Tried to sketch out a few ideas for my barduil catch-me-if-you-can au. (Used a ton of references because I wanted to get everyone right)

I’ve seen it a few times already, but I really like the idea of modern Thranduil having burn marks on his face. He’s a master jewel thief, and Bard’s the detective working his case. Galadriel is Bard’s informant, Thorin’s a wealthy businessman and victim of one of Thranduil’s heists, and Legolas is the trust-fund son gone off the rails (I wanted to draw scruffy boyfriend Aragorn, but this has taken too long anyway so I’ll squish him in later)


Deleted Scenes from The Fellowship/The Two Towers/Return of the King

— This one is all contingent on how you see the cutting editing process of the scenes for Arwen, Elrond, and Galadriel. Especially given our Two Towers ones are all matched up with Fellowship.

The top set is more gorgeous take-place for Elrond and Arwen in Rivendell at the beginning. Whereas the second half is all Arwen and Galadriel’s meeting in Lothlórien, next to the Mirror (which would all eventually end up in Helm’s Deep).


Some stills from my prefomance at J-Popcon last weekend. I had so much fun and am honestly so proud of my act! <3

Shameless selfpromoting time!
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Three first photos are by the lovely Charles:

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Met an amazing woman at the pet store today with the same ring as me! I’ve never seen this ring on anyone else, so I was understandably excited. I had also replaced the setting (lowering it) and the diamond in mine (to a cream diamond), so it was super exciting to see it the way it used to look. :D The other difference is that mine has one of the tracer bands since it’s an engagement/wedding ring for me. It completely made my day. Nerds unite!



Princess Rap Battle
Galadriel vs Leia


I had a period of time where I became infected with the hatred of Tolkien Elves. Elves always seemed on the surface to be arrogant, dettached, or insincere and judgemental, but really, as my boyfriend pointed out, they’re incredibly empathetic. Thandruil is probably the most resistant to his empathetic nature, but even he breaks a little. Elves have been the sort of guardians against evil for centuries and centuries and once they started declining they became just much less inclined to keep putting their necks out; which you really can’t blame them for.

It’s just easy to forget they’re not meant to be human with -all- human faults, but their own race with their own faults and their own superior connections with their emotions. Much like hobbits and how sympathetic they can be in the face of something that is terribly sad, even if it’s a sadness they can’t really understand because they’ve never experienced it before. To be hundreds or thousands of years old and not to become jaded is just amazing, even if it is just a fantasy race.