• Littlefinger:Hey Catelyn
  • Littlefinger:How are you Catelyn
  • Littlefinger:You're really pretty Catleyn
  • Littlefinger:Can I hang out with you Catelyn
  • Littlefinger:Look I fought a duel for your hand Catelyn
  • Littlefinger:Catelyn
  • Littlefinger:Catelyn
  • Catelyn:Wow, Littlefinger, you're a great friend. Just like a little brother.
  • Littlefinger:
  • Littlefinger:
  • Littlefinger:Hey Sansa
  • Melisandre:So, Azor Ahai is someone born amidst salt and smole
  • Melisandre:Like on Dragonstone
  • Melisandre:Someone who had to kill a person very important to them
  • Melisandre:Who has a connection to fire
  • Melisandre:Who can wake the dragons
  • Melisandre:And is a descendant of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen
  • Melisandre:Who could it be
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre:
  • Melisandre:i know it's Stannis Baratheon
  • Theon:Wow, this Esgred chick is awesome!
  • Theon:She's so much funnier and smarter and more badass than normal women!
  • Theon:I bet she's great in bed.
  • Theon:Mmmm-hmmm
  • Theon:OMG can't wait this is gonna rock
  • Theon:Damn this is like the perfect woman for me
  • Esgred:LOL actually I'm your sister Asha.
  • Theon:
  • Theon:
  • Theon:fuuuuuuuuck