New York Based photographer Beth Galton collaborated with “food stylist” Charlotte Omnès in an eye-popping series displaying cross sections of packaged food. Beth writes:

By cutting these items in half we move past the simple appetite appeal we normally try to achieve and explore the interior worlds of these products.

Cross Sections of Your Favorite Packaged Food

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Cut food photography by Beth Galton

'cut food' is a series of photographs by studio photographer beth galton, which exposes the innards of everyday culinary items. together with stylist charlotte omnes, the duo divided each of the diverse food items, allowing for a surprising glimpse a the cross sections of commonplace eats. particularly interesting are the halved liquids — some of the food items, such as the doughnut and the boiled eggs, were able to be cut smoothly in half without any manipulation but other tricky elements, like soup and coffee, required the use of a gelatin subtance to solidify the fluid forms.

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Marvel goes to the White House, October 1, 1980. Too bad Jimmy Carter didn’t show up; we could add it to this collection.

So we now know that it’s Jonathan “Commander Riker” Frakes there as Captain America, and of course that’s First Lady Rosalynn Carter with daughter Amy in the middle picture. But who’s in that first picture? I recognized Stan Lee and Marvel President Jim Galton, but the gentleman on the left, and the woman in the middle? No idea.



Francis Galton was the father of Eugenics.
Eugenics is essentially trying to improve the human population by not allowing the “inferior” to breed.
The propaganda lies not in the theory itself, but what the theory was used to “excuse.”
Nazi Eugenics: Experiments on humans, genocide, sterilization, killing of homosexuals and much much more.
They sewed together twins, bone and muscle transplants, experiments with poison and mustard gas on these humans. You name it, it happened. This poor excuse of a biology theory led to this shameful time in history.

Board meeting let out early today, on account of having much less to discuss now that Galton could more effectively quell any rising suspicions understandable, but ultimately unfounded concerns over the new, slightly uncharacteristically aggressive model he has been working on.

He stopped by his office to grab a few papers he thought might be of interest to his new friend and nearly strutted to the Psychosomatic and Behavioral Studies Department, noting that since using the serum to block out the hindering effects of the Board’s do-not-lie-to-me precaution, he, for once, was regularly wearing the preferred facial expression of a Smiling God.

He turns a corner, quickly pacing to Santiago’s office. Tucking the papers behind his back, he knocks lightly with two fingers and leans in to greet Caesar, deciding that, should the Director be too busy to chat much, he could at the very least leave the man his gift.



I watched a music video titled “Evolution” by the rock band Korn on YouTube tonight.  Because hte video has 4,744,768 views, and because I don’t have much faith that most people can separate reality from entertainment, some of the claims posited in the music video worried me to the point of addressing them in this piece of writing.

Yes, I know that the video is for entertainment purposes and contains messages other than the ones I’m addressing here.  However, I’m limiting my focus to the text presented on the screen because it’s my prerogative as a writer to limit my focus.  Furthermore, some substantial chunk of the nearly 5 million viewers might have been deceived; never underestimate the human capacity for gullibility!  

With that preface, here we go.  The first text to appear on the screen was, “There has been a decline in the average IQ in recent years?  How is this possible?”  Those words work well to set up the storyline in the music video, but it’s not grounded in fact.  Quite the opposite is true.  In recent years, IQ tests have had to be updated every decade or so to correct for what would otherwise be an increase, not a decrease, in IQ scores.  Technically, the average IQ score has remained unchanged since the introduction of IQ tests, but that’s because the test standardization has been continually updated so that the average will always be 100.  However, a test-taker today (in 2011, almost 2012) who scores 100 (a perfectly average score) would score in the genius range on an IQ test from, say, the 1940s!  This is called the Flynn effect, named for James R. Flynn who detected the trend in 1994.

The next claim was, “High IQ families have an average of 1.5 children; low IQ families have an average of 5 children.”  Again, the facts are inaccurate.  According to the Russell Sage Foundation (1), the poorest 20% of families have an average of about 1.95 children, while the richest 20% of families have an average of about 1.85 children.  Low income families do tend lower levels of educational attainment for mostly social reasons (2); poor people are not inherently less intelligent than rich people, and IQ’s correlation with income, though a positive correlation, is not a very strong one at 0.266 (3).  

The third claim is, “Medical advancements and no natural predators have caused the world population to increase and the average IQ to decrease!”  There is no doubt that medical and dietary improvements have increased human longevity and led to an increase in the world’s population, but how does Korn extrapolate from an expanding population to a decreased IQ?  I suppose this claim rests on the previous claim as a premise.  

The final claim that I’ll address here is, “Average human brain capacity is shrinking, which is less than brain capacity than a monkey uses!”  While the ergonomics/biomechanics of being a large-brained, social, bi-pedal human has effectively halted brain growth in humans (we have big heads that must make it through birth canals that are rather narrow because our mothers walk on two legs, not all fours), the human brain capacity is not noticeably shrinking, and definitely not to a size less than a monkey’s!  The average human brain capacity is 1100-1700 cubic centimeters whereas a monkey’s brain capacity (keeping in mind that there are several species of monkeys, and two major taxonomic classes of monkeys, the Old World monkeys and the New World monkeys) peaks at about 205 cubic centimeters (4).  

I hope that no one took the Korn music video “Evolution” too seriously, but I hear huge misrepresentations of evolutionary fact and fiction far too often.

1) Russell Sage Foundation. http://www.russellsage.org/research/social-inequality/chartbook/income-inequality-households-children/children-by-income

2) Funder, D. 2007.  The Personality Puzzle, p.280.  New York: W.W. Norton

3) Collins, J. March 28, 2011.  http://www.gnxp.com/wp/2011/03/28/income-and-iq/

4) Falk, D.  ”Evolution of the Primate Brain”.  http://www.anthro.fsu.edu/people/faculty/falk/Handbook_V2.htm

Michael Winner, 1935-2013, Never Got To Make A Captain America Film For Cannon

December 16, 1985


Mr. Menahem Golan


6464 Sunset Blvd.

Hollywood, California  90028


Dear Menahem:

I thought I would write you concerning the Spider-Man script written by John Brancato and Ted Newsom, and the Captain America script written by Michael Winner and Stan Hey.

The Spider-Man script, in my opinion, is superb.  It maintains the basic integrity of the character in the original story, while placing it in a modern setting.  It is simple and direct in its plot line and very easy for the reader to follow.  I have now read approximately twelve Spider-Man scripts or treatments, and this is by far the best of the lot!

The Captain America script, on the other hand, I found to be “bloody awful.”  It does not maintain the basic integrity of the character. It plays fast and loose with the basic storylines, and I found it to be so convoluted in its plot that I had difficulty following it.  In addition, I found the situation totally implausible, as it stretches credibility beyond the readers’ limit.  I certainly think it means going back to the drawing board again to get a more credible script.

Best regards,


James E. Galton


That awkward moment when you lick your friend's poster because it was signed by Yuri Lowenthal

lol oops

So college is bitchin’. I’m sure you guessed that by now. It’s a lot of reading. A lot. Like, more than Galton-level reading. Which is a metric fuckton of reading.

So two of my friends that go to another college apparently got the leads in a play at mine, so they will be coming over a lot. I shall refer to them as Lion and Thorpton. Mental note to myself: DO NOT tell them where I live. That would be a baaaad idea. They would never leave.

AND NOW, BECAUSE REAL LIFE IS BOOORING. Let’s return to the Whoniverse!!

















Torchwood: Miracle Day - What. The fuck. Russell T Davies. Seriously. Rex. Really? Really, man? You - you just - you very specifically made a point that Jack’s blood was not the cause of his immortality, and then - the thing with Rex and the transfusion - and the Blessing - and - AAARRRGGHHH. I mean, come on. You were the one who made Jack immortal, you have no excuse for going back on your explanation. It wasn’t his blood, it was Rose and the Time Vortex.

Although, the lovely folks over at Gallifrey Base have speculated that the Blessing sort of worked like an on and off switch, so maybe some of Rex’s blood got mixed in with Jack’s in the blood vacuum and then when it flipped everything back Rex accidentally became immortal. Or Rose as Bad Wolf buggered around with his biology and he just doesn’t know it. I guess that sort of makes sense. Except no, wait, it doesn’t at all.

But still. Miracle Day as a whole was… alright. It was okay. It wasn’t AMAZING FANTABULOUS, but it wasn’t complete shit, either. Favorite episodes are 1, 5, 7, and 10 (The New World, The Categories of Life, Immortal Sins, and The Blood Line) while the least favorites are 2, 6, and 8 (Filler Rendition, The Filler Middle Men, End of the FILLER Road). I’m sort of glad that we got sequel hooked into Torchwood Season 5; with the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures upon us, I’d be extremely depressed if we lost Torchwood as well. It’s a great big whoniverse out there!

I wish we’d seen more of the actual effects of the Miracle, not just vague mentions to it. I wonder - what were they planning to do with The Soulless? I got a Silence vibe off of them, and it was really cool, and in the trailers it looked like they were going to organize a mass V For Vendetta-type protest thing. That would have been great. I now wish that the solution to the Miracle was more of a global population thing rather than Torchwood and the CIA dicking around. *sadness*

One thing I really did like was Jack. I mean, a) John Barrowman. Amazing. Love it. And b) Jack as a character is just bloody wonderful. The Doctor has had such a profound effect on his life (and it is my own headcanon that Jack is in love with him above everyone else - Ianto included *hears screams of millions of fangirls*) and Jack is trying so hard to emulate him (picking up people who are broken and helping to make them better, saving the world without thanks, etc.) and failing so hard because he’s not a Time Lord, he’s completely human. So much brilliant character fodder. So yeah, this season, Jack running around trying to be the Doctor was fantastic.

(And the numerous Doctor Who references made me extremely happy. Those I would keep. Forever.)

Doctor Who - The Girl Who Waited


Rory. Just. Rory. Oh my god Arthur Darvill. You make my heart do funny acrobatic tricks. You too, Amy. 

So yeah, props to all three (four?) of our main actors for being SO AMAZING AT THEIR ACTING SKILLZ. Oh my god, the look on Older!Amy’s face when Rory runs with Younger!Amy to the TARDIS is just ugh. And-and-and the macarena. Oh my sweet Jesus. And who else thought that the scene at the TARDIS door with Older!Amy and Rory was reminiscent of the wall scene with Rose and Ten in Doomsday? OH MY GOD TEARS.

(Suck it, Amy/Eleven shippers. (Not really. Love you guys!))

Oh, and this proves once and for all that Eleven is a hipster. Seriously. He avoided going to the most popular tourist planet because it was too mainstream. So in love.

A very emotional episode, 10/10! Well done!

Note: the episode that I’ve cried the most at is definitely The Last of the Time Lords. Just. Tennant’s acting. The Master being an asshole. Murray Gold’s “This Is Gallifrey” piece of music. (Actually, “This Is Gallifrey” makes me cry whenever I hear it now.) The complete sadness of everything. It’s so good.

We will now return you to your scheduled real life.


And then there are these other things on the BBC website. There are little messages. And a video with Eleven and static. And a creepy poem. And sometimes there are no messages. Except for that one time, when the message was “Message interrupted.”



You know Moffat. He just trolls all day long.

(Procrastinating no jutsu~!!)