You forget what it was like. You’d swear on your life you never will, but year by year it falls away. How your temperature ran off the mercury, your heart galloped flat-out and never needed to rest, everything was pitched on the edge of shattering glass. How wanting something was like dying of thirst. How your skin was too fine to keep out any of the million things flooding by; every color boiled bright enough to scald you, any second of any day could send you soaring or rip you to bloody shreds
—     Tana French,          The Secret Place    

When I was a small child, I thought ‘Neapolitan’ was ‘Napoleon’ so when the Schwans guy would come around I’d run to my parents and shout “CAN WE PLEASE HAVE NAPOLEON ICE CREAM PLEASE?”

It wasn’t until years later when I was 12 or 13 and was over at my friend’s house that I discovered I was wrong.

"What’s your favorite ice cream?"


"Napoleon isn’t an ice cream, that’s a french dictator…"

"No it’s an ice cream. You know. Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate…"

"…You mean Neapolitan"

"No. Napoleon."

And then my friend showed me the lid and helped me read it correctly.

to this day I’m not sure why I was allowed to continue calling it Napoleon as long as I was.

Great Cosmic Hero, Grand Gallop [G-EB01/003 (RRR)]

[AUTO] (VC) Generation break 2: When this unit attacks, if this unit’s power is 22000 or greater, it gets drive +1 

[AUTO] (VC): During your turn, when your G Unit stride, choose oneof your vanguards, until of end turn, it gets power +4000 and gets “[AUTO] (VC): [Counterblast (1)] When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card” Until end of turn.

anonymous asked:

I have a horse and his dream is to be a swan. Not just any swan he dreams to be a stunning white swan. So to make sure my horse will achieve his dream I have bought him 12 white tutus for his birthday (which is on April 4th) and am going to attach them to his saddle and then take photos while I jump him. So that when he is on his death bed he will whinny to me softly saying 'thank you for helping me achieve my dream'. That is all *gallops away*

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what do you mean by gallop? im sorry im just curious and i hope this isnt rude to ask!!!

not rude at all!

okay so i’ve done some beautiful finger running here

normal running like

weird gallopy running that got me in trouble in gym class as a kid

idk why i’d do the latter it’s not any more energy efficient 

i hate that one asshole on the roadtrip that we weren’t really too keen on letting come anyway but as soon as we get on the road they’re like “we’ve got to turn around i forgot my handkerchief” 


here’s a torn piece of my shirt, wipe your nose and grow the fuck up