Introducing Galaxy Nexus.

Switching from iPhone to Android - The Apps

Recently I had an outer body experience. Last time it happened (in terms of mobile devices) were in L.A. inside an Apple Store holding the very first generation iPhone in my hands. This time it is about the Google Galaxy Nexus. About the same size of Samsung Galaxy II, slightly lighter and flatter than the Google Nexus S and with Android 4.0 (ICS) it made a solid first impression. At first I thought its hunger would eat batteries faster than light speed, but after a few weeks I can confirm that it is quite OK with more normalized use. Now, the biggest relief so far is to have escaped iTunes and all syncing problems associated with it.

But not everything has been a blizz. The good new is that I have learned how to turn every feature that I miss from iPhone into an exploration with an even better outcome than for what I could dream about. Android as a platform truly can be superior by letting the right Apps do the work. So by experiential order these are the Apps that in the end made my day. And guess what - they are all free!

I wanted to have my custom mp3 file playing in the morning and found the killer app for it:


In many multilingual situations I had become very accustomed to the ease of switching between input languages on iPhone. Although a bit overwhelming in terms of setup, the killer app for that job is the following:

MultiLing Keyboard

When it comes to taking notes there is really no other app than Evernote that does the job better:


These are the three apps that makes the difference. From here on it only gets better and the following are a handful other apps that I would like to mention:

"Who is calling?" - Adaffix

"Status of my resources?" - Bankdroid, Bitcoin Wallet

"What about File Syncing" - Dropbox

"Social apps?" - Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Skype

"Electronic Music?" - DI Radio

"Handy Tools?" - Bump, Flashlight

And of course our very fine selection of apps from Studio Coldstream!

- Mathew Evans

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Engagdet review the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ edition, overall they are very impressed with the device, the OS looks much improved and I must say its a very nice looking screen.

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Ice Cream Sandwich is phenomenal — it represents a giant leap forward for Android and brings a whole new level of style and substance to Google’s mobile OS. Still, while the design is more refined and the user experience more polished, we’re not sure it’s intuitive enough for first-time users. At the core, it’s clear that Android remains targeted squarely at tech-savvy, power-hungry folks like us. No matter — the Galaxy Nexus is proof that we can have our Ice Cream Sandwich and eat it too.

With Ice Cream Sandwich we’re getting a better sense for where Android is headed.