Giant Liquor Flask

Now with the giant liquor flask you’ll be able to stay fully inebriated no matter how far you are from the nearest bar. While subtlety isn’t the strong point of this stainless steel flask, its enormous size stores up to one gallon of your favorite spirit so you’ll never be sober again.


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This hamster habitat belongs to my brother Rob and his gf Ky, and I love it so much. It’s a 20 gallon long lined with aspen and shredded nesting squares. To make the most of the current space there is a second level! Rob bought some hamster ladders and took them apart, then used the wood to make all of the climbing furniture: walkways, stairs, and climbing ramp. The hams (Tarot and Raichu) tend to sleep in the little balcony on the top right. That’s them snuggling in the last pictures. Plus bonus Raichu being adorable. :3

Hot Tub Boat

Only poor people use immobile hot tubs – now you can show off your wealth with this hot tub that is also a boat! This mini hot tub boat can hold just over 500 gallons of separate heated water, enough to keep you and seven of your friends comfortably heated.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


3 days of being snowed in = newly divided 10 gallon! I had expected to just be able to glue in the binders first and then slide in the mesh, but because of the way the top of my tank comes in, I couldn’t. This resulted in a very messy aquarium sealant experience. I was able to cover some of it with electrical tape and the substrate will cover the bottom ones, but I’ll always be able to see the ones in the back of the tank. Anyone know of anyways that I could clean it up a little? Other than that though, I love how it came out! I think I was able to really minimize the visibility and I was able to use the mesh to make a cover too. Now it’s time to start cycling :) can’t wait to get myself a new betta!!!

my mom works in a bar and they had a country night where they had exclusively country performers come in and of course that attracted the amount of white people you would expect and my mom told me that they went through literally a full gallon of mayonnaise and, in her own words, “a five gallon drum of ranch dressing”

in one night

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❅ (mona to Momma Kimora :) )

She hadn’t ment to fall asleep, but she hadn’t ment to scarf down the half gallon of white chocolate raspberry ice cream either. Yet here she was, in an oversized baby pink sweater, curled in a tight little ball, chestnut hair fanned out across Kimora’s lap in soft velvety waves. Her tail looped around her legs as she hunkered down closer into the older woman’s warmth. She had come seeking advice, wisdom, what she had received was comfort and enough sweets to quell her temper.

Hey guys! I am hoping to pick this guy up at my LFS. He has been there for a few weeks and I fell in love. I have a 3 gallon tank for him and air pump run filter. Should I get a heater and if so what kind? And I want to try my hand at live plants with him. What are some easy starters that would pair well with him? Love ya Fish community!!!!

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Does drinking water really help to get healthy skin? Everybody says it but as a professional what do you think?

Yes drinking water can help you skin! I recommend drinking water 24/7. I don’t even drink anything but water anymore. (Maybe the monthly tea or juice) Whatever you put in your body will have an effect. That being said I know people who would drink over a gallon of water a day and still suffer from acne or dehydrated skin. It depends person to person.

  • shit that i did not expect to include in the slave's compromise:bruise/plasma ship teases
  • shit that i am now including by the gallons in the slave's compromise:bruise/plasma ship teases
  • ships that i didn't care about before the slave's compromise:bruiseshipping and plasmashipping
  • ships that are now otps because of the slave's compromise:bruiseshipping and plasmashipping

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I recently got a 30 gallon tank because I inherited a friends' cichlids (five 3-inch fish and a 6-inch common pleco). Said friend had them all in a 10 gallon tank which... just NO, bad fish-parent. I'd have gone even bigger but 30gal is all I have the room for. My mom is mad because I spent $250 on the tank/heater/filter/etc (my own money, mind you) and she doesn't think I needed to because "the fish aren't that big." idk how to explain to her that yes, the "huge" tank is absolutely necessary.

Part of the problem is that many people assume fish only need room to swim a little bit. Fish do need plenty of room to swim and this amount of space will vary according to the species. You also have to take into account that different fish live at different levels in the water column e.g. some fish are bottom dwellers and it won’t matter how “tall” your tank is if there is not enough floor space. 

Fish also need room to have their own territories and the more fish you have, the more space you will need. Keeping fish in tanks that are too small can be very stressful to them because they are unable to perform natural behaviors.

Another factor is that the smaller the tank is the harder it is to maintain balance in the water chemistry. Any tiny thing can cause huge swings in pH, ammonia levels, etc. in a smaller tank. This also comes into play with large tanks that have too many fish, there just isn’t enough water to dilute waste out.

For the well being of the fish you need to have the largest tank you can afford and there are minimums depending on the species. It isn’t just about swimming room.

That’s really great that you bought a brand new set up for the fish. Depending on the species of cichlid this is most likely still too small and I would save up for a larger tank in the future. For sure the pleco will out grow the tank so be prepared for that.


Grillin                                                                                                                       Some fancy grills on vintage Checker cabs. These cars were heavy, got 10 miles to the gallon on a good day, and could go through a brick wall like a tank, not however advised as they offered no shock transference to the passengers. I prefer them as they are now restored and beautiful works of automotive design.

My kokum is amazing here are some highlights from dinner:

"-Of course they didnt take me seriously because Im a WOMAN" "oh I hate that" "RIGHT? Its terrible, dont they know who I am? DONT THEY KNOW I AM A MATRIARCH?"

"They are so happy they are engaged" "They’re engaged?" "Uhm, yeah, didn’t you see it on instagram?"

"My cousin just recently came out, I’m really happy for her, she’s had such a hard life but now she has a girlfriend she loves its so great."

"Oh it breaks my heart to see the betta fish in those little cups, its so cruel, I used to have those big tanks with bamboo and plants but I didnt know they needed a filter but my coworker has one in a two gallon tank with a filter now and its SO HAPPY."

"So I was looking into travel insurance for going to England, and get this, my friend Dave is 57 and he is pos and kind of sickly but hes going away for a few months and his insurance is $200. But because I’m 65 for me to go to England for a month would be $650! Can you believe that??? Its AGEISM they are NOT ALLOWED TO DO THAT."

Me: “I need my hair done, I kinda want to go to this cool barber shop but Im a bit anxious about it.” “Oh. You know what you should go to Cade. She- I’m sorry- HE, Im sorry Im old Im bad at that, but he works at a salon around here I’ll get the name of where he works you should go to him.” Cue me being like ‘oh my god shes getting the thing’

Buying my cage and accessories for it I RUSH the register so she can’t get a chance to try and pay and she goes “Here Danae have some money to help with it” “NO KOKUM I GOT IT” She puts a $50 bill next to my wallet and walks away “KOKUM NO ITS OK” “oh arent these dog toys cute? I took Travis’ dog here to pick out her own toy it was so cute” “FINE IF YOU INSIST.”

First Mead Racking

We laid 5 gallons down in November. So far it tastes pretty damn good, and much sweeter than our last batch.