Iwata Karen 755 post translation (Jan 27, 2015)

• What’s your favorite RADWIMP song?

• Shingeki no Iwata-chan, teach me skill to get reply from you
Choose topic I will most likely answer for you

• I joined 755 as soon as I heard you made one← Karen-chan is too cute, I like her too much that my heart about to come off ( ˙-˙ )( ˙-˙ )( ˙-˙ )
Well that’d be troublesome ww please live ww

• Karen-chan, still unsure what to put for my salad dressing, any recommendation?

• Miyagi is freezing right now I don’t wanna crawl out of my futon
Even here in Tokyo I don’t wanna get out of my futon since morning

• For Karen, among all AKB song which songs are the godly tier song? Mine is Shonichi
All from 0048 series

• Those NONAME costume, does the staff safely kept them or they made a new one? Always wanted to ask about it
They put it in the storage and handle it with care

• Thanks for coming as guest at coming of age ceremony last time (・∀・)
It’s my pleasure (´;ω;`) please invite me again next time

• My throat sore, any effective cough drop?
It’s a bit expensive but Manuka Honey!! Approved by all theater performer (ಠ .̫.̫ ಠ)
If it’s cough drop then maybe Ryukakusan

• What is Saeed-chan doing right now? Any clue?
She’s devoting herself to study now, currently enjoying her school life

• Today I will go to Request Hour with my friend who is a Karen oshi. I’m other member oshi but I will observe Karen-chan too
Can’t wait——! (●´ー`●)

• Last month I went to Miyagi kouen and watch Karen in person for the first time, you’re so cuutee. I’m rooting for you secretly!
You don’t have to be shy about it 〜♪( ´θ`)ノ (lol)

• In shingeki I really like Jean, how about Karen-tan? Corporal?
It’s Jean too ha ha ha ha ha

• In sousenkyo I think instead of winning number 1 it’s better to get number 30! That way more people will try harder want to give their support!
To answer honestly, getting ranked at 70 can already be considered as miracle for me, really

• If you can go travel where to?

• Karen-chan’s kirara is well?
Of course

• Karen-chan can speak English?
YES we can

• If you can date someone among member who would it be?
Eh, but I already live together with Suuchan and Ayaka

• How many people live together? Is it like a dorm?
Hmm, it just mean I stay overnight frequently ww Fooled you, sorry ww

• Karen if you have to enroll, you will go to kenpeidan (Military Police Brigade, Shingeki no Kyojin)
Nope, chosa heidan (Survey Corps)

• Didn’t you want to date Naachan?? www (AKBINGO shogi eps)
Told you that was a misunderstanding!!! www

• Request Hour otsukaresama! Maybe it’s just my imagination but Karen has really long legs!? I watched the show from front seat so I’m wondering if that’s just my hallucination
Praying that it’s not just hallucination (;゚∀゚) (lol)

• I followed your Twitter ww
I don’t have Twitter!!

• I want to apply for Draft kaigi…..
I’ll be waiting (●´ー`●)

• I heard you’re still at high school, really?
True… moreover in Team A there are only 3 members younger than me, shocker.

• Karen how was your character at school?
Gloomy ←
Clearly not the mood maker of my class. There are even days when I don’t say a single word entire day (I do have friends, 2 people)

• Karen-chan! I will apply for Draft!! Someday I want to talk about anime together with Karen-chan
Oo—!! Ganbare! I’ll be waiting ^_^

• Next video? When will be released? (Potebari)
It’s in reviewing process now, so in short time—-! (=゚ω゚)ノ (lol)

• Songs like Dear J will suit you \( •̀ω•́ )/
Performed as the backdancer at tour a while ago

• Your gloomy character, are you talking about your junior high?
Correct. After I moved to capital, I turned to become the mood maker. I became class president. Many things changed since my junior high days. #chuunibyou happened

• When you eat ramen, noodle first? Or soup first?
I am nekojita (can’t handle hot food/drink), so the menma first… /// (lol)

• I damaged my voice (;Д;) how to deal with it please teach me (weep)
Don’t sleep later than 8 PM. Human voice won’t reset if you sleep less than 8 hours ♪( ´θ`)ノ

• Karen’s face seems easy to draw
I bet because my face is round, right! …. You brat!!!!

• Karen-chan, first time I saw you in NND odottemita video..!! Since then I started to search about you and now I become your prisoner!! Daisuki(´ `) ♡
So happyyyyyyy (´;ω;`)

• Karen-san what are you doing at leisure day?
I stay inside, watching anime, watching movies, in short I’m hikikomori-ing

• Perfume recommendation please?
I don’t wear parfume

• Recommend me a men’s clothing brand (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

• What did your parent say when you auditioned for AKB?
In my case, more like they encouraged me to try

• What is your dream date?
Strolling around a department store (ಠ .̫.̫ ಠ)

• Bara ◝( ゚ー゚)◟no ◝( 。_。)◟ kajitsu~ ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜
We don’t have that choreography www

• Karen, is there any resemblance between you and 0048 Nagisa-chan
Too many (*゚д゚*)

• I can’t get [Kinyoubi no ohayou] out of my head. Karen-chan what song do you like?
That’s the song I always sing at karaoke recently (●´ー`●) other one maybe [daVinci no kokuhaku]

• What if you came home and saw a penguin there, scary?
Will raise it

• Your oshi in Love Live?
Umichan Umichan Umichan Umichan Umichan Umichan Umichan

• Any model you adore?

• Karen-chan what do you think will be the surprise at Request Hour last day?
Shinobu-san’s marriage ←

• Tomorrow take a two shot with Suuchan please
I took one already (put two shot picture, Karen with sulky face)


- That was sulky Karen because Suuchan kissed Azuma Rion again


• Now now ( ̄∀ ̄;) Suuchan prefer younger kid so isn’t it fine? Long distance relationship is complicated huh?
Azuma Rion is older…..

• Seeing how Bara no Kajitsu (fruit of the rose) appeared right after Ambulance, I was thinking while watching, how Karen-chan might feel right now www
Turned my wrath to fruit and beatdown ←

• Honestly speaking, the first time you saw Ambulance PV, what do you think? Honestly←
Unforgivable!!!! Unforgivable, but!!!!!! Gochisousama!!!!!!!

• A sullen Karen, her eyes turns red. Crying?
I don’t take it that far wwww

• Shinobu-san has boyfriend??
Like I know wwwww

gakugeikai asked:

Do you happen to know why Yojiro cried at the end of "Breath"?

Eeehhh… I think it was a combination of a few things, really.

First, he was playing on a piano that had been destroyed in the Sendai earthquake/tsunami disaster. That sort of connection to a terrible event, in such a small country, where the catastrophe of an area is felt more widely than it would be, say, here in the States, can make anyone feel upset.

Second, according to reports at the time, he and his girlfriend were on the verge of breaking up, if they weren’t broken up already. There had been some public fighting and rumors that she was cheating, which seem to be verified by witnesses seeing these things in public. They don’t seem to be together now, though whether or not he’s with anyone else, I don’t know. 

And third, the lyrics of the song itself are pretty powerful and full of love, but they were written at a very different time in his life, so they might have been reminding him of some things.

My personal opinion is that all of these things sort of crashed on him all at one time, and he just couldn’t keep it together. The other members look like they were caught pretty off-guard by it, and they’re doing they’re best not to call attention to it or look at him and just let it pass. Noda himself is pretty embarrassed by the whole thing, and he keeps telling the audience that he’s okay and it’s fine, though it’s clearly not. I think he just didn’t expect it to come on him like that. And I lose my shit every time I see it, because when Noda cries, I cry. It’s a law of the universe. I don’t even question it.

I can’t ever really know for sure what it was, but this is my guess. I hope this rambling helps. :-/

  • 学芸会
  • 絶体絶命

School Arts Festival

Drop in here, come visit
Today’s the long awaited school arts festival
Everyone’s been working hard together as one
To make one big stage
Hold on, is it so?
Why must I be here?
Okay, okay, line up, straighten out your chests, the curtain is going to fall

The role I was assigned to was just a nondescript “Boy D”
This wasn’t what I wished for
I guess it’s good to be picked to go on stage from a crowd
But I was just given the role “Boy D”
Teacher, in my world, no matter what others say, I am the protagonist

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to me, he’s a VIP
Yes, without me, the play cannot start
In my world

I’ve waited for a while, I’m gonna go out
Finally it has come, it’s my turn, open up a path
Everyone, this is my street
Come one, shine the lights brighter for me
What? What did you say?
Santa is still riding his carriage?
That’s only in your world, but this is reality

Present or not, it doesn’t matter
You’ve got no right to order me around
The light that shines on the protagonist
Only leaks a weak brightness
My illumination, that’s the proof that I’m here
Living on other people’s leftovers is my pride
Think this, act this out
Push your chest out and play your role well

“If it’s like this” he murmured, and “Boy D” finally went wild
Something unexpected happened and on the stage, was a solo act
“Boy D” who was sadly captured while trying to escape from the crowds
Teacher, this is public now
No matter what anyone says, I am the protagonist

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to him, he’s a VIP
Yes, with or without me
There’s no difference? That’s impossible
Without me things won’t be like this

The school arts festival is a huge failure, let’s hold a reflection meeting for our faults
What now? What are we going to do?
What on earth do you want to do?
You’re such a nuisance, how many thousands of times do you want to apologize?
Please swear to everyone that you’ll save the play at the end the next time round

In this world I am “Boy D”, a “Boy D” who doesn’t even have a name
Who only needs to say one line, “Good night”
On a stage that can go on without me
“Boy D” standing in a corner
No one sees him
But to me, he’s a VIP
Yes, without me, the play cannot start
This world that can start without me
But this world cannot start without me, in my world

The seasons pass, it’s autumn now, it’s the long awaited sports festival
Now everyone get into your places, ready, set