Glass Cube Galaxy

In this glass cube galaxy, you can see the milky way in perfect suspension. This dynamic decoration will remind you of how small and pathetically insignificant you truly are — or it could just remind you of how nice the night sky is. It really depends on your mood.


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Saliva Scanner

Paranoid that that punk teen down at your local McDonalds is spitting in your burger? Well now you can find out for sure thanks to the new invention, The Saliva Scanner. The scanner will detect if there’s saliva in basically anything edible to make sure you never eat someones saliva again… unless of coarse you’re into that.

Aqua Zinger Tumbler

I drink water. I could just end this there with that one point. I drink a lot of water. Mostly because I like coffee. I drink a lot of coffee. Problem with coffee is that it dries me out pretty fast. So, I drink a cup of coffee and I drink a cup of water. I do that all day. Water is boring. Actually, I’ll just sum it up with that. I drink water. Water is boring. This is not.

Widow's kiss

Gadget Review 2; Widow’s Kiss

Spray a cloud of poison in front of you, weakening all enemies exposed to the poison.

  • 2,725 - 4,090 deadly damage
  • 1,504 per second of toxic poisoning
  • Enemies deal 10% less damage for 5 seconds after use
  • Ranged / Area 

The widow’s kiss isn’t what it sound like boys. In fact if you receive a ‘Widow’s Kiss’ it means instant knockout and sometimes death » »

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"Music is like making cakes to me…I think the Human League are like steamed pudding. Boom, boom and heavy. Gary Numan is more like a birthday cake with icing, really sweet. You have a little bit and it makes you feel queasy…I’m more like those chocolate eclairs, all mixed up, all the chocolate running off and the cream squirting out.”

Fad Gadget, Sounds, December 6, 1980

Shark Attack Sleeping Bag

Eat your precious baby up just like you want to with the shark attack sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is the perfect gift for a new parent with a sense of humor — just slip the bag over baby’s legs, and it’s perfect for the stroller and just as cute as can be.


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