Sam and Dean have long been retired. Dean and Cas got married years ago, and Sam and Gabriel followed shortly afterwards.

But Sam has felt lost and incomplete for as long as he can remember, as if he has been looking for something that he cannot find.

One day, he is walking quietly along the beach with his dog, his hands in his pockets, the waves just reaching his feet. Suddenly, he feels something nudge up against his foot, deposited on the shore by the waves.

He reaches down to pick up the soft, dark, salty object, and takes some seaweed off of it. As he realizes what it is, he turns it around, staring incredulously. He smiles a little bit.

Sam Winchester’s shoe has returned. He is whole at last.

I have the superpower of unconsciously knowing exactly which character is going to die and making them my favorite.


My art for the Gabriel Big Bang.

Title: Fall from grace

Author: consultingcas

Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel

Summary:  (Canon divergent from 5x19) Instead of killing Gabriel at the Elysium Fields Motel, Lucifer decided to resort to some of his brother’s tactics to convert Gabriel to his cause. He pushed Gabriel into a time loop, just like the one the Winchesters had been caught in, trapping him there until he agrees to support Lucifer in the Apocalypse. The only difference is, this time it’s Sam who dies every day.

Link: AO3


Dean: Now this is my kind of place! *starts eating the candy*

Sam: Dude, no! Don’t eat that!

Dean: What’s the matter Sammy? You’re looking a little green. That because there’s no rabbit food around?

Diana: Don’t worry Sam, we got this. Piece of cake.

Sam: Pun intended?

Diana: Oh yeah.

@robenedict and @dicksp8jr did Tough Mudder too!!!

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If the angels were all female