Death’s Gambit is effectively a beautifully animated 2D mix of Shadow Of The Colossus and Dark Souls.  Just let that just sink in a minute….  

In the game you play an agent of death, on a medieval alien planet, full of beasts, knights and massive SoTC-Style bosses.  As is Dark Souls, there are no easy kills in this game, with each enemy you encounter being a unique hack-and-slash puzzle to solve.  You’ll need intelligence and quick reflexes to bring down your enemies in Death’s Gambit.

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'Bones' first look: Will Booth get killed in prison?

Prison will not be easy for Booth when Bones returns for its 10th season.

After being arrested for the murders of three FBI agents in the season 9 finale, Booth will face a new obstacle in prison: Most of his cellmates are convicts he actually locked up there, and they’re not too happy with him. Will Brennan be able to clear Booth’s name before an unruly inmate makes him pay with his life?

Watch on okbones.tumblr.com
Playing The Odds from “The Conspiracy In The Corps” | BONES | FOX BROADCASTING

Sneak Peek in HD

Watch on okbones.tumblr.com
Brennan Visits Booth In Prison from “The Conspiracy In The Corps” | BONES | FOX BROADCASTING

Sneak Peeks in HD!