“Morning beautiful,” sang the beautifully calming voice in front of you. “Morning handsome,” you replied as you turned around to see the source of your happiness. In that moment, words weren’t even needed as you both looked at one another with a hint of a smile playing at your lips, and in that silence, your hands played with one another as they intertwined over and over again. As the day progressed, you both found yourself just laying on the bed while you looked up at the ceiling and talked, having the occasional giggle while you held onto one another; but when the end of the day came where you spent it all just cuddling and kissing each other, you figured that you’d read a book. As you read the book that enamored your attention, you felt hands grab at your legs and gently caress them until you finally felt Anthony’s fluffy hair resting on your lap, and when you peeked over your book to see the sight, you smiled to yourself at how cute it all looked until softly whispering, “Good night.”

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