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Combat isn’t the only place improvements and changes appear.  Character interactions have also been tweaked to better fit with Inquisition’s more flexible open world.  In previous BioWare games, encountering certain NPCs triggered cutscenes during which you would be offered dialogue options and quests.  Now, you have the option to speak with most characters, who will attempt to flag you down when you’re near.

When close to someone who wishes to speak with you, a semi-transparent dialogue wheel appears at the bottom of the screen.  You can choose to engage by clicking the right thumbstick or simply pass them by.  If you do choose to pay attention, you can still back out before choosing a response by clicking the thumbstick again.  Once you begin to converse, things play out in traditional BioWare fashion.

Should you find yourself tasked with retrieving a lost item, it won’t be quite as easy as following a quest marker and looking for something shiny on the ground.  No longer do you see the shimmer of lootable objects as you wander.  Instead, you need to search a location by pressing the right thumbstick to “ping” the immediate area.  This makes items, corpses, and crafting components such as plants and ore appear.

Recipes you find have uses throughout the game, with better results from higher-grade ingredients.  For instance, an armor recipe can use basic leather (from bears and other common animals), but you can get better results later in the game from using drakeskin.  All crafting happens at an Inquisition camp, which means you won’t be taking a break to mix potions while demons are bearing down on you.  Party members can once again be fully outfitted with armor (instead of the more streamlined approach of Dragon Age II), which means you will have use for the gear you find but can’t equip on your Inquisitor.

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"Exclusive Dragon Age: Inquisition Screens

You’ve already seen the E3 trailer and our cover for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Now, we have exclusive images to give you a sense of the people and places you’ll see when you take control of the Inquisition.

This shot shows three confirmed party members. Varric (left) and Cassandra (center) both played key roles in Dragon Age II. Vivienne (right) is a new ally; she is a mage from Orlais, and helps players put a face on the conflict between the Templars and the mages…”

"Here we see a qunari standing before a ruined stronghold. Qunari are not confirmed to be a playable race, but the other three that were available in Origins – human, elf, and dwarf – are definitely options in Inquisition…