GACKT showed up on twitter today, and he just HAD to reply to this tweet ahahaha..

Q: How is your relationship with Hyde going these days?

G: Haido? We’re just always in a long distance relationship.

(translation credit: bleumarine)


with hyde at friend’s wedding
After the “I feel sorry that I can’t make it there today…” video from me is played, I appeared as a surprise guest and sang the ballad ” Love letter”. L’Arc~en~Ciel’s Hyde who is close to me even in private (life) sat in the same table. His black spotted glasses suited him well. I was in ‘all back’ hairstyle and suits. (GINZA magazine 2013.08)

(translation credit: bleumarina)

iro-iro radio 2013.09.29

So GACKT has a recorded interview on Indonesian radio program [Iro-Iro], he talked in English ne.

The radio host asked several questions to GACKT, they also chose questions from the fans to be asked to him.

……They chose my question 8D

My question: When will you have a duet with HYDE again?

G’s answer: (laugh) In private. In private we always sing together.


Unfortunately G said to sing together in one stage is difficult. Although they want to do it, they are in a different label/company so it’s tough. >.<

Ugh I really want to see Gackt and Hyde perform Orenji No Taiyou together *__*


So I just heard from someone, that awhile ago, while GACKT browsed the internet, he found a website about GacktxHyde pairing and signed-up there with an alias name.

He also joined the role-play and played as GACKT character with someone who role-played as HYDE character. That fan didn’t realize that it was the real GACKT. O__o

Then later, he told this story in a magazine interview and put a picture of the website. He also told this story in a tv show.

Is it true????