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How come people get riled up when a white man shoots a black man but could give a fuck that blacks are killed annually most by other blacks?

yea, nonny.  how come people get riled up when a person sworn to protect and serve shoots an unarmed kid but could give a fuck when a demographic exhibits the crime and violence any sociologist would expect when pressured with poverty, a pisspoor justice system, ridiculous drug laws, and prevalent lethal racism.  how come?

but srsly.  never understood this redirection technique.  we shouldn’t focus on cops killing black people because black people also kill black people?  how do you deal with issues in everyday life?  “dude, the gallon of milk always expires before we drink it.  maybe we should buy half gallons.” “no.  it’s fine because the orange juice expires too.”

The Inflatable Hot Tub

Enjoy the finer things in life with this inflatable hot tub. Take it anywhere you go for a nice relaxing soak to detox and leave your worries behind. The portable tub holds 210 gallons of water that can reach up to 104 degrees. With a maximum capacity of 4 people, this is the perfect item to bring to your next party or your camping trip!

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You are an inspiration for me to get back into my artsy stuff again! What has been the most difficult thing you've made?

The most difficult thing I’ve made was a large scale Fuel Up To Play 60 playground redesign project with a budget of 320K. Not only did I design stencil games in Illustrator, I also sourced and coordinated the manufacturer, placed the largest traffic paint order in Valspar’s history, hand mixed those 1,200 gallons of paint into rainbow colors, hired and managed warehouse crew and art consultants for the installation of the new designs in 80 elementary schools in Austin, TX. It took about 6 months start to finish, then later we developed them into purchasable products:

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I'm finding the fold out of this campaign enthralling! It's better then tv... you would be hard pressed to write anything this good! XD

Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Jesusbcchris Answered:  Absolutely! And some chocolate. XD Rather fond of white chocolate kit kats and twizzlers myself.

Oh, you HAD to say White Chocolate Kit Kits didn’t you!  Rotter!  Now I’ll have to go and buy some.  :P

Mimichanelle:  Goobers!!! We definitely need some Goobers!

lala4ever64:  You guys forgot the nachos!!!

jesusbcchrist:  We also forgot something to drink. GALLONS AND GALLONS OF PEPSI AND COCA COLA!!!

BTT:  Oh, dear … 

kashmirgirl1976: Raisinets, please!

BTT:  OMG Kash joined the party!  We need champagne!  ;)

mimichanelle:^^^^^^ Oooooooo gurl, you talking my language!!

kashmirgirl1976: Why, of course!

From the article:

After decades of experiments, U.S. Navy scientists believe they may have solved one of the world’s great challenges: how to turn seawater into fuel.

The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel could one day relieve the military’s dependence on oil-based fuels and is being heralded as a “game changer” because it could allow military ships to develop their own fuel and stay operational 100 percent of the time, rather than having to refuel at sea.

The new fuel is initially expected to cost around $3 to $6 per gallon, according to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which has already flown a model aircraft on it.

The Navy’s 289 vessels all rely on oil-based fuel, with the exception of some aircraft carriers and 72 submarines that rely on nuclear propulsion. Moving away from that reliance would free the military from fuel shortages and fluctuations in price.

"It’s a huge milestone for us," said Vice Adm. Philip Cullom. "We are in very challenging times where we really do have to think in pretty innovative ways to look at how we create energy, how we value energy and how we consume it. We need to challenge the results of the assumptions that are the result of the last six decades of constant access to cheap, unlimited amounts of fuel." 

The breakthrough came after scientists developed a way to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater. The gasses are then turned into a fuel by a gas-to-liquids process with the help of catalytic converters.

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Hidden from the hungry students in serving lines, 50 workers in the basement of Jester cut sweet-potato fries, bake rolls, toss salads and prepare ingredients in a centralized production kitchen. The ingredients go on to feed students, faculty, staff and visitors about 20,000 meals at dining facilities across the Forty Acres every day.

The Jester team stays busy keeping the vast operation running day-in, day-out, but they were in overdrive last week, making from scratch a Thanksgiving feast for students. For just that one meal on Nov. 20, they served 700 pounds of turkey, 400 pounds of dressing and 450 pounds of mashed potatoes (with 26 gallons of gravy, on the side).

“Everybody who works here enjoys the process of preparing and serving a traditional-style turkey dinner,” says Robert Mayberry, the Campus Executive Chef. “We’re living in fast-changing times, and Thanksgiving is one of our oldest traditions. There’s a community around these special meals.”

[Did you know The University of Texas at Austin is the No. 8 gluten-free accommodating university? Read about “The Other Rankings.”]

While workers prepare the meals behind the scenes, getting the food to the plates takes a community effort that starts at the soil. Some of the ingredients, including 200 pounds of sweet potatoes for the Thanksgiving meal, came from the UT Microfarm, where students grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The Microfarm is one of many ways the Division of Housing and Food Service caters to today’s students, who prefer fresh produce, farm-to-table meals, vegetarian and vegan options and sustainable foods.

[Read more about how students cultivate ingredients, from root to blossom, using sustainable farm methods at the 7,500 square-foot Microfarm.]

Offering healthier options, meeting an array of dietary needs, helping students find information about how food was prepared and grown, incorporating student-grown ingredients and using compostable to-go containers are some of the ways Mayberry says his team works to serve students delicious, healthy and sustainable meals.

“A lot of students are very conscious these days of environmental concerns and the health of the planet,” Mayberry says. “To be in an education arena that values that on a practical level is important to students. When students find out the lengths we go to so we can supply sustainable and responsibly raised products, they’re amazed.”

The University of Texas at Austin is a vast place, with more than 40 acres of campus containing untold collections, artifacts and treasures. Our #HiddenUT series shines a spotlight onto UT’s unheralded gems.

From the entire University of Texas at Austin family, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!

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That pink looks so damn good. I've dreamed of living in this color for a couple of houses now and it cheers me to see it successfully carried out.

It is behr blush beige interior satin enamel and it cost about $25 for a gallon, which will do ya for a room probably. (Lucas, veteran room painter/good sport, says spending $12-$15 on a brush makes all the difference.) Rent an old house from a shitty landlord and when he makes you paint it back say “it was like that when we moved in, don’t you remember, why would I paint a room that color.”

Went shopping for my sister’s new tank decorations and accidentally wound up with this guy….oops..

He’s a yellow koi halfmoon and I had to, I couldn’t possibly not, I’ve wanted a yellow koi so bad and he needed me
He’s real beat up, his gills and fins are injured and he has obvious ammonia poisoning and he’s skinny as a rail but I think he’ll be okay…I did buy him (I know, I know) but for a huge discount and this store actually keeps most of their bettas in almost a half a gallon which is really pretty good compared to most. Their fish are always in really good shape and very clean looking water, this guy just got dealt a bad hand I think.

I’m hoping he’ll recover okay. He’s so adorable. I haven’t named him yet but I’m working on it. Send him good vibes!

Someone please help!

My little Haruka doesn’t look very well and I’m very worried because I’m going out of town tomarrow.
He’s in a 5 gallon heated and filtered tank, His PH is about 7.0, Ammonia is 0, and Nitrite and Nitrate are normal. The temperature is 80 degrees F.
I do 50 water changes every Saturday.

Help from a more experienced fish keeper would help!

( It’s the best picture i could get since the room he’s in isnt very bright )











#healthcareprofessional #EMSlife

Got called in code 2 for a man down behind a mall, arrived to find a vagrant facedown near approx 13 gallons worth of corn oil 


Man was cold to the touch, severely jaundiced, and completely unresponsive


Another day in the back of the ambulance with dirty drunk dudes, what else is new, right?


Couldn’t find a pulse or get any vitals, pt wasn’t breathing, so CPR was started


We were too late to save this mysterious man…he was probably dead due to corn oil overdose a long time before we arrived on scene


Time of death 1121


 Ain’t doin’ chest compressions right if you don’t break a few ribs 


Actual backstory: we were between calls and about to grab lunch when I spotted a giant minion lying near a fence next to 4 buckets of corn oil. Aside from being dirty, the minion looked perfectly undamaged. After the photoshoot we cleaned him off and left him sitting next to a clothing donation bin. Twenty minutes later he had disappeared. Where did he come from? Where did he go? What was up with that oil?? We will never know.


Pterophyllum scalare (Freshwater Angelfish) @ Kölle-Zoo

60 Gal maybe sounds like much for many peoole but I checked out a very good Swedish site that always havs good recomandation. And I totally agree with around 200 Liters/ 55-60 gallons. I stumbled across some site on english that recomanded only 20 Gallons! I think that is way too little. These fishes also get very tall which means they need a tank that has a good height compated to their max size (16 cm / 6.3”). Something else to think about is that this is a shoaling fish which means that I think they should be atleast 4-6 individuals.

Brine Recipe!

embracethelost replied to your photo:Turkey brine game: strong.

Would you share your brine recipe? That’s what we want to do this year….

Sure! Here’s what I do:

1 gallon of veggie broth/stock, in a 6 quart pot
1 cup of kosher salt
1/2 cup of brown sugar
3-4 bay leaves
10-12 whole star anise
2 handfuls of crystalized (candied) ginger
1 tablespoon of black peppercorns
1/2 tablespoon of mustard seed
1/2 tablespoon of whole cloves
1-2 cardamom pods (optional)
1 stick of cinnamon

Combine the above in the pot, set it to boil. You want a good rolling boil to make sure the solids have all dissolved where possible. Let it boil a good 5-10 minutes, and then turn off the heat and cover.

It’s going to need a while to come down to room temp, and then you should move it to a jug or two to refrigerate it down to a chill. Combine the brine with a gallon of iced water (lots of ice! Lots!) and then put the turkey in it. How long you brine it is up to you. I think I will likely brine during the day tomorrow, then rinse the turkey clear of debris, towel it dry, and let it rest in the open air in the fridge until Thursday morning when it gets stuffed and put in the roaster.

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how do you deal with heart break? has anyone here ever broken your heart in anyway? -anon bam

WHALLLE. First you pray fa’ they asses, cause you know they ain’t gon’ never have a baddie like you. Then you repent for the fucked up shit you finna do. Get a gallon of Clorox bleach, preferably the kroger brand, cause they shit do mo’ damage to clothes *Winks*

Second, go to the nigga house when he sleepin/work and get some wood. Lumber or whatever, and pile the wood ontop of his grass. Throw alllllll this nigga shit on this wood;

  1. I’m talkin’ bout’ watches
  2. Boxers
  3. His phone
  4. every-damn-thing under the sun!

(Dis important)

First pour the whole bottle of bleach on his shit, then put a whole bunch of aluminum ontop of it. (If you really wanna see his shit burn)

(The clothes is the baby.. but bigger)

Then after all this shit go down (This needs to be you)


Über-Gore © Tech Sneak Peek

From the start, a huge goal for STRAFE®  has been to make the player feel as powerful and impactful as possible.  This included a lot of gameplay and design decisions yada, yada, yada… To cut to the chase, we wanted gallons of BLOOD and pounds of GIBS and it had to be persistent.  Lone Wolf and Cub style arterial squirts and sprays that paint the world, drip from the ceiling and run down the walls.  

Since STRAFE®  is both procedural and 3-D, it is super important that we do all we can to keep the player from getting lost.  In a 2-D world it is a bit easier for the player to keep mental track of where they’d been (I was going right, now I’m going left).  During combat in STRAFE®, the players destruction paints a room red so getting lost is no longer a problem. Players will leave their mark and then move to clean rooms to make a new mess.   

I experimented with three approaches decals, projected mesh’s and a blood map/shader deal.

When the game was first coming together and the levels were being grey boxed it seemed like maybe we could get away with some clever decaling.  Sweeping areas where blood was landing and making some simple decisions to do an auto tiling style thing with a few sizes.  Smallest around the edges and  larger tiles working inward.  As levels grew and the geometry got more complex/less predictable the fantasy of using any “large tiles” to save calls fell apart.

I saw a post showing a decal system that was projecting decals and building mesh’s that wrapped around the geometry they hit.  The one I saw wasn’t meant for runtime and after poking around it was pretty clear that modifying and combining a ton of mesh’s wasn’t going to work out.  Definitely a slick tool for static decals though.

The bloodmap approach I ended up going with is definitely the most immediately intuitive.  The concept is the whole worlds a canvas and you can paint it.  We’re already baking lightmaps so we can just use parallel UV’s from that and draw the blood in shader.  Updating a bunch of textures and pushing them to the GPU every frame is crazy slow.  So the biggest obstacle was compressing our bloodmap data in a way that was fast to encode and decode by both CPU and GPU operations.  This way we can modify our bloodmap encode it to a tiny file then push it to the GPU and have it decode and draw without the performance bottleneck.  After some managerial optimizations the bloodmap model was in a good enough place to start playing around in our procedural world!  Definitely still room for optimizations but fun to play with.

Our blood is smart. It behaves differently dependent on a surfaces orientation. For instance if blood hits the wall it will procedurally run down the wall.

If blood hits a flat surface overhead the blood will begin to form droplets and when they reach a certain size they will fall to the ground creating a bigger mess.

Yeah we love this feature

The blood is only half the fun, we’ve used a more conventional approach for the physical GIBS. When a portion of the enemy is damaged enough we remove that part from the enemies body and spawn in that body part in physics to blast off. This process is accompanied by spawning in little meat chunks and some bloody bursts and sprays!

Keep in mind this is still early on and using mostly programmer art for the blood and GIBS. We just got too excited to not share some gore! We intend for each of the 3 weapon types to have different style blood emitters, (shotgun wounds creates multiple blobs of blood where a clean railgun shot will create a concentrated blood spray with some distance!) We will be adding some simple specular highlights  to give the blood that wet sexy shine. We also plan on a bunch of fun little elements like tracking blood around after walking through puddles as well as secret easter eggs to discover!