How about sticking your Land O’Lakes in an overgrown billiards chalk stick? That’s exactly what the inventively-named Butter Spreader is — a white stick you add butter to and push across your food like an eraser. Naturally, like just about every other product I’ve discussed, this supposedly helps save on messes. This is a huge selling point no matter what’s for sale, because when we’re not busy picking our noses and asses or not wiping properly, we’re apparently a society of utter neat freaks.

5 Gadgets That Make Simple Foods Way Harder to Prepare

Gadget Review:

Spycraft 1) Rolling Grenades

Roll out a group of spherical explosive grenades on short timers.

  • 1, 231 - 1,847 damage per grenade
  • 2, 564 twice per second for 3 seconds brutal damage
  • Grenades Thrown: 5
  • Area/ Ranged attack

Rolling Grenades are used by Black Widow in Marvel Heroes 2015. I rarely use them as they blow the widow’s cover on missions pretty quickly. But When your not on an infiltrative stealth mission and simply outnumbered it’s pretty handy to simply blow enemies apart and then flee » » »

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Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Camera

The Theta from Ricoh is a compact and lightweight camera that has a lens on both the front and back, allowing you to take full 360 Degree spherical panoramic images in with one shot and 3 minute videos. The device is synchronized with smartphones, where images can be immediately transmitted via Wi-Fi and viewed with a dedicated free app.

Stun Gun Walking Cane 

Looking to run shit on your local street corner? Maybe your looking to upgrade your pimp cane to something a little more badass? Well then the stun gun walking cane is the perfect fit for you! The adjustable cane features a 1 million volt charge at the bottom of it, and is guaranteed to send any attacker, or ghetto thug that owes you money, straight to the ground.