British teachers threaten police action if parents allow kids to play video games, use Facebook

Across the pond, the assault on liberty and parental rights just keeps on going…

from Yahoo:

Parents in England risk being reported to the police if they let their children play violent video games like Call of Duty, according to a letter sent to the homes of students at a group of British schools.

The letter, which went out to parents in February but has recently garnered worldwide attention, was sent from the principals at the Nantwich Education Partnership, a group of primary and secondary schools (the British equivalent of elementary, middle, and high school). According to the note, there is a concern among teachers about the “levels of violence and sexual content” students are exposed to in certain video games. “If your child is allowed to have inappropriate access to any game or associated product that is designated 18+ we are advised to contact the Police and Children’s Social Care as it is neglectful,” the principals wrote, referencing the UK version of social services. “Access to these games OR to some social media sites…increases early sexualized behaviors (sometimes harmful) in children AND leaves them vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence.” The letter mentions the video games Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Dogs of War, and the social media and messaging sites Facebook and What’s App.

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The state always thinks it can better raise your children than you can.

Play Freshman Year! (TW for assault.)

Freshman Year is a short video game designed and programmed by Nina Freeman, with music by Stephen Lawrence Clark, and art by Laura Knetzger. 

It’s based on a real experience that happened to Nina. I love when people make games that are intensely personal and vulnerable, like a zine. I really respect Nina’s work so I was honored when she asked me to collaborate.

You can see all the paintings I made for Freshman Year on my website.

The CUPID Demo is now up!
(Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
Download from Dropbox
Download from Mediafire


Thanks so much for waiting, everyone! It is finally up. Here are some feedback we’d love to hear:

1. Your first thoughts about the story and characters.
2. Is the mature filter appropriate? What do you think is the mature rating for this game so far?
3. Did you see any bugs in the game and the UI?
4. Do you think this is a game you’d wait around for completion?
5. Any improvements you can recommend?
6. Do you think gameplay would add to the story or is it fine the way it is?

Additional questions if you’ve enjoyed the game!:
1. Share your theories about the story!
2. Who’s your favorite character so far or any favorite moments?
3. Your thoughts on Mother. How is Mother portrayed? Do you want more choice routes or are interactions enough?


The Insane Adventures Of Andy takes you on a very silly, existential trip into the mind of a Pong paddle, as he contemplates the futility of his life.

Created for the Mini-LD Jam #58, the dev has added a narrative to the age old game of Pong to create something that’s equal parts ridiculous and amazing.  Taking under ten minutes to complete, The Insane Adventures Of Andy is packed with surprises that will make you laugh and smile.  To say much more will ruin any surprises, but just play it, for Andy’s sake!

Play The Insane Adventures Of Andy, Free

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