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Here’s an ongoing list of authors who have written gadge with inks to their accounts. We’ve tried to include authors from tumblr, ao3, and

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anonymous said:

I'm sorry! Your writing is beautiful and Madge is perfect yet I can't help but hate Gale so much in your latest story T~T Could you please write something Madge is giving Gale a hard time for his faults? I feel that Madge is too understanding to Gale in many stories.

thank you so much! i hope this is kind of what you had in mind. 

totally inspired by “marvin’s room” by drake. 

            “Hello? Yeah I’m doing alright, you? How’s work? You want me to come over tonight? Where was I? I was out. Yeah, I don’t know. I just got in. I must be hearing things because you should know better Gale Hawthorne.”

            I was a pretty smart guy, crafty. It was the only way I had survived living in the Seam, making sure five mouths were fed. But I could be the dumbest motherfucker when I set my mind to it and with Madge Undersee I always lost my head.

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Gadge Week → Day 1: Sneaking

"You’ve got to get better at waking up before my Dad." Madge threw his shirt at him. He slowly started to put it on, ”Do I have to sneak out the window again?” She laughed slightly, “Unless you’d like to come down and tell my Dad you stayed over last night?” He groaned out loud, and she quickly rushed over to him telling him to shush. 

He got up and kissed her slowly, “one day we won’t have to sneak around.”



Trying to give good imagery for several characters from the books we never get to meet in the films. So, from Left to Right; 

Rory Hawthorne, Gale Hawthore, Primrose Everdeen (Accompanied by Lady & Buttercup), Leevy Johnson, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Delly Cartwright, Middle brother Mellark (Unnamed in the books), and Madge Undersee. 

I really tried to not let this sketch spiral out of control (Because, oh, it could have spiraled so far…) But this is def. part 1 in a series. 

Kudos to the many fanfic authors out there, who have written the smaller characters into their series, and helped give me a good visual to work with. 

And thanks to whiskeysnarker, who was the equivalent of a beta while I worked on this. ^^ 


I didn’t even know Madge knew Gale,” says Peeta.We used to sell her strawberries,” I say almost angrily. What am I angry about, though? Not that she has brought the medicine, surely.

She must have quite a taste for them,” says Haymitch.That’s what nettles me. It’s the implication that there’s something going on between Gale and Madge. And I don’t like it.


We all go, though, following her down the hallway to the insistent ring of the bell. When she opens it, there’s not a squad of Peacekeepers but a single, snow-caked figure. Madge. She holds out a small, damp cardboard box to me.

“Use these for your friend,” she says. I take off the lid of the box, revealing half a dozen vials of clear liquid. “They’re my mother’s. She said I could take them. Use them, please.” She runs back into the storm before we can stop her.

“Crazy girl,” Haymitch mutters.