protorun asked:

10-20 anddd 28,43-46

10. Want any tattoos? Answered, sort of, haha.

11. Got any Piercings? Yeah, my earlobes and right cartilage.

12. Want any Piercings? Answered.

13. Best friend? Rikamana. And Chad.

14. Relationship status: Answered.

15. Biggest turn ons: Rough-housing, haha.

16. Biggest turn offs: Answered.

17. Favorite Movie: Slumdog Millionaire, Up, Easy A, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Juno, Captain America, Where the Wild Things Are… pick one, there’s others too.

18. I’ll love you if: Answered.

19. Someone you miss: Rikamana and Chad, haha. Maybe someone else too.

20. Most traumatic experience: Answered kind of.

28. My biggest pet peeves: “Would of”, or any variation. 

43. Where I want to be right now: Orlando. Or any EDM event.

44. The last thing I ate: I’m eating a Coke float right now. Yummm.

45. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: Drake. No shame.

46. A random fact about anything: African doctors have invented a device somewhat like a lady condom with teeth to try to put an end to rape.

Thank’s Gabe! (: