So, Neil Gaiman just kicked my ass.

As I was sitting last night, (procastinating, as usual) I noticed that Mr Gaiman was answering questions on Tumblr and decided to add one of my own just on the off chance that I might get a few words of wisdom from a favourite writer. I asked, and was answered:

I’m shockingly lazy and find it hard to get motivated to sit in front of that computer and write. Help me!


You being lazy and unmotivated and not writing allows another writer, who does sit down and write, to get published in your place. Magazines and publishers only have so many pages, so many annual publishing spots. You’re letting someone else who wants to do the work get published. Surely that’s a good thing…?

Ass. Kicked. Handed to me on a plate. 

A few fellow Tumblr’s commented that it was a rather rude answer. I don’t think it was, he’s too good a writer for that. It did, what I assume he intended: It inspired me to get on with it.

I hope that it does the same for you.

Thank you Mr Gaiman, for kicking my ass.

“OpenDyslexic is created to help with some of the symptoms of dyslexia. Letters have heavy weighted bottoms to indicate direction. You are able to quickly figure out which part of the letter is down which aids in recognizing the correct letter, and sometimes helps to keep your brain from rotating them around. Consistently weighted bottoms can also help reinforce the line of text. The unique shapes of each letter can help prevent confusion through flipping and swapping.” This new font was developed specifically to help those with dyslexia.

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God knows you’re in the most depressing and discouraging surroundings — but that’s what makes a writer. You have to catch hell. You’ve got to take punishment … Write a lot — but see a lot more. Keep your ears and eyes going and try all the time to get your conversations right.

Ernest Hemingway’s advice to a young writer

(via Galleycat)

To the school, I am 3.2. My worth is determined by my GPA, SAT scores and the number of AP classes I take.

To my mother for whom I’ve never been skinny enough or beautiful enough, I’m 5’5 and 140 lbs. I am taunted everyday for the increasing number on my weighing scale.

To my boyfriend, I am 32”. The size of my waist will forever be more important than the size of my heart.

To my professors, I am 108. With my average IQ score, I am not worth putting extra effort on.

To my peers, I am 53. The number of followers I have on my instagram tells them whether I’m worth hanging out with.

To the country, I am the mere $450 I make at my part time job. My financial status is what my country looks at me as.

And to myself, I am a combination of all these numbers. I have been taught to define myself on grounds of my age, weight, height, SAT scores, income, and popularity. I have been taught that my worth can be determined. And now, instead of being carefree, I am stressed out by the burden of making my numbers perfect.
—  All My Life I’ve Been A Number // (D.A)
Writing Prompt #73: Valentine's Day Prompts

That’s What They Said: 

  • "That might just be the least romantic thing you’ve ever said to me." 
  • "After that, you’re lucky I still love you."
  • "Proposing on Valentine’s Day…how original."
  • "What do you mean I’ve got to marry you to save my life?”
  • "I’m allergic to chocolate. And roses."
  • "So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?"
  • "Why does that look like a love potion?"
  • "I don’t even know you, why should I say yes?"
  • "That better not be a pity rose. Pity chocolate I’ll take, but that’s it." 

Write This Story:

  • Write the worst possible way Valentine’s Day can go. 
  • It’s Valentine’s Day when two partner-less people band together and decide to have some fun after all. No romance allowed.
  • Write about an arranged marriage that actually turns out to be pretty happy after all. 
  • Write a romantic poem. Just for fun.
  • Your character has just found their long lost love…about three days before they’re supposed to be married. Fix this. Write a happy ending. Oh, and make sure the soon-to-be spouse gets a happy ending too. That doesn’t happen enough.
  • Write about the craziest, zaniest and wild story about how two people can get together and fall in love. 
  • Take a famous tragic story and make it a romance in honor of Valentine’s Day. 
  • Write about Valentine’s Day from the POV from St. Valentine himself. 
  • Write about an office that, instead of doing “Secret Santa”, they do “Secret Valentine”. Kind of like what we did in Kindergarten where it was everybody or nothing.

Genre. Character. Conflict:

Genre: Romance/mystery:
Character: A tired detective working a burglary case.
Conflict: With a string of thefts happening on Valentine’s Day of every year, Detective Miller isn’t getting any closer to finding the culprit, who always goes after diamond rings. He might catch a break when the-girl-next-door (literally, in this case) complains about her missing jewelry. Or not, seeing as she’s the one who did it all in the first place…

Genre: Horror/mystery.
Character: A ghost bound to earth
Conflict: Murdered on Valentine’s Day seemed to be enough to anchor poor Annabel to earth long enough to find her killer. Only…what’s her husband doing with another woman in the house? And why does she look exactly like her?

Genre: Young Adult
Character: A high school student
Conflict: Mysterious gifts and notes keep popping up wherever your character happens to be. No horror. Give them a nice ending for once.


Hi Guys!

So, if you don’t feel like playing the video, here is the short version:

Basically, in celebration of NaNoWriMo 2014 and my gaining of 100 followers, I’m hosting a sort of writing competition/giveaway! 

This writing competition/giveaway will have three categories and three winners:

  1. A Short Story: in which you submit me short story over November, and I decide, with the help of several others, which one is best and then someone wins.
  2. NaNoWriMo Winner Random Raffle: For people who will or have participated in NaNoWriMo 2014 and won by writing 50K words in 1 month [or more]. These will be chosen at random.
  3. Weird, Bizarre Creature: In which you are challenged to write up an original description of a creature. Make it as original and interesting as possible. A shopping list of this creature’s features [hehe rhyme] will probably not be selected.

The lucky winners of this competition will get a BIG-ASS MUG, which can contain nearly 1 liter, if filled to the brim. When you receive this mug, it will be filled with non-liquid stuff, including 365 Writing Prompts [by me], bunny stickers, pom poms [maybe] and teabags [and maybe other stuff but I don’t know how much I can fill in this mug]. Oh and BUBBLE-WRAP! Lots and lots of BUBBLE-WRAP!

To Enter, you must send an e-mail to:

With the following information:

  • Your Name
  • The Competition You Are Entering
  • Your Location [Just Your Country. I won’t be asking you for an address unless you win. This can only help you if English isn’t your first language.]
  • What Your Favorite Tea Flavor Is
  • What Your Favorite Color Is
  • And then you will post your entry.

I will not be accepting any attachments or links. Entries sent in after 30 November will not be read.

For the NaNoWriMo 2014 winners’ raffle thingy whatever, I will be posting a submission form later. That’s why you should follow me!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor! [This is the last time I will be copying Joey Graceffa] 


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rosalie tells me about life in a small town in alaska

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Rosalie was born and raised in Boston, and now lives with her husband and two daughters in a small town in Alaska (population: 2,000).

I met Rosalie 13 years ago, when we were living in Paris. (In fact, she was the first friend I made there!) Back then, she was working in finance and was a nationally ranked boxer. In her spare time, she took intensive cooking courses at the Ecole Escoffier and learned to prepare venison.

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