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OMG WILL YOU EXPAND ON THE "14-could be worse" FIC! It's amazing and I love it.

Expand? You got it, anon!

Please excuse all mistakes–as I am barely awake.

Part Two of my Friends/Sex and the City/How I Met Your Mother!Everlark mash-up. Part One can be found here.

Summary: In which Katniss and Peeta keep it hush-hush, and Gale gets some surprising news…


It’s supposed to be different, you know.

That strange transition from friends to more.

Well, that’s what my girlfriends often tell me. Madge, my roommate, often explains that men will do about anything to get laid, including listening to you talk just about anything. She once spent an hour talking to a male co-worker about her shedding her uterine lining aka her period and he sympathetically listened—until five o’clock rolled around.

He then suggested that she come to his place where he would help with her “issue”.

Obviously, he wasn’t listening because sex on your period can be messy—and only for the truly committed.

However, the transition for me has been quite the opposite.

Recently, I have made the change from friends to lovers with a long-time pal.

Let’s call him…The Baker.

We once took a pastry-making class together and I spent those four weeks admiring his buns.

Not the ones that were coming out of the oven, mind you.

The Baker and I have been in this relationship for two weeks, but it seems like we had always just fit together. I’ve woken up every morning spooned against him and instead of my usual pulling away, I’ve pressed closer to take in his cologne and to feel his heart beating against my back.

And, the kissing—my God. Why haven’t we been doing this before?

He is brilliant. Instinctive in the way he moves his lips against mine and always eager to learn as well as please. Rough and gentle, sweet and tangy—his kisses can be both.

But, most of all—having him with me and knowing he is mine, makes me happy. A different kind of happy than any other—the kind that makes me feel invincible.

This is when I might just admit to myself—I am in l—

“What are you writing?”

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Madge wasn't entirely sure why Gale had come to her with the news of Johanna cheating on him, but he looked like a broken man so she wasn't about to walk away.

She and Gale were friends, had been for years, but he was closer with Katniss and Thom; Gale seemed to read her mind, giving her a tired smile. “I don’t need Katniss’s fiery temper or Thom’s insistence that I need to get drunk. I just… you’ve always been able to calm me down, give it to me straight, and I need that,” he said, and then, more bitterly, “it’s a good thing Jo and I are over, anyway, otherwise she’d throw a fit at the idea of me coming here.” 

Madge blinked; had she heard him right? “Why would she do that?” She asked, thinking that she had always been civil, almost friendly with Gale’s most serious (ex) girlfriend to date. “Plus, who gives a shit? She cheated on you.” 

Gale sighed, and dug his palms into his eyes for a moment before looking back up at her bleakly. “Jo accused me of being in love with you for months,” he said. “She said that’s why she cheated– it didn’t matter, since I never felt like ‘hers’, anyway. She said I was yours.” 

Madge gaped. “Is she shitting me? I hope you set her straight on that–”

“That’s the thing, though,” he said quietly, swallowing, his knuckles clutched together, his steady grey eyes piercing into hers, “she’s not wrong.” 

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"Madge, you have to believe me," Gale begged.

Right,” she bit out, hands on her hips. “So let me get this straight– you and Minnie just happened to go out shopping for new ballet slippers even though Rory got some for Minnie last month for her birthday.” 

“You know how hard she is on her shoes,” Gale said, with a straight face. 

“Uh-huh,” Madge’s eyes narrowed. “And at the dance shop you just happened to run into a man who was going to the pet store that just so happened to be in the same complex of the said dance shop?” 

Gale nodded. “You know there is one next door,” he said. 

Madge’s mouth pinched. “Of course,” she gritted out. “And this man just so happened to be picking up supplies for the puppies his dog just had.” 

“It’s true,” Gale said, swallowing. 

“And these puppies just so happen to be the exact breed of dog you and Minnie both really wanted.” 

“It’s not like golden retriever/poodle mixes are so rare,” Gale muttered weakly. 

Madge’s glare intensified. “And he just happened to have one still left for sale, that just so happened to be with him in his truck! For a great price, which, if my memory serves me correctly, is significantly lower than the average price you’ve been seeing online lately.” 

Gale finally broke her gaze, admitting defeat. Shit. He knew he should’ve cleared his browser history. 

Madge was silent for a few moments, and Gale braced himself for the worst. Well, what was the saying? Don’t ask for permission before, ask for forgiveness after? Last time he was doing that

“You’re just lucky she’s hypoallergenic,” Madge finally said menacingly, wagging a finger in Gale’s direction. “And you and Minnie are going to be diligent about training this dog– I mean it, Gale! I want bell training, leash training, and I want it done right. She can go on the furniture in the family room but nowhere else! She sleeps downstairs at night. I am not scooping poop in the backyard, ever. I’ll help take her on walks and buy her food and toys, but you are taking care of all the vet stuff, do you understand me?”

Gale nodded, obediently and frequently. “Yes, dear.” 

Madge crossed her arms. “I am not happy about this,” she said, “and I am not happy with you.” 

“But Maera can stay?” Piped up a little voice. Around the corner was Minnie, the little eavesdropper, her curly blonde hair blending in with the blonde curls of the puppy clutched in her arms. 

Madge raised her eyebrows at the name, but sighed, giving her daughter a wan smile. “Yes, dearest, Maera can stay. Daddy’s going to teach you how to take care of her.” 

Minnie squealed in delight, hugging little Maera closer. “You’re the best, Mommy!” 

Madge smiled at her daughter, then turned another vicious glare at her now cowering husband. She stalked from the room, rolling her eyes, knowing that Gale and Minnie were high-fiving behind her. 

I deserve more

“I want you to say I’m sorry for hurting you. I want you to say I’m sorry for leaving you the second I got my best friend back. I’m sorry for running back to you the second the Capitol took her. I’m sorry for using you like a fucking shelf, there to carry your feelings only when you needed me. I’m sorry for saying you have feelings for me and then kissing another girl. I am sorry for keeping you stuck in this constant game of hide and seek!” (Also on ao3 and ffn!)

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  • madgesundersee post about Gadge and one of them pulling the other into a kiss just to have them part and the one pulled say wow and just be all happy inspired me to write something. Maybe this will get me to finish the next chapter of my fic. Anyways this takes place after Chapter 4 of Girl Next Door. Enjoy!*

Gale tiptoed back into the kitchen after tucking Eli in and letting Cooper curl up on the foot of his bed. Madge had cleared the table and was about to start washing when Gale entered.

“Just leave them there. I’ll get to them in a bit,” he said, reaching for her.

“But Gale—”

She didn’t have a chance to finish her sentence because Gale pressed his lips against hers. She gave a squeak of surprise before responding eagerly to them. Gale kept one hand on the small of her back while tangling the other in her hair. He inhaled the scent of her strawberry shampoo and sunscreen from today at the beach as he kissed her more urgently. She responded by pushing herself closer, chest-to-chest, and running her hands up his biceps to wrap around his shoulders.

They continued to kiss until the thought of taking it slow entered his mind and the fact that his son had a habit of not falling asleep right away. Gale ended the kiss with a few pecks and waited for Madge’s eyes to flutter open. He couldn’t help the smug look on his face when she had the dazed look on hers.

“Wow,” she sighed.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all day,” he whispered, placing his forehead against hers.

“Me too,” she murmured, kissing his bottom lip lightly. “You beat me to it. I’m supposed to make you say wow.”

Gale pulled back. “Oh, trust me you did. That bikini you wore today? Wow wow wow.”

He let out a chuckle when she slapped her hand against his chest, blushing as she muttered something about Johanna. He shook his head and spent the next minute peppering her face with kisses, feeling like he was on cloud nine and nothing could ruin this for him.

There are so many freaking parallels between bellarke and gadge.

Both Bellamy and Gale are tall, dark men (with darker curls) who are rugged, fighters and demand authority whenever they speak.

Both come from lower socioeconomic status with a single mother and younger sibling(s) they would die for protecting.

They hate the government system because of the harm it has done to their families and become symbols of resistance, leaders of revolution, and are haunted by the demons of what they have done to survive and triumph.

Both are whipped by a pretty blonde who represents everything they hated.

Both Clarke and Madge come from wealthy backgrounds, with a political leader for a parent.

They both seem to be goody-two-shoes, gentle and pure and untouchable, but possess a fire/ferocity behind their eyes and are not afraid to stand up for what they believe is right.

Both have an absent parent and an overprotective parent who thinks they know what’s best for their daughter. No siblings. They risk their lives to protect those they love and understand that they are privileged, trying their best to help others in need.

Both fall for the handsome rebel with a hard exterior but a warm heart.

And that’s just the beginning…

Dedicated to Jenn. (madgesundersee)


She saw him four times. 

 The first time she saw him, he didn’t see her. 

 She was five, and he was seven. 

Her parents were in the front seat of the car, and she sat in the back, staring out the window. It was fall, and the leaves were changing. She saw a boy, a scrape on his right cheek and a scowl on his face as a storeowner yelled at him. He was holding a loaf of bread, but the woman quickly took it out of his arms. 

What happened after that, she doesn’t know.
She was too young to remember clearly, after all, she was four. 

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Written in honor of the Queen of Gadge’s birthday, Jenn aka madgesundersee. Thank you for being a fierce pro-Gale Hawthorne advocate; for keeping the (sorely underused) spirit of Madge Undersee alive in your head canons, drabbles, & long, lovely fics; and, of course, for helping to build, expand, and continue the Gadge fandom. ~You da, you da best, Jenn. Happy Birthday :)  

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Happy anniversary, Alys! Would you be a dear and write a Gadge during a toasting or baptism story? Thank you and stay awesome :)

To be completely honest, Madge isn’t entirely sure why she was invited.  Nadia and Ackley were two people in her class at school, sure, but Madge was never particularly good friends with either of them.  They talked, sure.  But the three of them were never more than classmates.  Fiddling with a small box adorned with luxurious wrapping paper, courtesy of the shop in town where her father got all of their important what-nots, Madge looks around the small assemblage of people.  Neither Katniss nor Peeta are anywhere to be found.  But then, like salvation in a hand-me-down jacket, Gale appears next to her.  She sighs in relief, happy to finally have someone to talk to.  

“Gale,” she almost exclaims, angry at herself when her voice comes out a little too crazed.

He turns to her and nods once, stoic as she’s ever seen him.  A Toasting is not exactly Gale’s favorite activity.  

“Undersee,” he greets, distant.  

For a while, they choose to stew in silence; Gale, used to long-suffering and quiet, bears it with grace, electing to lock his emotions somewhere in the vault of his gut. Madge, on the other hand, begins to fidget, unable to stand the awkward tension between them. Without meaning to, she launches into a full-on ramble.  

“It’s really nice weather, isn’t it?  I mean, it’s not going to rain or anything, which is good, I think.  I thought it might rain but the clouds really cleared up, didn’t they?  She looks so beautiful.  They really look so happy.  I can’t believe they invited me.  I don’t know why they invited me.  Anyway, it was nice of them to do it. I’ve never been to one before.  Have you?  It’s such a nice way to get married, with all of your friends and…various acquaintances around you.  I’d love to have one, but I don’t think I’ll ever get married.  Not a lot of guys around who I could ever be with, you know?  It’s really scary, seeing how happy they are, and…” She looks at Gale, who raises a single eyebrow at her.  Hot shame fills her cheeks, “I’m talking too much, aren’t I?”

He doesn’t confirm her belief; he knows he doesn’t have to.  Instead, he delivers her some news that he knows she’s not going to want to hear. Not maliciously, not to take her down.  Just so she isn’t made to look a fool in front of these people so obviously using her.  

“They think you’ll buy them a nice gift,” he says, not daring to look down at her, “You can afford it.  That’s why they invited you,” he confides.

“Oh,” Madge breathes, suddenly feeling very small indeed.

Her eyes well with tears.  She fights them with everything she has in her.    

“Did you?” He asks.

“It’s silver,” Madge replies, her small smile guilty and self-deprecating.

Gale dares a look down at her and sees a silver tear streak its way down her cheek.  He grabs frantically at a straw to make her feel better, something to patch up the hole he’s created.

“But for what it’s worth?” Madge looks up at him, her eyes wide, searching for hope, “I know you’ll have a toasting one of these days.”

Gale turns around then and walks away, biting his tongue before he can finish his thought.  And I’m already jealous of the lucky bastard you’ll choose.

Accepting Drabble Request

I’m on break and I want to write but nothing is inspiring me at the moment. My askbox is open and I am accepting prompts. If you need inspiration, here’s a link to the AU Master Post List and under my Writing Prompts tag. 

Send me the pairing and the prompt. I’ll write for the following pairings: 

Jon x Sansa





Was I planning an Gadge AU during the Vietnam era? Yes.

Did I know Liam Hemsworth starred in a movie playing in a soldier in Vietnam? No. But seeing him in a uniform will help.