The Pavlok Fitness Band

There’a slew of fitness bands out there from brands like Nike and Jawbone, but none of will kick your ass like Pavlok promises to. This new band is not only minimal and stylish — it’s also meant to give you a jolt if you’re being a lazy bastard.

This bad boy will shock you for oversleeping or skipping out on getting your fitness in. Not only will it give you a nice little prod of electricity for being lazy, but it will also take to social media and post on your behalf to tell all of your friends how much of a lazy shit you were being all day.

I mean, yeah, it still recognizes your progress through an app and tracks all of your goals and what not. But this is for those of you looking for a little extra extra motivation. Pre-orders are being taken now on Pavlok’s official website, starting at $150 and shipping out early 2015.

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Ikea a lo Chuck Norris.

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Future tech: Chairless Chair!

Both sitting and standing is unhealthy. But a gadget designed (not yet produced) by Swiss industrial design house Noonee , more precisely a half-stand, half-sit piece of furniture might make life easier for people who have to carry out long shifts on their feet. The Chairless Chair  take the weight off the joints and lower back, and decrease fatigue according to it’s designers.

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