Margaery Tyrell is Freyja – the Goddess of Love

Varangian Runestone – Sö 338

Sandstone rune raised in Turinge, Sweden, commemorating a warlord who died fighting in Kievan Rus’ (Ukraine). 

English translation: 

1. “Ketill and Bjôrn raised this stone in memory of Thorstein, their father; Ônundr in memory of his brother and the soldiers in memory of the just(?) (and) Ketiley in memory of her farmers. These brothers were the best of men in the land, and abroad in the war band, held their troops well”. 

2. “He fell in battle in the east in Russia, commander of the war band, best of landholders”. 

Old Norse transcription: 

1. Kætill ok Biorn þæiR ræistu stæin þenna at Þorstæin, faður sinn, Anundr at broður sinn ok huskarlaR æftiR(?) iafna, Kætiløy at boanda sinn. Brøðr vaRu þæiR bæstra manna, a landi ok i liði uti, heldu sina huskarla ve[l].

2. Hann fioll i orrustu austr i Garðum, liðs forungi, landmanna bæstr.


Ragnarök Is Coming

Viking Era helmet found in the Gjermundbu burial mound in Haugsbygd, Norway.

Contrary to the popular image of the horned Viking, this helmet more closely resembles the spangenhelm pattern that truly was the predominant style worn in battle throughout Northern Europe during the Viking Age. The misconception probably arose when archaeologists discovered drinking horns buried with helmets in grave sites. A much more likely accessory would’ve been an aventail – a curtain of chainmail fastened to the rim, and draped around the back of the neck.


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Runic Alphabet 

Fehu - f - Wealth 

Uruz - u - Aurochs 

Thurisaz - Þ - Thorn

Ansuz - a - Æsir 

Raido - r - Journey 

Kenaz - k - Torch 

Gebo - g - Gift 

Wunjo - w - Joy 

Hagalaz - h - Hailstones 

Nautiz - n - Need 

Isa - i - Ice 

Jera - j - Harvest 

Eiwaz - ï - Yew-Tree 

Perdo - p - Pear Tree 

Algiz - z - Elk 

Sowilo - s - Sun 

Tiwaz - t - Tyr 

Berkano - b - Birch-Tree 

Ehwaz - e - Horse 

Manaaz - m - Man 

Laguz - l - Water 

Ingwaz - ŋ - Freyr

Daguz - d - Day

Odala - o - Heritage


Ragnarök Is Coming

Unfettered will fare the Fenris Wolf 

and ravaged the realm of men, 

ere that cometh a kingly prince 

as good, to stand in his stead. 

–Heimskringla Saga

Ragnarök Is Coming

Loki Finds Gullveig’s Heart – by John Bauer


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Ragnarök Is Coming


Gendry Waters is Magni – the Son of Thor

Young was I once, | and wandered alone, 

And nought of the road I knew; 

Rich did I feel | when a comrade I found, 

For man is man’s delight. 

–Hávamál (Camaraderie)

Tyrion Lannister is Fafnir – the Kinslayer

Sansa Stark is Idunn – the Goddess of Youth


Ragnarök Is Coming


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