Aries- Her fiery hair falls in loose curls like a waterfall her back, with a crooked smile plastered on her face. Her skin is like amor made of steel and a heart made of gold. Not one ounce of fear runs through her veins, instead it is replaced with courage and integrity.

Taurus- She is the classic beauty with soft curves and sleepy doe eyes. She is a red rose in a garden full of weeds. Her voice is sweet like the song bird you hear at sunrise. She is full of love and kindness, but possess a earth shaking strength that is tucked away at the bottom of her soul.

Gemini- You could hear that beautiful chime of laughter miles away. She has freckles dusted across her face like the stars in the night sky, you could create constellations across her cheeks. Even though with a dragging weight on her shoulders, she still manages to show the world that bright smile she was gifted with.

Cancer- She is made from the ocean and lightning storms. Wide eyed and curious about the world, and sweet as honey and milk. She has a warm comforting embrace, with a soft melodic heart beat. She will plant a gentle kiss on your lips when you are upset, and whisper poetic nothing’s to you until you fall into a slumber.

Leo- Her hair is a mane made of gold, and her skin glows like a sunset. Her heart is radiant as the the sun and it shines through her and projects her love to world. She is an alpha, a lioness, a leader, a warrior. She may appear soft like a daydream, but she has a never ending inferno bursting inside her.

Virgo- She is the girl that you see curled up in a blanket by the fire reading a novel. She is the girl that you see writing poetry is cursive under a blossom tree at the park. Her eyes batter softly and gracefully with a small smirk to go with it. Her mouth speaks with intelligence as if it were a work of art.

Libra- She is created like a work of art. Her hair is smooth like oil paint on canvas. Her eyes are eyes are like lovely lilac watercolor. Her mouth speaks of beautiful poetry and is chiseled out perfectly like a marble sculpture. The laugh that escapes her lips is more beautiful than any music on earth. She is beauty, she is grace, she is love.

Scorpio- Look at her eyes, there is something special about them. They look alluring like the Milky Way Galaxy. They define her. It is like looking into a magically crystal ball, and seeing your future. They define her because they are the entry way to her soul. You could see her unexplainable captivating mind through those stardust eyes.

Sagittarius-What an adventurer you are, love. Nothing in this world could stop or tame you. Your courage makes you stand up tall like a Himalya mountains. Your full of life like New York City, aestheticly beautiful as Hong Kong, and unique like Portland Oregon. You are the fire that lights the candle, and the strength that changes the world. Never stop advenuring and living life with curiosty, love.

Capricorn- She is a woman full of quiet courage and determination. Her heart lies heavy inside as the weight of saturn tries to knock her down. Her earthy green eyes glows with strength and courage as she refuses to crawl away like a coward. She is the tallest tree you find in the forest, She is the independent Lone Wolf in the wilderness, she is the cigarette that never burns out.

Aquarius- She is one of a kind, a rare gem found in hidden caves. She is a mystery waiting to be solved by the right person. Her mystery is unique and special and should be cherished. She is a diamond with a hint of violet in it, she is a lavender that looks royal blue, she lion with stripes. Her back is painted with works of art, and a face with jewels.

Pisces- You are a beautiful like silver koi fish swimming gracefully in the water. You are a mermaid with golden scales and sapphire colored eyes. Don’t let the cruel world get to your head. Don’t let the darkness of the world seep into your heart and poison the light inside of it. How graceful and gentle you are, you shine brighter than any jewel in the ground, or any star in the sky.

—  Women of the Zodiac

As most of you are aware by now, I’ve been getting really busy lately (this usually happens as the summer months kick in- between work and holidays and family time, I tend to be all over the place and my personal art slows down). In addition to that, I went off on that tangent comic project (the tenta-lolli one I’ve been posting to my main blog), so these girls and their questions sort of went into an unofficial hiatus. It may be a while before I get back to regular question answering, but rest assured these two are still very much on my mind and are still in development! So you’ll see occasional doodles from them and hopefully more answered questions soon :D
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