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Every minute, of everyday, of every week, of every month, a new Bixanna shipper is born. Don't let that person lose his crack-otp. You can save a ship if you submit your own art to the fandom. Jk hehe, just draw some more Bixanna if you want ;)


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I love the way gajeel's hair is defying gravity in his iron shadow dragon mode.

Yesss me too!!! and the way his hair floating around under the water makes him even more sexier ;w; Levy’s sure a lucky girl to have such an attractive boyfriend lol

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1. I just dyed my hair, i hope it will look good - not a fact, but i just wanted to tell.

2. Im a huge bear fan - especially Rilakkuma 

3. Have a fetish for tall, huge and dark eyed guyz, lol

4. I love winter, and snow.

5. Love videogames, and mmorpg-s, and now im going to play with Blade and Soul

Sorry for these lame facts, but im not good with words, especially about myself, i dont like to talk about me that much xD coz, i just dont know what to say.

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kuroneko-gajiru said: Hmm, maybe the highest level a friendship can get, is a relationship…

If you think about it realistically,  a relationship is just a friendship with intimate benefits that you eventually turn into a family. The final stage of a relationship is family. Whether you get married and have kids or simply choose to get married. You become a family. 

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Berno is edolas version of voeda (as silv's fic) and maybe she is somehow related to grandine/porlyusica and thats why they look alike


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Do you ship Korra x Asami? If not otp, it must be brotp at least >.<

Totally!!! Definitely a brotp, maybe even a little romantic shipping? They are so awesome together! I’m not a big Makorra shipper either so that doesn’t stop me haha. Watching their friendship grow even stronger this season was so beautiful, and they share a truly deep bond. Now Asami will try to help Korra get over the traumatizing events of the finale. ;.;