Furinno Adjustable/Portable Laptop Stand w/Cooler Fans

Free yourself from the confines of the evil, soul-sucking, mentally imprisoning and uncomfortable desk that keeps you from complete freedom and bliss!

The Furinno Adjustable & Portable Laptop Stand with built in Cooler Fans is calling your name to take you on an adventurous journey to… where ever you want! That’s the point! Complete freedom to take your laptop and notebooking tasks to any couch, bed or floor you want.


OpenEase – Automatic Jar Opener

(click through to whatch the very satisfying video of it opening jars!)

Do you have a Mom?

Did you leave home?

Does she call you often (very often) Telling you how much she misses you and that she wishes that you would come to visit more often?

Buy her one of these.

It’s only ten bucks.

I swear that the guilt calls drop by 50%

(Love you Mom)


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