Gamera - Because Nobody Cares, and That Sucks


Y’know…a thought occurred.
In literally a manner of weeks, it’s going to be 2015.
Anyone remember what 2015 is?
Gamera’s 50th birthday.
Know how it’s being celebrated? An action figure. Thusfar, there is going to be one, single figure from S.H. Monsterarts. There COULD be more, but I doubt it. Oh? You’re thinking there might be a new movie? Yeah, at this point, I doubt that too. Something would have been said other than a noncommittal blurb in a book from last summer.
That’s….that’s just SHAMEFUL. Gamera will always be second fiddle to Godzilla, sure, and we should accept that. But like it or not, he’s still a pop culture icon - 12 movies (3 of which are critically acclaimed), comics, videogames, tons of toys…he deserves better than this.
If Kadokawa won’t make this the Year of Gamera, then dammit, let’s try and do it ourselves.

Okay, spankzilla85 got me really riled up with his call to arms for us fans to make 2015 the year of Gamera, in honour of the terrible terrapin’s 50th anniversary. So here’s my first contribution! Obviously made to imitate to Godzilla 60th logo, feel free to generally use and post this if you like. I just added a wee watermark cos, y’know. Bring on the year of Gamera!