My tribute to Mary Abigail Wambach: 10 pictures of 10 amazing moments

Wambach is a five-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Federation’s U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award (2003, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011) and was named Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year for 2011.

In 2011, she was awarded the Bronze Boot and Silver Ball at the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Wambach was also awarded the 2011 ESPN ESPY Award for Best Play for her 122nd-minute equalizing goal against Brazil during the quarterfinal.

Abby is two time Olympic Gold Medalist: Athens 2004 and London 2012, in 2008 she broke her left leg in a collision with Brazilian defender Andréia Rosa,preventing her from playing in the Beijing Olympics 

She was a finalist for the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2011 and 2012. Abby was awarded the 2012 FIFA world player of the Year.

Wambach became the world’s all-time leading scorer on June 20 2013

160 goals and counting…..


Massive Heart Attacks, Anxiety and Shortness of breath are very common during the uswnt important games

Post traumatic stress disorder after watching games such as the one against Brazil during the WWC 2011, the semifinal vs Canada in London 2012 and Ali Krieger getting injured.

There is also the highly contagious Krieger Fever

Kelley O'hara’s Disease

Press Pox


Fans can experience unhealthy obsessions with the uswnt players

Fans also suffer from Depression and Anxiety when their favorite players get hurt during games, especially when Baby Horse goes down or Hope Solo dives on her bad shoulder.

So, if you want to be a fan of the best Womens’s Soccer Team in the world you need to make sure you have good health insurance, but if you can survive the emotional roller-coaster that is the USWNT the happines that it will bring to you when they win it’s priceless.

Canadian USWNT fans get free health insurance, good for them!

Here is what really happened:

Ref: What’s going on over here, Pinoe? Did you just push C Julien?

Rapinoe: Well, she had it coming.  She keeps making fun of my hair!  

Rapinoe: Hey Schmidt, she was bitching about your hair too!

C Julien: But I really hate their hair, Schmidt and Rapinoe look like twins is freaky! Ewww…

Ref: I’m gonna let this one go kids. But just so you know, Julien is right!

Rapinoe: Now I am depressed, I’ll  just go cry in a corner..

Source: Gabsterknowsbest

Credit to Thrace and Whodoesnlovetheuswnt for making this awesome gifs!


Ashlyn Harris Warm Up Algarve Cup 2015

My reaction when I saw no HOPE SOLO in the Algarve cup roaster:

At first (what)

Then I read it again just to make sure it was true

then denial

when I realized it was true 

there was no Hope

there will be no bitchface to scare the forwards away and the other teams will think it is okay to try to score on us.

But then I realized this could a chance for baby Ashlyn Harris to get her 1st cap!

I shall love this team forever not matter what.

gif credits: henriksaves and baby-hope

You may be a USWNT fan if:

Your calendar year is base on uswnt games and not holidays or birthdays.

You start to get depressed if there are no uswnt games to watch, and you merely survive watching old games alone in the dark because nobody understands your passion for the uswnt.

You know all the player’s names, their nicknames, their pet’s names and even their relative’s names. (pathetic isn’t it)

To you Game day’s are sacred

You watch the game on TV and also follow it on tumblr, twitter, match tracker and yet still have time to make gifs and post pictures but still it is just not enough.

You heart breaks every time one of “your babies” go down.

You secretly hate Jacqui Melksham (You know very well who that is, don’t you?)

You have suffered from all or some of the following: Krieger fever, Press Pox, Tobinitis, Kelley O'Hara’s disease or have experienced dizziness and shortness of breath after being expose to uswnt players. (Mostly Pinoe’s smile, Morgan’s face or Hope’s icy blue eyes)

You would love to watch every game live on HD but sometimes all you have is crappy live streams and match tracker but you have learned to be happy with whatever you can get.

You love punishment because after you survived the heart attacks from the Brazil game and the Canada game you still coming back for more…


WNT vs. Canada: Hope Solo Save - June 30, 2012

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Just a reminder that Hope Solo’s fantastic save against Canada has 1,853,064 views on Youtube. Published on Jun 30, 2012

U.S. Women’s National Team goalkeeper Hope Solo makes a fantastic save to preserve the USA’s 1-0 lead against Canada at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah.


Women’s World CUP 2011 - Brazil vs USA

Re-live this amazing game trough the eyes of the fans on the stands.

USWNT NEWS: Be aware of the new "Hope Solo VIRUS"

The HS VIRUS (Hope Solo whooping cough virus) has been discovered recently

HS VIRUS Symptoms: whooping cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, involuntary crying, anxiety and tachycardia.

There is not vaccine available at this time.

HS virus treatment options: drink lots of Gatorade, get a Hope Solo autograph, look into Hope Solo’s icy blue eyes they have healing powers, read her autobiography and try to rest hopefully on a soccer stadium chair during a USWNT game.

Children and young teenager are more vulnerable to the virus and a lot of them have missed school in last few days.

Gif credit: from realmuggle’s video

Fun Facts about Hope Amelia Solo:

1. Hope Solo came out diving out her mother’s womb with little gloves

    and everything.

2. Hope Solo is actually related to Han Solo from Star Wars and she flies

    the Millennium Falcon during the off season.

3. Legend has it Hope Solo’s icy blue eyes can heal the sick, mend

    the broken and hypnotize rival soccer players.

4. When Hope Solo smiles a new star is born somewhere in the


5. Hope Solo’s marriage propousals are up to 79,987 and still counting.

6. Hope Solo does not usually drink beer but, when she does is DOS XX

    because she is most interesting woman in the world. 

7. Hope Solo has won an Olympic Gold medal, Golden Gloves, The 2009

    Female Athlete of the year award, MVP awards, and so many other

    trophies and Championships but, damn it she really wanted that 

    Mirror-Ball thophy in DWTS. 


USWNT Post-game scrimmage - Algarve Cup ‘15