Baby Tooth cradled Gale close to her chest, humming as she hovered on her back in the air. She closed her eyes and rubbed small circles across her boy’s back.

This was nice. A nice, quiet morning. No screaming, no fussing, no disasters at the palace. Nothing could go wrong today.


Night & Gale | [Closed RP]


A boy a little older than Thrill watched the prince from afar, leaning from the edge of the wall. So far Gale hadn’t really interacted with any other children, because it wasn’t like there were any daycare’s for kids like him. His two coloured orbs were big with wonder and fascination for the older boy. There was something about his aura that reminded him of his father’s as well.

Trick was a prince of shadows, a little lord of all things that lurk in the night—he could sense when he was being watched.

It was not difficult to find the culprit. With a sly and casual glance about the ballroom, Trick was surprised to find that his admirer was a child—no, a toddler, perhaps only two or three years of age. Old enough to form sentences, surely. Old enough to be curious about his surroundings.

Young as he was himself, Trick was not privy to the complex lives of adults, nor the workings of their relationships. He did not know that this small boy was his own brother, and nor did he know how his own existence or this boy’s defined the relationships of their parents. But their family was so strange and ill-defined at best—perhaps it didn’t matter who their shared father was married to or not, so long as everyone was healthy and happy.

Trick tried not to let on that he was aware of the child’s staring eyes, but he could not help but turn and study the boy in return. Though he was small, there was something grand about him—and something familiar as well. Trick was inexplicably drawn to the child.

The Nightmare Prince easily slipped away from his father; Jack Frost was quite distracted by well-wishers and the own small bundle in his arms, a babe nearly a year old, Trick’s little sister, Thrill. She cooed and giggled and utterly delighted the crowd, providing excellent cover for Trick to vanish and slide his way across the ballroom.

He came right up close to the curious boy, but when he got there, Trick was quite suddenly struck dumb. His mouth opened, but he did not know what to say. He, too, had never truly interacted with children, save his occasional romp into the night to blacken their dreams into nightmares. His only real experience with toddlers were those he had with his sister—perhaps the antics that amused Thrill would amuse this boy as well.

Trick pulled at his own ears and puffed out his cheeks to make a silly face, then grimaced and pulled his lips into an exaggerated frown. In this way he made a series of ridiculous faces, each one more gruesome or fantastic than the last, all in hopes of making the child laugh.

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(Art by gale-black)

Gale is Howl’s ‘nephew’.

The little baby boy is the son to Howl’s sister Babytooth and Pitch Black but her Pitch is a completely different one who sired Howl and his sister. Howl was the one who delivered the little baby into the world and he’s pushing to be the boy’s godfather.

When Howl was overtaken by his fearling he had threaten the boy many times, though no harm ever came to Gale. The fearling mostly used him as leverage when dealing with Babytooth.

He had even given the boy a rather nasty haircut as revenge for Babytooth buzzing off his feathers.

As of now Howl’s nephew has been kidnapped by his father who has reverted back to the Nightmare King.

Baby Tooth curled up in an armchair, clutching her son close to her chest. The dark haired ruffian burbled happily as he tugged at the feathers on her chest. More than once, Tooth had to stop to pull them from his mouth, but his weight was comforting on her chest.

Kissing the curls on his head and rubbing slow circles in between his tiny wings, Baby Tooth felt almost at peace.

Only a few days ago, she’d been certain she’d never have another moment like this. It was no wonder she didn’t want to leave.

gale-black-deactivated20140116 said:

Gale stared up at the tall person above. He recognized this individual from before and he had a smell that reminded him of mommy. Howl's feathers also hinted about his heritage and Gale found himself very intrigued by this. "Baah?" He asked and waved with his hands, demanding attention.

Howl let out a little laughed “Alright” he bent down and scooped up the little baby in his arms “Hey there Gale, I’m your uncle. I also brought you into the world, so your mommy owes me big time” tapping his nose lightly