Meteorite And Dinosaur Bone Ring

Diamonds are rare, but not compared to meteorite or dinosaur bone. When you’re really looking to impress your significant other, nothing will demonstrate your love and commitment quite like the meteorite and dinosaur bone ring.


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SoulHunt - is a fun ‘Hide ‘n Seek’ multiplayer game where you don’t hide behind objects, you hide inside them – you really can be anything from a table to a turd.

Inspired by the prop hunt mods, teams are divided into hiders and seekers, with the hiders able to hide inside ANYTHING, but the seekers capable of hearing their heartbeat.  It’s still very early in development, but the core gameplay is solid and the devs have great plans to expand on it massively.

Whether you’re clown, a table, a coffee cup, a turd or a banana – you’ve never played a game of hide and seek quite like this!

Play the Alpha, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)