Gagosian will be participating in Art Basel 2014 this summer in Switzerland. The fair runs from June 19–22, 2014. Come see us at Hall 2, Booth B15! #ArtBasel2014 #GagosianatBasel
Image: #RoyLichtenstein, Portrait of a Woman, 1979, oil and magna on linen, 70 x 54 inches (177.8 x 137.2 cm) © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein. Photo by Kevin Ryan


continues thru Apr 6:


Gagosian Gallery, 555 W24th St., NYC

“It is not true that only the good die young, but Jean-Michel Basquiat did at 27 in 1988. He was not only good; at his best he was one of the most original artists of his generation. If that sounds like an extravagant claim, you might have a look at the high-quality selection of 59 of his paintings at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea. There is not a lot of art from the ’80s that feels this alive today.” - Ken Johnson, NY Times

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Installation video of:
June 12—August 16, 2014
Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong
Video by Nick Foxall

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last supper” & “mermaid, pig, bro w/ hat
 Urs Fischer

Gagosian Gallery’s Park & 75, 821 Park Ave., NYC
Gagosian Gallery temporary space, 104 Delancey St., NYC

The exhibition is in two parts, uptown and downtown. The uptown exhibition inaugurates the opening of a new Gagosian space, Park & 75, the downtown exhibition is in a former Chase bank branch on the Lower East Side. The uptown gallery contains a single large-scale sculpture last supper, Fischer’s take on the classical religious theme. At the downtown exhibit, features of the bank’s architecture and decor have been retained, from the corporate signage to the vaults—an incongruous setting for Fischer’s guilelessly expressionistic and exuberant sculptures. The cast bronze works, some of which are silver- and gold-plated, are a heterogenous bunch that includes a one-legged boy in an armchair, a big foot, a fireplace, some columns, a bust of Napoleon, a Louis XIV chair, a mermaid (conceived as a functional fountain), a depiction of sleep, a man copulating with a pig, a man and woman embracing, a hat on rocks, a man in a boat, a faceless cat, a pile, a Pièta, a lion in chains, and so on.

“Say what you will about the overall conceit — the bluest of blue-chip dealers slumming it, the whole affair some sort of astroturf DIY effort to seem scrappy and relevant — but Gagosian’s pop-up is actually pretty damn cool. The pieces are plopped throughout the gutted interior, next to water fountains or empty safes, tucked inside the upper shelves of empty closets.” - Scott Indrisek (photos & quote), ARTINFO


"Photographs open doors to the past, but they also allow a look into the future." Sally Mann  

Artists can find inspiration anywhere, but it was a severe horse-riding accident six years ago that catalyzed Sally Mann to create her latest series, “Upon Reflection,” opening tomorrow night at Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Banged-up and physically incapacitated from the accident, Mann did what any artist impelled to create does: she looked within. Unable to carry around her large format camera, Mann took self-portraits whose reflections go deeper than the surface of her skin.

Choosing to use a mid-19th Century historical printing process, ambrotype, (with her own modern modifications) Mann’s handmade prints are a metaphor for her own recovery. These images are blurred, scratched, pitted, grainy, over/under exposed—all providing an organic reflection of an important artist who has never shied away from revealing the depths of her own psyche.  —Lane Nevares