The Chainsaw Incident Beat ‘em Up Video Game Kickstarter

This looks insanely awesome. A hand-drawn 2D fighting game created by the minds that brought us Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, Fighting Vipers to name just a few, Yes please!!

ORiGO Games, who are making this horror themed, dark fantasy blood fest for pc and consoles, currently have a Kickstarter running to help fund the games development and the backer incentives are utterly insane.

The game itself and the usual merch options are available, but there’s also 3.5” Chainsaws, statues, artbooks, arcade sticks  actual arcade machines, your likeness digitised into the background stages and signed poster art of yourself are all on offer too!

See for yourself by heading to the Kickstarter and check out the intro video which features a full run down on production as well as early gameplay footage. Then immediately commence throwing money at your screen until your arms drop off.

Pre-alpha gameplay footage HERE, and you can follow the Tumblr HERE.

Artwork by Amer Kokh / Website