1. the trunk of an elephant.

2. any long flexible snout, as of the tapir.

3. also called beak - the elongate, protruding mouth parts of certain insects, adapted for sucking or piercing.

4. any of various elongate feeding, defensive, or sensory organs of the oral region, as in certain leeches and worms.

5. Facetious: the human nose, especially when unusually long or prominent.

Etymology: via Latin, from Greek proboskís, “elephant’s trunk, literally, feeder”, from boskein, “to feed”.

[René Magritte - Philosopher S Lamp]

Now this is an “OMG Photo Bomb” of Stevie sent in by David Elliot for our virtual family here on T&C, My Times. Seen here getting the final touches of makeup before a show somewhere on the “Mirage Tour”, Stevie gives that look that has melted hearts of stone into molten puddles of desire. Nice photo David, a true classic & we are proud to share it with our Punters here on this blog. 

"The mind has a thousand eyes,

    And the heart but one”.

 - Francis William Bourdillon


anonymous said:

Headcanon that one day when Hank is in college, he gets tired of everyone looking at him like he's better than his mom and his sisters so he dyes his hair like, neon green with bright pink and yellow streaks and then he goes on with his life like he hadn't done a thing.

Green. Pink. Yellow.

Nary a strand of red in sight any more.

Hank supposed it really didn’t matter that he was doing this. Oregon State University was four hours from Gravity Falls (and Mom), and the girls were at the University of Oregon down the road.

Green. Pink. Yellow.

But memories died hard and years of him being the “normal” Pines, the “dependable” Pines, still echoed in his ears and in his mind.

Green. Pink. Yellow.

Besides, his sisters and mother had already visited several times and while Oregon State was big and all, word had gotten around about that odd Pines family so…

Green. Pink. Yellow.

Hank would stand with his sisters, his mother, and he was damn proud to do so.


@soraruru  ありがとう!RT @_amatsuki_: ゆう十さんまふくんそらるさんコニー(オレ)お誕生日おめでとう!早めに祝う人もたくさん!こにちゃんにケーキを買ってもらうのを担当してるもらったのでプレートにオレって書いてあるワロタ 

Amatsuki: Yuuto-san, mafu-kun, soraru-san, kony(me), happy birthday! That’s a lot of birthdays which we celebrated early! kony-chan took up the responsibility to buy the cake so i was in charge of writing on the plate LOL

Soraru: Thank you!

On the plate, it was written as, ‘Happy Birthday to me, Soraru, Mafumafu, Yuuto’ ‘me’ referring to kony because he bought the cake

plate= chocolate thing with the names on it

omake: (^^)/

 @kony_niconico  まってオレって書いてるでしょ!!!それこにちゃん!!!!“@uni_mafumafu: COFの打ち上げきたらみんながあああああありがとううううあああああああああ嬉しすぎるゆうとさんとそらるさんとまふまふの誕生日祝いにって ”

Mafumafu: Went to COF’s meet up———- thank you everyoneeeeeee ahhhhhh I’m so happy that they celebrated yuuto-san and soraru-san and mafumafu’s birthday

Kony: Wait up, ‘me’ is written there as well, right?!?!!! That’s Kony-chan!!!!!!

Upcoming Birthdays:

Soraru - 3rd Nov
Yuuto - 10th Nov
Kony - 13th Nov 

cthulhu-with-a-fez said:

one of the great-great-grand-Pines having a history unit on the start of all the supernatural stuff in like fourth grade and they're allowed to bring in artifacts/heirlooms from the era if they have them and most kids are like 'this is the bat my great-granddad used to get rid of a gnome infestation' or something minor and then there's the Pines kid who brings in the fUCKING DEMON ALCOR TO BE A PRIMARY SOURCE FOR THEIR PRESENTATION. the teacher almost shits herself, but the Pines kid gets an A+.

Mrs. Nguyen managed to stutter out “A plus,” before passing out cold on the floor.

Half of her 5th grade class looked like they wanted to do the same as well.

Andromeda Pines looked at her Grunkle Dipper (and god she looked so much like Acacia right now).

"What did I do wrong?"

Dipper sighed and ruffled her black curly hair. “Nothing Andy. I’ll be by later to pick you up, okay?”

His great-grand niece threw her arms around him, irregardless of the stunned looks her classmates were giving her, and Dipper smiled.

Eh, getting to see a niblet was never bad.