mad world lyrics (gamergate edition)

all around me are sjws

worn our ethics, worn out ethics

bright and early for the daily ethics

going to play game, going to play game

and the sjw tears are filling up their glasses

no ethics, no ethics

  • Gamergater:"I'm not interested in playing anything where I can't be a white cis male."
  • Gamergater:"What's with these bitchy lesbians wanting to see lesbians in everything! Why do you expect everything to cater to you?!"
  • --
  • Gamergater:"Video Games are targeted at men. That's just how it is! Stop complaining or make your own game."
  • Statisticians:"Actually about 45% of active gamers are women"
  • Game Companies:*Make feeble initial attempts at appealing to female player base w/ character diversity*
  • Female Developers:*Exist, sell literally anything*
  • Gamergater:"What the FUCK is this FUCKENING SJW BULLSHIT?"
  • --
  • Gamergater:"I wish I had a gf who shared my love of games. It's too bad they never, ever play them or understand them!"
  • A Girl:*exists in public wearing a thing related to a game that she totally adores*
  • Gamergater:"Pff, have you even played that? Do you even know what it is? Name the coordinates of every single item in the entire game world. Can't? Thought so, faker."

Sleeping Desk Workstation

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Demisexual: Having sexual attraction only to people with whom one first develops a strong emotional connection

To clear up the most common misconception about demisexuality (i.e. that it’s not a real thing), it is necessary to draw a distinction between being attracted to someone and wanting to have sex with them: You may experience the visceral feeling of attraction on first sight (if you don’t, the entire porn industry is not a big fan of you) but on an intellectual level, you may not wish to actually perform sexual acts with that person. This is particularly evident for women, mainly due from the cultural expectation that men pursue sex from women and the women withhold it. This does not mean every western woman is demisexual. Even if you make an intellectual decision not to act on your sexual impulses, you still have those impulses. A demisexual person does not have sexual urges without having the emotional connection first.


Grammar Police Badge

The Grammar Police badge bestows onto you the authority to go into full on Grammar Nazi mode and correct any grammatical mistakes you stumble upon. Perhaps you can start by correcting all the errors found on this website that’s written by highly trained monkeys.


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how to get the attention of anyone in #GamerGate:

  • put a bunch of realitsically dressed/proportioned female characters into their fav testosterone-filled game
  • give said female characters actual in depth character development equal to those of the male characters
  • proceed to watch them all scream “SJWS RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!!!! THE SANCTITY OF VIDEO GAME CULTURE IS RUINED FOREVER!!!!!!”
  • ??????
  • profit

Math Race is a fast paced, ego-bruising futuristic racing game in which you must solve simple mathematical problems whilst weaving between obstacles.

In Math Race you simply have to drive along a track, switching lanes to select the correct answer for the simple addition problems.  The mathematical problems in Math Race are pretty easy (it was created for the devs six year old son), but unless you’re a particularly good with numbers, you WILL end up getting something as simple as 6 + 7 wrong.  This is thanks to the fact that the game speeds up every time you get a question right, as well as obstacles that get in the way too.  But no matter what the excuse, you’ll be kicking yourself when you get one wrong.

It’s a wonderful little game that really does make learning (or brain training) fun.  Just make sure no-ones watching while you’re playing or you’ll never hear the end of it when you fail to answer a sum that a six year old could do!

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Swinging Chairs Dining Table

The swinging chairs dining table’s bold and distinctive look provides your humble abode with style that’ll satisfy both the adult and inner child in you. The table features a creative design that allows your guests or colleagues to swing as they dine at the table.


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So this is what all the controversy is about, I mean from the looks of things it looks like another average Hotline Miami style shooter.

But because we live in a day and age where idiots still think that a two minute teaser trailer somehow represents the entire fucking game, this game gets an AO rating.

Hell it doesn’t even look all that gory, I mean for fuck’s sake the fatalities in Mortal Kombat X were more gory and sadistic than this and that game got an M rating and this got an AO rating.

I swear people are too fucking sensitive these days, they see one teaser trailer for this and they literally lose their shit and cry about it being a “murder simulator” even though let’s be honest here most third person/first person shooters that have come out in the last twenty years can be classified as “murder simulators” because you end up killing a shit ton of people just to get to the next level.

And what’s funny is that Twitch banned the streaming of this, and after looking at actual gameplay footage I can safely say that Twitch are a bunch of whiny cowards for banning something as tame as this and yet still allowing people to stream shit like Hotline Miami one and two.

The remake of Splatterhouse was more gory and violent than this, hell The Evil Within manged to creep me out more than this ever could. And once again those two games got M ratings while this got an AO rating.

But like I said I’m happy Hatred is the first AO rated game to find an audience and escape the constant censorship attempts by PC progressive twats who freak out when they see a one second clip of a woman getting her head blown off in a two minute teaser trailer.

Mad Max? Try Mad Ethics. SJW fucknose shitbrains causing the apocalypse by making the video game go into a pit of fire and shit for 2 hours in a feature length movie presentation

Apartment: A Separated Place is an insightful experience that explores the emotions and thoughts of Nick Connor, a guy who has just broken up with his girlfriend of four years.

You play as Nick, as he reminisces of the time he spent with his ex-girlfriend - from the first time they met to when things start to go wrong. All these memories are locked up within objects found around his apartment. It’s not just your apartment you can explore either, you can explore your neighbours apartments too (which will be much expanded on in the full game), getting a glimpse of their lives, loves and deepest anxieties.

It’s a deep and emotional game, that gives you a voyeuristic glimpse into the lives, innermost feelings and relationships of others.  A well crafted look at the memories held within the walls of an apartment.

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>GamerGate meetups in half the known world

>we Empire of the Rising Fun nao