El pupitre bici para niños con déficit de atención.

Los resultados parecen alentadores. Una maestra explica que “Los niños se suben a pupitre y pedalean 15 minutos sin parar. Después parecen mucho más relajados. Creo que atienden mejor y no perturban la dinámica de la clase”.

La doctora Annick Vincent, pediatra especializada en trastorno por déficit de atención, explica que esta habilidad cognitiva “mejora sustancialmente cuando están realizando o han realizado una actividad motora importante”.

Vincent aplaude los pupitres-bici porque “podrían ser una alternativa válida a la medicación.Ninguna pastilla cura el déficit de atención, solo controla los síntomas.”

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At $150, ASUS’ VivoWatch manages to beat the crowd by combining a handy feature set with an elegant design – one that you could easily wear in the office. With a bit of polishing on the app side, this will make a compelling option for casual runners. See the full review by clicking the link in our bio. http://ift.tt/1K78Ils

Water Powered Clock

Now you can own the most eco-friendly clock on the planet! This water powered clock requires no electricity or batteries- just water! That’s right, fill the clock up with water and the electrodes inside will generate enough power to keep the clock running for 3 months! Great for home or traveling.


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LG’s new 55 inch display can hang on wall with magnets

LG have shown off a 55 inch OLED panel that’s only 0.97mm thick and weighs 4.1 pounds (1.9kg). As shown above, the panel can be attached to a magnet to stay on the wall. Of course it still means mounting a big magnet to your wall, so it’s something of a gimmick, but there’s no denying the panel itself is pretty impressive for its thin profile and light weight.

To make the panel this thin, the electronics and power supply are hidden somewhere else - it’s unclear exactly how this is handled but presumably the panel is wired to another unit in the wall or on a cabinet below.