I think Gretchen’s bra was doing a GREAT job lifting while she slept!

Kaitlyn and Justin had plans. They were going to visit Plasma 501 so Kaitlyn could moonlight as a mixologist. The place was dead, but they had fun listening to the music and watching the bottles fly everywhere. Kaitlyn ended up making 173 simoleons that night before going home at 2 am.

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Nighttime in San Andreas can be a Dangerous Place Part II


Justin and Kaitlyn got home to see a burglar at the front door. Kaitlyn stepped into the yard and called the police. Justin went in the house and stood behind the burglar while Kaitlyn came in and stood in front of him. The police arrived, came inside the house as the burglar walked out, got into his car and drove off. All the lady police officer could say was that he got away, but they will get him next time. At least nothing was stolen!

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Grand Theft Auto FIGHT CLUB! GTA 5 Gameplay!

so im a little excited because i just got all the oils i need for my full favored set, thanks to Giant.Chodere (seriously, thank you for looking up the best prices, helping me craft etc ) i’ll be able to make it today >.< this is the most “geared” Hemie will ever have been cause she’s usually just running around looking cute haha… 

with the 3x drop weekend, i hope to finish my devastator set. i only need the boots and weapon x.x wish me luck!