Morgana: So, where is the car of russian president??? ANSWER ME!! Witnesses described you, and I found your cute portrait in our database!! Look at this photo, this is YOU, bitch!!

Woman: Me?? It’s not me!! This is… an young MAN!

Morgana: Don’t deny the truth!! THIS IS YOU!!! So… where is the car???


Morgana: So, are you clone of my husband Mars?? Me too!! He so loves to clone people, as I see, hahaha! What’s your name??

Yuri: My name is Yuri.

Morgana: Like Yuri Gagarin?? OMG, it’s so sexy!! Wanna kiss me??

Mars: ENOUGH! Morgan, go to your room!! NOW! And I swear, one more flirt and you’ll stay there FOREVER!!

Morgana: But… but if he is your clone… it means he is YOU… So why can’t I kiss him..?