Macedonian Girl by MLazarevski on Flickr.

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A beautiful Macedonian girl is portrait-ed wearing and old national clothes. Macedonian national costumes are part of the material culture of the Macedonian people and they are important branch of the Macedonian folk art.

Macedonians wore 70 different types of national costumes, depending on the region where people lived, such as: Skopska Blatija, Skopska Crna Gora, Upper Polog, Lower Polog, Prilep-Bitola Plain, Upper Prespa, Lower Prespa, Ohrid Plain, Struga Plain, Drimkol, Malesija, Mariovo, Ovče Pole, Malesevo and many others. Every type of folk costume has its own characteristics, but common for all is the presence of the red, black and the white colour and the geometrical shapes on it.

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Dirección: Agustin Puente & Juampi Bonino
Asistente: Maxi Schneidewind

Modelo: Abi Lombardi
Estilismo: Sergio Barbaro
Asist. Estilismo: Silvina Manteiga
Maquillaje: Sol Carreras
Pelo: Gabriel Vega
Dirección de arte: Maximiliano Aduki
Asist. de arte: Celeste Galickas
Postproducción: Montaña
Gráficas: Carla Sturzenegger
Cámara y Edición: Agustin Puente
Producción: Montaña