games and their players will be acknowledged as ubiquitous, and the medium’s commentators will be free to move from advocacy (the endless articles and television programmes that, beneath the angle, exist primarily to plead the case that games matter) to more rounded criticism.

But for now, gamers are dishonestly classed as a standardized tribe. Who gains from maintaining the pervading stereotype? There is an argument to say that the game-makers and publishers benefit: they are more easily able to target their marketing to a large and discrete group (“this is for the players” states Sony’s current advertising campaign for its PlayStation 4, for example). But this isn’t quite true: see Nintendo’s gargantuan efforts during the past five years to reach people outside of the traditional gamer demographic. In truth, it’s gamers who fit within the demographic that benefit the most: here, within the artifice of a ‘community’ they find a place to belong, a place where they fit, are understood and are free to be themselves and, together with like-minded people, enjoy a sense of collective power.

There is nothing deplorable about this; the urge to form groups with like-minded people is a universal one. But when that collective power is turned against those on the margins of the group, or those who present valid criticisms of its unifying subject…it becomes problematic.


Libratopia is an inventive text based puzzle game that see’s you performing a string of searches in a library database, using the info from the current search results to figure out the book title, author or user name that you’re supposed to search for next.

It’s an interesting concept (if a little hard to describe), and during the short playthough of the Demo, it throws up some wonderfully clever and inventive puzzle designs that reward lateral thinking.  

Read more & play the free Pre-Alpha Demo


Subterrain is a very well made zombie survival game that’s more of a top down DayZ than a an arcade zombie blaster.

There is some gunplay in Subterrain, but as with DayZ, it’s more about survival, with limited supplies you need to eat, drink, sleep, scavenge and craft items in order to survive this zombie infested underground city.  Food, water, medical supplies and (most importantly) weaponry are littered around the areas, all helping you to survive that little bit longer. 

Still early in development, the game already looks fantastic, with dank gloomy rooms full of great little details and lots of lurking zombies.  It’s a tough game, you’ll have to plan, scavenge, ration and fight to survive, but nobody said the surviving a zombie apocalypse would be easy!

Download the Alpha, Free