Holy. Fucking. Shit.

The FBI were the ones that told the Police that there was a threat in the #GGinDC Meetup.

Looks like the FBI sees Anti-GamerGate as potential. fucking. terrorists. Turns out, GamerGate’s not the ones who are potentially endangering lives in this here controversy. Which is what we’ve been saying for ages.

All that talk about the FBI investigating GamerGate? It’s confirmed now.

And so it begins. Ladies and gentlemen. We’re in for a wilder fucking ride.

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Joss Whedon Harassed off Twitter

That link, right there, shows the outrage levied against Joss “We’ll Always Have Firefly” Whedon in the wake of Age of Ultron — a movie that most people seem to love.

Who doesn’t love it?  So-called “third-wave feminists”, who are slamming the film and Whedon himself with every “phobia”, “ism” and “ist” in the book.

Suddenly, he’s also being accused of “dudebroism”, the same description used to tar a broad spectrum of video game enthusiasts last year by members of their own press:

Oh, and did I mention the threats of assault and murder?

Last year, Anita Sarkeesian put out a list of 250 or so tweets which she claimed had been sent to her over the course of a week by #GamerGate, and which proved the movement’s total toxicity.  Only a few actually carried the hashtag or were traceable to people known to be active in the movement, but for argument’s sake let’s assume every one of them was from #GamerGate.

In this instance, Joss Whedon has gotten far more abuse in less time, of equal or greater nastiness, and not due to any form of criticism but because of a form of entertainment.  People have been demanding he never be employed again, have demanded he turn on his locator so they can find and assault him, and are even infuriated that he has had the temerity to BLOCK them.

This last is a 180-degree turnaround from the position that many opponents of #GamerGate have: that blocking harassment is an absolute and unquestionable right, even when “harassment” is defined as “whatever the recipient finds offensive”.  There are blockbot programs dedicated to blocking lists of “identified harassers”, numbering in the tens of thousands (which, incidentally, has been so loosely managed that the fast-food chain KFC ended up on the Good Games Autoblocker run by Randi Harper).

So it’s interesting to see some of the same people, outraged against #GamerGate on behalf of third-wave feminism all last year and who employ the same blockbot to defend against presumed harassment from #GamerGate, are now pissed off that Joss Whedon is using the same tool to defend himself from their harassment.

Apparently, some people now think they have a RIGHT to harass others, so long as it’s “in a good cause”.  Disgusting.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot… the reason I brought #GamerGate into this article was because last year, Joss took a “courageous stand against sexism” by allying himself with the very people who now despise him to denounce the movement.

Irony can be a real mother.

Mass Effect-ish image tweeted by Producer

For full article visit, written by Ian Dransfield

It’s a photograph taken by a NASA astronaut, apparently, but when it’s tweeted out by the producer on Mass Effect 4 and done so just over a month before E3, the biggest gaming expo of the year, people start talking…

And the teasing continues… Shocking. Dirty bastards.



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After the success of GGinDC, the next big GamerGate meetup has been announced!


Yet another mass meetup I can’t attend due to geographical inconvenience.

Oh well, I know this one is gonna stir up the shit. Wu lives in Boston, she’s gonna lose her fucking mind when she hears about this

A curious little thing that showed up on 8chan.

Apparently an anon has been working an experiment:

1 twitter account with a fake identity working for a fake company who is pro-GG

1 twitter account with a fake identity working for another fake company who is anti-GG

Now, he’s been doing this since December 2014, but got an interesting first a few days ago:

After having had some fune arguing with some aGGros someone (who refused to ID herself) called the contact number for the fake company of the pro-GG persona and tried to get the persona fired, for… well… doxxing, harassing, trlling and death threats. Now, this was of course a blatant lie, since this anon knew damn well what he’d been doing and what he hadn’t been doing.

At worst, what he had been doing was retweeting and mirroring the statements of other pro-GG and anti-GG twitter users - but nothing illegal or shady apparently.

TL:DR - experiment would indicate that aGGros are salty fuckers who truly will try to get your fired.