Paracaídas para todo el avión en lugar de solo para el piloto… ¿Why not?

Open 3D Community is holding another 3D Printing Conference on Saturday, February 7th, and you don’t want to miss this one! The theme for this month is “3D Printing on a Budget”.  We have gathered three amazing guest speakers to demo lots of free and/or open source software applications you can use to create your 3d printed items.  Also, Shapeways will be here to show some options for people wanting to try a 3d printing service. The conference is FREE but we will be accepting donations on this meetup page or at the event.

22 spaces left! 3D Printing Mini Conference - (@Open3DC) (Seattle, WA) - @Meetup #3dprinting #3dprinters #3dp

So, due to my mutant ability to destroy wires simply by looking at them funny, I have decided to try a wireless headset for my gaming needs.I have a PC, which is my primary gaming platform, but I also have a few a WiiU and PS3. Ideally I’d like the headset to be compatible with all 3, although I only need the sound to work on the consoles. This basically means that the headset needs to accept optical, component or 3.5mm audio sources.Alternatively, I’ve been looking at the Logitech G930 which seems like a well-liked and reviewed headset. Would there be any form of adapter that would allow me to turn the above audio sources into a USB format?I’d like to point out that I posted the above with the full understanding that I am an idiot. I have no experience with any of this, which is why I came to you lot :P via /r/gadgets