The curious structure above blanketed with transparent, undulating glass isn’t someone’s concept of a futuristic high-tech habitat on another planet. It’s actually Google’s latest design for the dome it plans to build on the 18.6 acres of land it’s leasing from the government right across its headquarters.

We went hands on with Thync, a mood-altering headset that lets you find a state of calm or boost your energy with controls on your smartphone.

When you open Thync’s app, it quickly connects to the module and then lets you choose between two emotional states: calm and energy. Once you begin, you can dial the intensity of the experience up or down, giving you control over just how mellow or excited you’ll be at the end of a session.

It uses tiny pulses of electricity to stimulate the skin at your temple, which then activates the instinctual fight-or-flight response in your brain to indirectly affect emotional response.

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