Salt is a beautiful mix of ProteusDayZMinecraft and Wind Waker, that’s one of the most colourful and warm survival exploration adventures you’ll ever experience, full of natural wonders and stunning vistas.

Since the inception of DayZ, there have been a LOT of survival games released, but nothing quite like Salt.  The main focus of Salt isn’t survival or combat, it’s exploration and the joy of discovery.

There’s an extensive crafting system in Salt, with you able to craft armour, tools, weapons, camp-sites and even a variety of boats .  You’ll need these boats as the world of Salt is made up of lots of procedurally generated islands which you can travel to and pillage for resources.  

The world of Salt is a joy to explore, in many ways it looks and feels like Wind Waker or Proteus, with so much color and beauty to behold as you sail from island to island.  There are so many beautiful sights to discover, and so many memorable ‘firsts’ – like the first time you set sail, the first time you spot a wild animal, and the first time you witness a glorious sunset.  

Salt isn’t  about surviving, it’s about living.  Highly recommended.

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A few years back, I made a lot of forum posts that made people think of me as a horrible, manipulative person.  Like, I was very honest about the fact that I intentionally wrote characters in a way that would make people grow attached to them, and acknowledged that one of the benefits of writing Elder Scrolls fanfiction is that it gave me an automatic, interested audience. I’ve always been very open about the fact that I consciously make decisions in a way that will maximize their impact.

I haven’t really changed much in that regard, though I think people have come to understand me better. They know that I’m actually very passionate about the Elder Scrolls series and game design in general, They understand that I break things down into formulas because I want anyone to be able to do them. Even when I do something outright evil it’s out of a love of my fans and ideals.

Can you imagine what would happen if I said “Elder Scrolls fans are trash, I just use them to get my name out there”, or “games are for little kids, but assholes on the internet will still read it if I write about game deisgn”? I mean, surely, nobody in their right mind would get into writing about something they aren’t passionate about, nor would they outright attack their core audi-


O… oh.

This whole GamerGate thing is amazing if you look into it. Like, I originally didn’t care that a game designer slept with a reviewer. Except, then she started accusing people of misogyny and anti-feminism if they brought it up. I originally didn’t care about the whole journalistic integrity aspect of this. Except, then more and more journalists and developers started attacking gamers as not caring about feminism, and acting as though gamers weren’t literally their audience

Everyone implicated just keeps digging themselves deeper and deeper. You have a bunch of big-name gaming figures and journalists saying “let’s talk about the harassment of female gamers!”, and you have a whole bunch of gamers - and even feminists - saying “no, let’s talk about this whole journalism scandal you’re ignoring”. And then, you have a bunch of smaller or has-been gaming news outlets saying “Yes! Let’s talk about this journalism scandal”, while the more well-known journalists quickly change their tune to “yeah, maybe you’d talk about that… if you’re a fucking gamer!”


This started with one developer sleeping with a reviewer, and has descended into this frantic web of developers and journalists trying to talk about feminism instead instead of themselves. If you look at the #GamerGate tag on Twitter, people are trying to flood it with pictures of babies behind gates and talking about how childish gamers are for not wanting to talk about feminism. It’s reaching the point that some bigger names in feminism are even stepping in and saying “yeah, this is not okay. This is people using feminism as a coverup.”


The important thing to understand - especially if you are a feminist - is that the people implicated in this are gambling on feminism to be their salvation. They’re trying to make this a feminist issue, so that if you speak out against Zoe Quinn, or corrupt journalism, or the nepotism in the indie gaming scene, or even the openly unprofessional and slanderous conduct of their writers, you are also speaking out against feminism. They are not supporting you, they are desperately clinging to you - trying to make it so an attack on them is also an attack on feminism (I wrote about this exact concept two months ago!). 

The best thing you can do is not let them make the tie. Say “yes, I am a feminist. Yes, let’s talk about the harassment of female gamers. But let’s do it after we talk about this separate issue with Zoe Quinn”. Don’t let them change the topic, don’t let them walk away from this, and don’t get discouraged when they call you a misogynist because you stood up for the very ideals feminism supposedly champions. 

No matter what happens, 4chan, gamers, and The Fine Young Capitalists have already won this. There are enough of them to independently support gamer-positive news sites and feminist organizations and be their own niche, with the added benefit of being non-exclusionary to outsiders. Remember, 4chan doesn’t care if they’re called misogynists. If gamers as a demographic also reach the point where they don’t care, that will be a huge loss to feminism. If you make people choose between being feminists or gamers, all it’s going to do is reduce the number of people who identify as feminists - even if you reduce the number of gamers even more.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t be stupid. This is a beautiful real-world illustration of many of the things I write about. You can see defensive generalization, you can see information control, you can see helplessness fetishization, and you can even see offensive fear tactics happening right now. You have a very real villain, posing as a hero, applying these ideas to save their own hide. 

Whether it ultimately works or fails, it will be a beautiful example of social manipulation. 

EDIT: I feel I should add that we saw a gaming fracture like this once before. People who were dissatisfied with the casualization and entry barriers in the gaming industry broke off and formed “indie gaming” - a niche market of games by-and-for gamers. Now, you are seeing those same two elements re-emerge in indie gaming. The question is simply whether it will stamp them out or relive its genesis with a new split. 

On Fear

The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist - Charles Baudelaire

Patriarchy isn’t a social construct about hating women. Every step it takes, it does so to protect her in it’s own perverted way. When women are told they must cover their hair or their face, they are told it’s for their own safety. When women are told what they can do with their own bodies, it’s because they don’t have the experience to make the choice for themselves. Like an overprotective father that locks his daughter in her room, it destroys her potential with it’s own fear.

There has been a lot of criticism in the games industry about gamers. They say the community is dead, that the culture is to be erased. A criticism of an apparent faceless mass of pure anger that is directed clearly at woman. A criticism that does not appear to flourish in the community of #GamerGate except in an ever shrinking small percentage of it‘s member. As people keep speaking out this narrative slowly burns away. But the question is why is this story repeated.

None of the individuals that are so often brought up in these article make games. They may educate, or they may inspire. But they do not create, they do not lead, the patriarchy is not required to give up any of the control that it so jealously holds on to. Instead it increase it’s power through fear.

No one is writing about what these women’s next games will be, mostly because they aren’t working on one. No journalist is doing a series on female indie developers so people can support them. The only thing they are doing is using these victims as props to attract viewers to their articles and continue the narrative. To scare away any future woman who would actually like to destroy this gender imbalance.

Audre Lorde said “They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change,” because if you bring about actual change the patriarchy actual loses power. And then we all advance as a free society.

We are at over 40K now, and I’d like to thank /v/ and all the member of #GamerGate for being the only people wise enough to want to smash the Patriarchy.