I found my inspiration this morning after having a strange dream. I was sucked into a massive, swirling, black storm cloud. Once inside, I looked around to discover the wind had subsided and it was serene inside the cloud. Suddenly, stars began falling all around me, and I watched as huge streaks of color began to form from the blackness.

Total painting time was about 2 hours.

galacticglaciers replied to your post:Your giveaway and money making rebogs are fucking annoying. And did you /really/ need to rick roll us that many times today?

you’re not annoying. fuck anons. they’re all pussy ass bitches who are too scared to say things to people’s faces.

I promised to cut down on the reblogs and will do so. I dont mean for anyone to be annoyed. Not gonna stop completely though. Next time though, Id like for people who are bothered by anything on my blog to approach me nicely and ask politely for me to stop.

Well I only play league when I’m in a premade and I’m on Skype with everyone so I don’t have to worry about ragers. I never play league alone it’s too frustrating lol.

I have watched so many tv shows it’s ridiculous. I can recommend some tv shows for you lol. But they probably won’t be on Netflix :P