Levitating Computer Mouse

Step into the future of computing with the wireless levitating computer mouse. This revolutionary design utilizes specialized magnetic plates to suspend the mouse in mid air providing you with better control and a cure to that pesky carpal tunnel syndrome.


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"Ethics" in journalism, y’all. The whole GamerGate bullshit is just weak AF. Anyone supporting this trash is the pus that feeds on the mucus that cruds up the fungus that feeds on pond scum (paraphrased from a line in My Best Friend’s Wedding). Only pathetic human specimens are "entertained" by this crap.

Writer Leigh Alexander made a joke about people who misunderstand Bioshock:
Completely ethical Youtuber Totalbisuit proceeds to misunderstand what she’s saying and flip out on her (he has a wall of tweets about this, here are just a few):


Portal Cube Cookie Jar

The cake may have been a lie, but cookies will definitely be served with this Portal Companion Cube Cookie Jar. This officially licensed Portal cookie jar is the perfect addition to any geek’s kitchen and also works great as candy serving jar too.


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Darkside Detective - A cool paranormal pixel art point n click adventure where you play as Detective Francis McQueen, the only member of the criminally underfunded Darkside Division.

It’s a fun game with it’s vibrant colors, simple graphics, funny dialog, cool ominous soundtrack, and intriguing cases that not even Mulder and Scully would touch.

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I think this raises a question worth asking:

What exactly, Ms. Sarkeesian, is so wrong with a female warrior being feminine? Being strong of will and body does not preclude you from being feminine. More importantly wouldn’t you also be complaining if she was lacking any and all feminine traits? You seem to want to erase femininity from female characters, but you also want it to stay or else we’re just playing “men with boobs.”

Besides if you’re going to get offended by the way characters sit and consider this a gender issue than you seriously need to reexamine your priorities.

Ice Cream Lock

Keep that delicious pint of ice cream safe and secure from your fellow gluttons with this ice cream pint lock. Designed perfectly for a Ben and Jerry’s pint of ice cream, these sturdy locks are perfect for deterring ice cream thieves at home or in the office.


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Fifty Shades Of Bacon Cookbook

Prepare the whips and chains cutting board and spatula as you create the most erotic and delicious meal of your life using the Fifty Shades of Bacon cookbook. Every page contains tantalizing recipes guaranteed to make your mouth water.


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