Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire / Darkstalkers 3
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Platform: Arcade, Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Year: 1997 (Arcade), 1998 (Saturn, JP/NA PS1), 1999 (EU PS1), 2005 (PS2), 2013 (PS3, 360)

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@passion2befit: Woke up today feeling like a new woman (don’t mind the morning face/bed head lol)! I had the most terrible migraine yesterday and it was straight up debilitating. I laid on the couch half the day and just could not get to feeling better! I got in my workout but was unable to do cardio, and I drank almost 2 gallons of water! I was SO thirsty. I woke up this morning looking the tightest I’ve been in months though! And my migraine is gone, thank goodness!!! I’m determined to kill my workout today and take advantage of being pain free. Woo! On the days that random things get in our way, we just have to work through it and be positive. The lows make the highs that much better! If you’re struggling today.. Remember.. It WILL pass! #ReallyNeedToChangeTheBathroomDecor #IDoLoveCatsDoe #AbsAreCominBack #MorningMotivation #ThankYouAgua

some study tips

ONE: eat snacks; this will help you stay focused, comfy, and energized

TWO: get moving at least once an hour—even going to refill your water bottle or walking up and down the library stairs is good for you

THREE: work in a clean and well-lit space, which means leaving your home if you don’t have time to clean your room (and not stressing over your messy room)

FOUR: drink like 10,000 gallons of water

FIVE: adhere to a cut-off time

SIX: plan a reward for yourself (e.g., a hot bath, a nice facemask, an episode of bad tv, a glass of wine…)

SEVEN: approach your work with positivity and gratitude, even if you have to fake those feelings at first

EIGHT: write down everything you want to get done; then, mark the three tasks that you must complete today if you can’t get to it all

NINE: bring a hand cream that smells v good and put it on periodically (this will not help you learn that much, but it will make you more happy and relaxed)

TEN: break down assignments into manageable chunks

ELEVEN: plan, but don’t get caught up in the planning (or worrying about whether your thesis/study strategy/color-coding system/whatever is perfect—just get to work and do your best)

TWELVE: wear warm, cozy socks

THIRTEEN: don’t let yourself get stuck when you get to something you don’t know; just flag it for later and keep moving

FOURTEEN: caffeine is the homie, but don’t drink it too late and ruin your sleep

FIFTEEN: make cute drawings or diagrams in the margins of your notes; it will help you remember what you’re working on (and even if it somehow doesn’t, you will have cute notes you can take pics of to put on tumblr)

SIXTEEN: work in timed blocks with short, controlled breaks in between

SEVENTEEN: tackle the least-appealing task on your to-do list first, even though you rly rly do not want to

EIGHTEEN: block out any demoralizing thoughts about past frustrations or failures

NINETEEN: turn your stupid phone off


Apparently this isn’t common sense. Apparently people are not aware that a used vodka bottle is not a suitable home for a betta.

This is a picture of a fish that survived for three days, and most likely died of suffocation because this person left the cap on the bottle.

Fish, like all animals on Earth, need oxygen. They get their oxygen by “filtering” water through their gills and mouth.

But that water needs to be exposed to fresh air at all times so that more oxygen can enter into the water. Without it, the fish basically suffocates because there is no more oxygen.

And damn, this is way to small to house a betta fish, they need at least a 1.5 (and I’ve read at least 2.5 from others, and which I currently have for my betta who is alive and well) gallon tank so that they can swim freely. There needs to be some filter in the tank, because like all animals they do excrete waste.

Second, THE FISH NEEDS FUCKING OXYGEN. Just because they live in water does not mean they BREATHE water, they pull the oxygen from that water and that’s how they survive dammit.

Don’t ever ever ever house a betta like this. Don’t ever adopt a fish to have some “quirky” little nic nac.

That’s a living breathing animal, treat it as such. Otherwise, you’re just torturing it and abusing it by making it slowly suffocate. It may be a fish, but this irresponsibility and lack of care really shows what kind of person this is.


although my betta boy doesn’t chase the rasboras and they leave him totally alone, they are now starting to show signs of stress :( is it just me or does he have stress stripes? and the rasboras don’t move much from that spot. They were in perfect balance with my old betta so I was hoping they would ok with the new guy too, and they were for two days, but today they don’t look so good. I’ll sadly be returning them to the shop (unless Sebastian takes them and increases his school in his 20 gallon)

New Aquarium Dream/Goals
  • <p><b>I want to have a full room taken up with 125-gallon tanks, each depicting a different location from Lord Of The Rings as such:</b> <p/><b></b> -a primarily hairgrass and baby's tears planted neon/cardinal tetra and corydoras Shire tank.<p/><b></b> -a sparsely planted rock-and-rubble African cichlid Osgiliath tank.<p/><b></b> -a swampy blackwater Asian biotope Emyn Muil tank.<p/><b></b> -an elaborately decorated and planted south american Rivendell tank.<p/><b></b> -a red sand and volcanic rock Mordor tank, presided over by a single giant oscar.<p/><b></b> -an overgrown driftwood and jungle plant Mirkwood tank.<p/><b></b> -and finally a flat grassy goldfish tank, with a molded Edoras on a hill in the middle.<p/><b></b> Anyone wanna donate $5000 or so to get me started?<p/></p>
  • EDIT I forgot the dry desert terrarium for the Harad tank.

It appears that for every cause to rejoice, there is cause to mourn. I lost one of the platies last night and another isn’t looking so good. Only symptom is hiding. Not even bottom sitting, just sort of hiding. No fuzz, no marks, no heavy breathing. Both are large and appear to be a healthy weight. I wonder if the low-ish temps in their tank did it? The temps have never left recommended platy ranges (lows of 70) and there’d be a gradual rise when I’d put the heater back for a bit (highs of 74, multiple hours of adjustment). Is that really enough to do them in? They just got a water change yesterday, params are 0/0/5, but so did everyone else and no one else is having a bad reaction. I just have really bad luck with platies. Idk if it’s me, or if they’re just not as sturdy as their reputation would lead one to believe.

Gargoyle gecko caresheet

How I set up an enclosure

Under 10 grams- Small or medium kritter keeper
Between 10 and 25 grams- Large kritter keeper
25+ grams- 10 gallon tank

My enclosures aren’t the best, and everyone is about to get a new set up, but I do want to give you guys a visual.

Small simplistic kritter keeper setup: 

Large kritter keeper setup:

'10 gallon' setup:

Gargoyles like to sleep on horizontal surfaces, which is why I like to put a piece of wood that covers most of their back wall as long as the top is fairly flat. Keep an eye on your gecko’s behavior, if they’re flighty or aggressive it could be a sign that they don’t feel secure. You can remedy this by adding more plants to hide under, or actual hides from pet stores/home creations.
For substrate, I recommend paper towel. It’s cheap, and makes cleaning easier. Plus there’s no risk of impaction. If you’re 100% against paper towel, the only loose substrate I’d recommend is eco earth. I do recommend the gecko is at least 15-20 grams before you do this.

Gargoyles do best at room temperature, and become stressed if exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees ferenheit. Anything below 65 is also too cold for them. If your home gets to below 65, you can attach a heat pad to the back of their tank but be sure to have it on a thermostat/rheostat so it doesn’t get too warm and possibly burn your gecko.

These guys are fruit eaters, and thankfully there are many complete powdered diets out there to choose from. Personally I use Pangea Fruit Mix Complete. During the warmer months, feed every other night. During the winter, it differs for everyone. My geckos will only eat once a weak, but if you can get yours to eat more often, that’s fine as well.

I know I said earlier that they’re fruit eaters, but to be more exact they’re opportunistic eaters. The powdered mix should be their main meal, but supplementing with bugs every now and then is fine. Mine get crickets maybe once a month during summer(it was once a week, but then I got lazy), but that is personal preference. The best advice I can give, if you want to feed bugs as often as possible, is to make sure you’re only feeding as much as you can without them going off of their fruit mix. Choosing not to feed bugs, or having geckos that aren’t interested in them, is perfectly fine and not detrimental to their health. They’ll grow faster with bugs in their diet, but there’s no harm in them growing slowly.

These guys come from a pretty humid environment, and need to be sprayed down pretty well every night. They do need a dry period however, so make sure their substrate is dry in the morning. Excess moisture can lead to skin issues and respiratory infections.

Give your new guy a week or two to settle in before you try handling. I wait until they’re eating regularly. Short 5 minute sessions are best at first, and gradually increase as you see fit. These guys are smart, so they’ll learn that certain things, such as biting, get them put back. If they bite you(which isn’t very common) or use you as their own personal bathroom, keep holding them for a few minutes then put them back. If you put them back right away, they’ll keep doing it each time you bring them out.

Obliques are poppin 😃😃😻😻😻 After four meals and a gallon of water and I still got 6 more weeks 😏😏😏 Can’t wait to see what I’ll look like then!!! 😁😁😁#wbffworlds #wbffpro #wbffbikini #40dayzzzz #letsgooo #determined #motivated #lovethewbff @pauldillett @allisondillett

I’m really proud of myself today.

I’m already almost down a gallon and it’s only 7:00. I will definitely be drinking more than that.

I just got back from 30 minutes of cardio. 20 minutes on the treadmill and 10 on the stair climber. Then I stretched like crazy because I know my legs are gonna be dead. That was reason number one I stopped doing cardio; my knees are absolutely terrible. I had IT band shit, and both knees are just bad from injuries from cheering, but I love running for cardio. It’s so hard for me to stay motivated on an elliptical. But whatever I guess. I’ll just try to be proactive and not injure myself again.

Sundays always suck for dinner because we all sleep in so I never take anything out for dinner or we have no groceries so we either eat out or buy something frozen at the grocery store. But today I was like no, I’m just gonna buy some shit and make it, I’m not eating more junk. So I got some chicken and marinated it in Italian dressing and we’re gonna have some rice and green beans with it. I’m the one making dinner so they have to deal if it’s healthy, haha.

I just feel really proud for making the effort this weekend to not let myself completely go like I usually do. I think this will really help me start seeing results. The added cardio always helps me too.

I knitted this blanket this weekend because I was sad. I also ate an entire half gallon of ice cream. But I’m not proud of that one so let’s just focus on the blanket.

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Mama Lost can you post your recipe for making laundry detergent?

Certainly, darling.

This is the basic recipe.

However, 5 gallons would take me about 2 or 3 years to go through on my own.  I cut the recipe down to make a gallon.  So I grate 1/5 of a bar into a gallon of water (I use my big soup pot) and add a little less of a quarter cup of the borax and washing soda.  I let it stand over night before pouring into an old laundry bottle I reuse.  You can skip the water and mix all three to make a powder, but I feel like the liquid works better.

And I spent about $8 bucks  year and a half ago, and it will be more than a year before I need to buy more, so I’m seriously spending about $3 a year on laundry soap that works well.

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I've had an old 55 gallon drum grill for years and recently bought an offset smoker. Today I saw Academy had electric smokers on sale and I thought about getting one. What kinda smoker are you doing your turkey in an would you recommend it?

Mine is a