RainWorks: Arte activada con la lluvia.

El funcionamiento es sencillo. El notas pinta con un líquido super-hidrofóbico, y cuando llueve todo se moja menos lo que él ha pintado.

Yo solo puedo imaginarme pintando buenos cipotes en sitios concurridos, o al paso del tour de Francia.

The Gun Mug

The Gun Mug gives a whole new meaning to getting a shot of coffee.  If out of shot glasses, we are sure you can add a shot of something other than coffee to this awesome ceramic invention as well.

Hold your guests hostage with a perfect cup of joe and some arresting conversation or get a gadget or gun loving special person the perfect special gift.

This cool gadget will warm the heart of even the most rootinest tootinest shootinest gun slinging coffee lovin bad boy out there.


El gadget importante del día.


Monkey Fist Paracord Self Defense Keychain

This monkey fist looks pretty unassuming, right? It looks like something that a little boy or girl made for you and now you are guilted into carrying it with you. However, If there came a time when you needed to protect yourself from an attacker, this “keychain” really packs a punch!

This innocent looking keychain has a secret hidden in the monkey fist knot at the end. There is a 1″ solid steel ball bearing held inside. Swinging a 1′ steel ball from the end of a rope turns this keychain into a very formidable self defense tool.

Yes. There is more. GWGi


Estudiantes inventan un extintor que apaga fuegos usando ondas de baja frecuencia.

Para que nos entendamos, usan un subwoofer modificado para extinguir fuegos.

SmartEyeglass, Sony’s augmented reality glasses, now available in 10 countries for $840 -

Sony SmartEyeglass is their take on a Google Glass type product, which changes the way you interact with your surroundings is now available for purchase. The device will connect to compatible smartphones, allowing text to be rendered, and symbols and images to be shown in your field of view.

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