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[SFM] Game Grumps Animated - Anal Fingers
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How the final episode of Game Grumps will end

1) After the the finale of their final game (not Sonic ‘06), the screen will fade out and fade into the Grump Room with all of the Grumps in there

2) Arin: Hey guys. You just watched the final episode of Game Grumps. We’ve had a great run, but I think it’s now time for us to say goodbye.

Danny: You guys have been awesome. You were the ones that kept us going during the good and bad times. Your dedication will not go unappreciated.

Ross: So it looks like a wrench has been put into your plans.

Danny: God dammit, Ross! (Danny playfully hits Ross’ chest but knowing this will be the last time he’ll ever say that on Game Grumps, he gives Ross a quick embrace)

Suzy: But we won’t disappear forever though! You’ll still us on our other projects.

Barry: It’s only Game Grumps that’ll be coming to an end. You’ll still see us in Table Flip

Suzy: Mortem3r and Meeperfish

Ross: Rubber Ninja animations

Danny: Ninja Sex Party

Arin: Egoraptor animations and Starbomb

Danny: But it’s time for Game Grumps to close. We thank you so much for being there for us. All these years have been the best we’ve ever had, and you, the fans, will not go unappreciated. (Everyone leaves except Arin)

Arin: And Jon, if you’re watching this I want to say thank you for your contributions to Game Grumps. I know things have been rocky between the two of us and that You wanted to focus on your own show, but you are so important in creating Game Grumps and we will always remember that. Thank you (Arin turns off the microphone and leaves the room. Slow fade out to end the video)

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