The Bite Of 1987. Who Did It?

So I Was Recently Thinking About Five Nights At Freddy’s And Something Occurred To Me. The Two Animatronics We Blame For The Bite Of 87 Are


And Freddy

We Primarily Blame Them Due To Foxy’s

Big “I’m Gonna Bite You” Jaws

And The Face Prints On Freddy’s Face.

But Something Occurred To Me. The Bite Takes Place In 1987, The Time Of The Second Game

As Shown On The Paycheck Here.

Here’s The Problem With Blaming Foxy And Freddy.


If They Were In The Back Room There Isn’t A Way They Could’ve Done The Bite Of 1987.

So I Have A Theory.

The Bite Of 87 Was Caused None Other Then 

The Mangle.

Why? The Mangle Is The Only To Kill You By Biting You, Not Just With The Costume’s Teeth But The Animatronic Teeth Too

The Phone Guy talks about how the children in Kids Cove, where The Mangle is placed, constantly took her apart. It could be quite possible that one of the kids was screwing around with the head and accidentally pulled a lever causing The Mangle to take a chomp out of the kid’s frontal lobe, or maybe one of the workers who had to reassemble The Mangle accidentally got him/herself bit.

Therefore I Assume That The Mangle Was The Animatronic That Caused The Bite Of 87.



Has any of you played or watched a Youtuber play ‘To The Moon’?

Did you guys notice how there are TWO Neil Watts during the launch scene? LIKE, WTF IS GOING ON?

Is Neil the kid from ‘The Bird Story’? Or… is Neil actually the one who was on his death bed, I mean… the ending clearly showed the heart beat thing where the screen flashes red… which probably meant he was in someone’s memory through the SigCorp. machine or maybe he’s in his own memory?! Oh my gosh… I’m so hyped like, is this a bug or is this really a thing? WTF. What the actual fluff…

Kudos Freebird Games! To The Moon was such a great game that even after years of its release, it’s still so mindblowing every.single.time.


I did a Five night’s at Freddy’s theory.

In essence, I think the paper plate doll will have greater meaning than we think!

Game Theory: Five Nights at Freddy’s SCARIEST Monster is You!

This changes my whole perspective on the entire game. If you’re a FNAF fan please watch this! It has some crazy theories

I wanted to draw a lot of the gaming Youtubers, but decided to draw them all in one spot hanging out…

I watch most of these Youtubers, but not all and I wanted to throw some in there that other people watch as well…

In Attendance:

Bottom Row Left to Right:

Projared   JonTron   Markiplier   Jwittz

Row 2 Left to Right:

Tamashii Hiroka   Smooth Mcgroove   Greg & The Completionist

Row 3 Left to Right:

Jackscepticeye   Yamimash   Muyskerm   Lordminion777

Row 4 Left to Right:

Smosh   The Sw1tcher  (Matt, Pat, and Woolie)

Row 5 Left to Right:

The Game Grumps   (Arin, Dan, Barry, Suzy, Ross, and Kevin)

At the Top Left to Right:

PenutButterGamer   Game Theorists   Tiny Box Tim   Jacques

Thank all of you guys for your awesomeness and hilarious videos about games. Everyone’s videos here have helped me through some though times and stressful situations, making me smile when my days go bad and of course always gave me a good laugh…

So once again to all of you Gaming Youtubers I say…





Chimps Outplay Humans in Brain Games

We humans assume we are the smartest of all creations. In a world with over 8.7 million species, only we have the ability to understand the inner workings of our body while also unraveling the mysteries of the universe. We are the geniuses, the philosophers, the artists, the poets and savants. We amuse at a dog playing ball, a dolphin jumping rings, or a monkey imitating man because we think of these as remarkable acts for animals that, we presume, aren’t smart as us. But what is smart? Is it just about having ideas, or being good at language and math?

Scientists have shown, time and again, that many animals have an extraordinary intellect. Unlike an average human brain that can barely recall a vivid scene from the last hour, chimps have a photographic memory and can memorize patterns they see in the blink of an eye. Sea lions and elephants can remember faces from decades ago. Animals also have a unique sense perception. Sniffer dogs can detect the first signs of colon cancer by the scents of patients, while doctors flounder in early diagnosis. So the point is animals are smart too. But that’s not the upsetting realization. What happens when, for just once, a chimp or a dog challenges man to one of their feats? Well, for one, a precarious face-off – like the one Matt Reeves conceived in the Planet of the Apes – would seem a tad less unlikely than we thought.

In a recent study by psychologists Colin Camerer and Tetsuro Matsuzawa, chimps and humans played a strategy game – and unexpectedly, the chimps outplayed the humans.

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Something we’ve all been waiting for ever since the game came out. Mat Pat from Game Theory explains unanswered questions about the game and the entire story of Five Nights At Freddy’s 2.

If you’re a fan of FNAF you must watch this


it makes so much sense?!