1. First impression: hm hes staying in thsi tinychat hes either dumb or doesnt hate all of us
2. Truth is: So far ur passing with flying colors and u laugh at me and ruby fighting so thats good bc i assume ur taking my side
3. How old do you look: OLDer than me 19 or s/t
4. Have you ever made me laugh: i dont rmeember I AM S o tireD UGH
5. Have you ever made me mad:  YEA UR MAKIN ME DO ETHIS
6. Best feature: ur hair is super duper rad man i wish i could hasshave it off u while u screamed likE WTFY H TFHUDJ and id be like gluing it to my head by the tme yeah
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nnah
8. You’re my: Tinychatf irend
9. Name in my phone: nOT i N There SIllly
10. Should you post this too? nO I HATE THESE

😄👍💗✨Playstation Dancing Stage Disney Mix, Beauty and the beast a board game adventure Gameboy Colour, an empty Pink Gameboy Advance box and a kinder egg surprise chef lion camp fire cooking figure from 1993 so beautiful and yet so old childhood damn those days I miss oh well please enjoy “Little Hero’s With Gaming Hearts Out There!”✨💗💐🐚🐙#zelda #zelda3dsxl #beautyandthebeastgameboycolourgame #gamer #gamergirl #gaming #girlgamer #forestkitty #followforestkitty #kindereggtoy #disney #dancingstagedisneymix #playstation #gameboycolour #gameboyadvance #nintendo #kindersuprizetoy

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😭💗✨Ahh, I’m so happy with this, how about you?! It took a while I’m sorry but I hope you like the music in the background to fit in with two drawings I done I found this damage seashell yesterday on a beach before I was eating an ice cream cone also it was my last day to be on holiday in a farm house so in my mind on the beach when I picked it up I just wanted to draw on it something from legend of zelda and I swear it made me have tears thinking of this game wishing I had friends, I hate you so much Link!! I don’t ever fancy him from ALTTP game in 1992 I was a toddler, he just is an adventure hero makes friends ugh and just this game with an island that never existed only in the Windfish mind anyways please enjoy “Little Hero’s With Gaming Hearts Out There!”✨💗💐🐚🐙#zelda #marin #loz #link #legendofzelda #thelegendofzelda #gameboy #gameboycolour #linksawaking #thelegendofzeldalinksawakening #thelegendofzeldalinksawakeningdx #nintendo #gamer #gaming #girlgamer #pleasefollow #pleasefollowforestkitty #forestkitty #followforestkitty #seashell